Perfect looks for Holy Week

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Apart from being the most important Christian feast to commemorate Christ’s life on earth, Holy Week is the perfect time to do different activities. That’s why while some women plan to go to masses and processions, others take these days as a rest or to travel. Whatever the case may be, it is important to choose the right outfit for Holy Week in order to feel comfortable but without losing style.


Similarly, the outfit you wear any of these days will relate to the plan you have in mind. That is why through this post we want to give you the best ideas so that during Holy Week you can also look at the best style of the fashion bloggers. 


What clothes to wear during Holy Week?


What is your plan for the week? Regardless of what you want to do during the week, here are the best tips so you can put together the ideal outfit for the plan you organize during this date: 


Shopping plan


Fashion Trends USA - Perfect looks for Holy Week - Outfits

You may want to take advantage of the days off during Holy Week to go shopping, especially if the other days your free time is short. That’s why if the plan is to go shopping, you can take advantage of the occasion to wear comfortable clothes, and as a final touch, a pair of sunglasses.


This look brings a lot of styles and is great for strolling around your favorite stores with your group of friends. This would be the appropriate look to go shopping for Holy Week:


  • Denim shorts.
  • Cool textured sweater or T-shirt.
  • Flat sandals. 
  • Small handbag.  


Family plan


Fashion Trends USA - Perfect looks for Holy Week - Outfits

Family plans are very common during Holy Week, either to join the Christian activities of this date or for an out-of-town sharing.


So, in order for comfort and style to be present in your look, you can opt for garments that allow you to put together a sporty look.


Consequently, your outfit for Holy Week could be



Moderate work plan


Fashion Trends USA - Perfect looks for Holy Week - Outfits

Not all girls are off work during Holy Week, and if you have to work, you can give a special touch to your outfit. Generally, you should go to the office in clothes that fit between casual and formal. Therefore, you can put together a look with these wonderful ideas:


  • White sleeveless blouse.
  • Sleeveless cardigan.
  • Jeans with ripped details.
  • Medium heel ankle boots.
  • You can combine additional details such as scarves or turbans with the rest of your outfit. 


Beach plan


Fashion Trends USA - Perfect looks for Holy Week - Outfits

Holy Week weather is the most appropriate for tanning, so many people do not miss the opportunity to go to the beach to also relax in the middle of the sand and at the sound of the sea.


Therefore, if this is the plan for which you have decided, these are the right clothes to wear on the beach during Holy Week:



Party plan


Fashion Trends USA - Perfect looks for Holy Week - Outfits

Everyone has different plans during the holy week, so some decide to go partying.


So, if this is your plan, choose a black look with the following clothes and accessories:


  • Blouse with or without button sleeves. 
  • Pleated pants.
  • Sandals with heels.
  • Medium sized handbag.


Travel plan


Fashion Trends USA - Perfect looks for Holy Week - Outfits

Traveling is one of the favorite activities for girls who have days off during Holy Week. That’s why if your plan is to get on a plane for several hours, you should bet on very comfortable pieces of clothing and accessories to create preferably a monochromatic look. These garments can be a safe bet for your traveling plan: 


  • T-shirt. 
  • Denim or leather jacket for temperature changes.
  • Mom jeans. 
  • Flat or high heel shoes.
  • Large handbag. 
  • Few accessories.


How to dress for the holy week route?


Fashion Trends USA - Perfect looks for Holy Week - Outfits

Many girls will prefer to make their route at Holy Week to visit the sacred places they don’t go often, because this is the perfect occasion. That is why to live the experience of this date, the chosen look should bring a lot of comfort. 


The first thing you should do is to take out of your closet the most comfortable sneakers, because you should be 100% prepared for a long walk during Holy Week. Likewise, you should focus on putting together a basic look that can be adapted for any time of the day. 


Likewise, if the plan is to join the processions during the day, choose light-colored clothes, and leave aside those with bright or extravagant colors. And if the processions you plan to attend are at night, preferably choose a comfortable outfit in dark tones.


As for accessories, choose very simple and small earrings and do not overload yourself with jewelry. Also, choose a bag that is easy to carry and small so that you only keep what you need. 


If you are very flirtatious and during Holy Week, you also want to wear make-up, try to match your make-up to the style you have chosen so as not to fall into extravagance. To do so, use mascara and shadows in brown or lighter shades such as blue. 


Also, avoid strong lipsticks and only apply a little blush on your cheeks. 


Remember that during this celebration, it is not necessary to look flashy to look good. In fact, during Holy Week, the saying “less is more” is very appropriate. 


Ready to dress for Holy Week?


Fashion Trends USA - Perfect looks for Holy Week - Outfits

Actually, there are many plans that you can do during Holy Week since there are many people who will have these days off. These are very interesting ideas for different looks for this holy week, although if you are very devout and you will go to the masses and processions you can also put on your look a purple shawl for Holy Friday, since this is the characteristic color of this week. You can even include this color in other garments. 


Also, along with your other accessories, you can carry a rosary or other elements that will be necessary to go to these religious acts.