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Choose the perfect jumpsuit for your body type. What is the ideal jumpsuit for you? Keep reading because we are going to tell you right away. The jumpsuit is a garment that covers from the top to the ankles. It is very versatile and has evolved over time. So now, we have many jumpsuits in various models, styles, and materials.


But we know that many are assailed by a common and frequent question: Which jumpsuit suits your body type the best? Because surely, you have seen a model in a showcase or a magazine, and when you try it on, you realize that it doesn´t favor your body type as much as you would have thought.


Do not be overwhelmed or banish the jumpsuit from your wardrobe forever or change your taste in clothing thinking that you should only try to choose one that suits you and your figure. To be able to find the best jumpsuits that will totally flatter you, you must know your body type and find the perfect garment that fits your taste and body figure. So, here are our great recommendations for you to be able to do this easily!


Difference between a jumper, jumpsuit, and romper


Before getting into the subject, we will leave you this additional information that we know you will appreciate and will come in handy when buying or choosing clothes. It is the difference between a jumper, jumpsuit, and romper. Although, they are very similar, each one is a different garment.




Fashion Trends and style - Choose the perfect jumpsuit for your body type - clothing

The jumper is a garment in which the part of the pants is attached to the upper part by a front panel, accompanied by straps that serve as suspenders. And when we wear it, we accompany it with a top, crop top, or t-shirt underneath. An example of a jumper is what we know as an overall commonly made in denim fabric.




The jumpsuit is a whole garment, which, unlike the jumper, the part of the pants is attached to the top without altering its shape. That means, the upper area has its model or shape which will depend on the style of who creates it, and it’s not a panel like we see in the jumper.


Another of its main characteristics is that it is long, and those that are Capri style can also be considered as such, but never shorter. We can find them in a wide variety of fabrics, colors, prints, and styles.




It has the same characteristics as the jumpsuit, but with the difference that it is short, with a length above the knee or up to that area. It is very comfortable and casual and can also be used for more formal looks depending on the fabric, color, and accessories that are implemented.


Choose a jumpsuit according to the characteristics of your body




Fashion Trends and style - Choose the perfect jumpsuit for your body type - clothing

It is better for short folks to go for a model that is long and wide in the area of the legs. In this way, it creates an optical illusion of height, in combination with high shoes: heels, wedge sandals, stilettos, etc. Make sure that whatever you choose goes well with the style of the jumpsuit!




There is not much to say since tall women are favored by any style they decide to wear. So, the only recommendation, in this case, is to go for a model that they can take advantage of on various occasions just by changing or adding accessories, and shoes, and thus achieve a different look for each occasion, but with the same garment.


Plus Size


Fashion Trends and style - Choose the perfect jumpsuit for your body type - clothing

Let no one tell you that you cannot wear a jumpsuit! You just have to try to choose a model with some detail that accentuates the waist. Or you can add an accessory that serves as a belt and emphasizes that area, which is of great importance. It also helps to select garments that have fresh and unicolor fabrics.


Big Breasts


Choose a model that provides you with good structure and support, preferably one that has wide straps and a V-shaped neckline. All to give you, in addition to comfort, a more stylized figure in that area. Also, make sure that the pants are either bootcut or come in a wide-leg style to have some balance to your look. 


Pronounced Belly


Fashion Trends and style - Choose the perfect jumpsuit for your body type - clothing

We know how annoying our tummy sticking out can be when we try to create a look that we thought would look absolutely on trend, but our tummy sometimes ruins it for us and we do anything that is possible to avoid it being noticed by others. Therefore, if you are going to wear a jumpsuit, we recommend you avoid choosing very thin, soft fabrics or fabrics that have flat designs. It´s best if you go for a model that is crossed, with superimposed layers, details on sleeves, and necklines, which avoid focusing attention on the abdominal area and help to hide it.


Wide Shoulders


It is a frequent problem that many women have to deal with, and they seek a way to hide. So, with this type of garment, it is advisable to choose a model with wide straps or sleeves that cover a large percentage of the shoulders. Also, get one where the pants are wide so you create a balance. You can see that you look a lot more put together and chic if you avoid using strapless models, necklines, and narrower pants.


Short Legs


Fashion Trends and style - Choose the perfect jumpsuit for your body type - clothing

In this case, the jumpsuit itself is a very flattering garment since it lengthens the silhouette visually. Therefore, we must avoid rompers that reach the calf or ankles and revealing them.


Slim Figure


Well, yes, thinness also has its pros and cons. And in this case, to choose a jumpsuit, it is better to lean towards those with patterned fabric, sleeves, gathers, and high collars, as well as those made of thick fabrics such as denim that provide volume visually.


According to your Body Type




Fashion Trends and style - Choose the perfect jumpsuit for your body type - clothing

The figures where hips are wider than the rest of the figure correspond to the triangle type. And those who have this body characteristic should seek balance by implementing jumpsuits with V-shaped necklines, which have an adjustment at the waist and a straight cut. This way, they get the balance and harmony necessary to balance out their figure.


Inverted Triangle


Here, the opposite of the previous case happens. This is a body type where the shoulders are predominant, as they are wider than the rest of the figure. So, when it comes to choosing a jumpsuit, make sure that it has an asymmetrical neckline or volume in the hip area to achieve visual balance. Stay away from models with a straight cut, strapless, or jumpsuits that are very fitted at the bottom.




The oval-type body is characterized by having a greater volume in the abdomen and waist area compared to the hips and shoulders. You can wear a jumpsuit model with a marked waist, straps, and a straight cut.




Fashion Trends and style - Choose the perfect jumpsuit for your body type - clothing

For this type of body, it is vital to highlight only one area since they tend to be voluptuous and balanced figures. So, opt for one that is medium-level, neither too tight nor too baggy. This is an excellent option to highlight those jumpsuits that are tight at the waist.




Rectangle refers to straight figures, where both the shoulders and the hips are at the same level or are the same size, making it necessary to highlight the waist area. It would be best if you were inclined to choose a jumpsuit with some detail in this area, a belt, and a neckline to create harmony throughout the silhouette.


Highlight your body in the best way with this garment, which is useful and easy to wear!


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