Perfect Cream of 2021 and Other Trends of Skin Care

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Perfect Cream of 2021 and Other Trends of Skin Care. The beauty industry is one of the most rapidly developing. If you do nothing in the field of care products for six months, you are hopelessly behind. We barely got used to refinishers, which take into account menstrual cycle and creams, which can normalize circadian sleep and wake cycles, while new revolutionary products are being developed in the laboratories.


Face cream plays an important role in skincare. Cosmetics manufacturers offer a variety of care options, each with its own benefit. It can be protection, moisturizing, nourishment, or anti-aging skin cream. For being beautiful, it is very important to choose the right care product. It goes without saying that it is impossible to remain young forever, no matter how hard you want it. However, do not miss a chance to look younger.


What could be easier than putting cream on your face? It would seem – nothing, but as elsewhere, there are nuances – after all, from HOW to apply the face cream, HOW to use and WHAT to choose – it depends on whether it will help your skin to cope with current problems or, on the contrary, will aggravate them and even add new ones.


On the other hand, it is almost impossible to find one and only one best face cream that would be equally good both as a day cream and as a night cream, and maybe even do for skin under the eyes. And in winter and summer, and at 20, and 50, the list goes on. 


Yes, even the usual change of seasons forces us to regularly update our daily skincare, where face cream is the key component. 


Our beauty often depends not so much on going to a beautician, getting complicated procedures, or painful beauty injections, but on a simple daily routine consisting of cleansing the skin and applying the right cream. In today’s selection, you can find the very best face creams to help keep your skin healthy, radiant, and hydrated. And do not forget that if the cream works correctly, your face will look young and beautiful, and you must apply the product correctly – along the massage lines.


It is something that every woman must have. Now manufacturers offer such an abundance of these care products, it is easy to get confused. 


The criteria by which we evaluate the creams of each brand: 


  • Moisturizing and nourishing. After all, these are the primary functions of face creams. 
  • Performing additional functions. It is great if the products at the same time help to reduce pigmentation and reduce wrinkles. 
  • Compound. Most users prefer natural ingredients. And, of course, the cream should not cause an allergic reaction. 
  • Texture and absorbency. The faster the composition gets absorbed and the lighter it is, the higher the score. 
  • Smell. Should be neutral or unobtrusive, gentle. 
  • Price. Savings are always good, but we are looking for the perfect example of value for money. 


Healthy lifestyle for the skin


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All the mechanisms that help us maintain the health of the body – physical activity, nutrition, proper sleep, good mood, changing temperature regimes (for example, in a sauna) are now used in cosmetic formulas. New active compounds can trigger similar processes in the skin by the principle of mimicry. That is, the effect that our body receives from sports, the skin can get when applying cosmetics.


For example, physical activity leads to the activation of the cellular factor Nrf2. We can find similar properties in such brands as TrueScience Skin Care and Via Lata. Korean cosmetics work the same way. Faberlic and Circadia creams regulate circadian rhythms and help the skin to sleep.




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Research interest has developed greatly because of the coronavirus pandemic. It is no accident. Microbiota is the collection of microorganisms within our skin, our virtual metabolic organ that controls biochemical processes. According to various estimates, microbiota form from 20 to 90% of metabolites in our body.


Manufacturers rely on metabiotics and post-probiotics. The first one is the metabolite of bacteria, due to which we build a microbiota and regulate processes in the body. The second is a lysed bacteria. Its components are no less useful than bacterial metabolites. Ready-made cosmetic formulas go through a test for being skin microbiome-friendly. So that, by applying cosmetics, we did not disrupt our microflora. 


This is not only about new tools but also about testing well-known formulas for how they interact with our microbiota and whether they are always safe. The third line of research is how, by caring about the microbiota, you can change the skin’s resistance to stress, pollution, and photoaging.


Fortunately for the researchers, the developed methods for testing the effectiveness of cosmetics have been modernized. Now bacterized explants (fragments of skin that remain after plastic surgery) go through classical tests. As it turned out, this is a significant factor affecting the final result.


Laconic composition


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The reduction of active substances in cosmetic formulas is due to several factors: 


  • environmental protection, 
  • an increase in skin allergies, 
  • and the desire to obtain a product at a more affordable cost. 


As a result, there is a growing demand among cosmetics manufacturers for multifunctional active compounds. Yes, many chemicals that have long been used in cosmetics are multifunctional, but the problem is that experts have yet to prove it. 


Therefore, research is now underway to get confirmation of the effectiveness of the components in four to five parameters. For example, one component can combine anti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic, and photoprotective properties, the ability to protect the skin from external pollution, and stabilize circadian rhythms. The future belongs to such active substances.


Protection from gadgets


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Interest in protecting the skin from the blue light is also growing.


The reason is the growing digitalization of society and recent evidence that blue light sources have an adverse effect on the body, disrupt circadian rhythms, and are especially dangerous during the evening and night.


We look forward to a boom in skincare products as part of the trend towards a healthier environment in which we live. First and foremost, cosmetics that will help to reduce the impact of blue light and thus normalize sleep.


“Open” fragrances


Soon, experts expect to break the taboo on non-disclosure of perfume recipes in cosmetics. Such large companies as Unilever and Procter & Gamble are already working in this direction. And this means that the times when we don’t know if there are potential allergens in perfume or not will be over. 


Stop Covid


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The pandemic has led to the emergence of three niches at once, and they will actively develop. We are waiting for new face products against skin irritation under the mask. It is not only about acne and allergies, but also about the more global consequences of life in skin masks. 


A new category has emerged in dental and oral care products. Those are rinses and toothpastes that create additional antibacterial and antiviral protection in the oral cavity. Also, there are soft substances within hand creams that reduce the risk of coronavirus infection. Especially for those who cannot get rid of the habit of touching their face with their hands. Much of this is pure marketing, but some cosmetics acquired new “anticovid” properties.


“Toothpastes containing zinc and mouthwashes with cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC) neutralize the virus that causes COVID-19 by 99.9%,” Colgate announced the results at the end of last year. They conducted the research in collaboration with the New Jersey Medical School’s (NJMS) Health Research Institute of the Rutgers School of Medicine and regional biosafety laboratories.


Super personalization


During the pandemic, many people liked the game “You’ve Been Framed” so much that the demand for so-called home kits continues to grow. Super-personalized cosmetics offer a consumer the opportunity to change the basic set of products with herbal extracts or additional active substances, depending on the skincare and desirable results.


EWG certification


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The EWG (Environmental Working Group) certification program has existed since the early 90s, but in recent years Korean manufacturers have made a bid for it, and now it is actively walking down the world.


The EWG label allows manufacturers of cosmetics, household chemicals, and individual active ingredients to declare that their products are environmentally friendly and safe for people. Experts project this label will become an important criterion for choosing products in 2021.



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