Pedicure and foot care

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Pedicure and foot care. Our feet, which support us so much and take us everywhere, deserve special care.


We are not referring only to the aesthetic part and to the fact of keeping them groomed to look beautiful. But also, the fact that sometimes they spend a lot of time locked up (in the case of mainly using closed shoes). This causes the nails to become ingrown, and the skin is not adequately oxygenated. Therefore, subjecting them to regular maintenance is essential to obtain a good appearance and keep them healthy.


When the skin of the feet presents hardening around the nails, cracked heels due to dryness, and long, yellow nails, among others, it is synonymous with a lack of maintenance of the same. So, it is advisable to go to the practice of pedicure and eliminate them through hydration, among others.


Definition of pedicure


Fashion Trends and Style - Pedicure and foot care. - Pedicure

Pedicure is known as an aesthetic treatment oriented to the care of the toenails, being that it is much broader at present. Since it not only focuses on the maintenance of the nails but of the foot in general, the skin, and their appearance.


The origin of the word pedicure is Latin and means foot care.


When performing a pedicure, whoever is going to do it will be in charge of verifying the nails’ condition, shape, length, cuticle, the appearance of the skin, if it presents cuts, dryness, among others, before proceeding.


Pedicure Function


Fashion Trends and Style - Pedicure and foot care. - Pedicure

The main function is to clean the feet of everything that takes away the excellent appearance they should have. And hydrate them for a more luminous skin and achieve a healthy appearance of them.


It focuses on cutting nails, removing cuticles, and removing excess skin that may be present.


Everyone can practice a pedicure at home. However, the risks of cuts and infections with the implements are high and can cause serious and considerable injuries to the skin. Therefore, it is essential to go to professionals if you do not have a lot of experience.


Types of Pedicure


Regular Pedicure


Fashion Trends and Style - Pedicure and foot care. - Pedicure

It is also known as a basic or simple pedicure. We proceed to soak the feet in warm water to more easily remove the dead and hardened skin that the feet present.


Ingrown toenails are also treated, cut, and all placed at the same level.


Sandpaper or pumice stone is also usually applied to soften the rest of the feet, culminating with applying a moisturizer.


Spa Pedicure


Fashion Trends and Style - Pedicure and foot care. - Pedicure

It is a more elaborate eight than the first.


Since when soaking the feet in the water, it can contain salts, moisturizing pumps, and gel, among others.


The purpose is to achieve deep hydration of the feet and, through exfoliation, remove all dead skin that may exist.


They are usually more expensive than a simple pedicure depending on what type of hydration will be implemented.


Stone Pedicure


Fashion Trends and Style - Pedicure and foot care. - Pedicure

In this, hot stones are used in the palm of the feet to relax and exercise the muscles.


Accompanied by massages and essential oils to moisturize.


This type of pedicure, likewise, is accompanied by the removal of cuticles, dead skin, and attention to the nails.


Only that, due to its main characteristic, it is more oriented towards muscle relaxation.


Products used in the pedicure


Fashion Trends and Style - Pedicure and foot care. - Pedicure

  • Scissors and cut toenails.
  • Nail file.
  • Cuticle pusher.
  • Cut cuticles.
  • Nailbrush.
  • Techniques for a pedicure.







Before starting, the following should be taken into account


It is essential to disinfect all the materials to be used, as well as the hands. The implements usually cause cuts leaving the skin exposed. Therefore, while the hands and objects are disinfected, the lower the risk of contracting an infection.


You should not work on dry skin. So, it is necessary to previously soak your feet in soapy water for approximately 10 minutes before starting.


Subsequently, they are removed from the soapy water and submerged in salt water.


Avoid products that cause dryness, as well as metal files.


To effectively remove dead skin and prepare the feet for further absorption of moisturizers. It is necessary to exfoliate the feet once the nail care phase is complete. In addition, this step will give it an indisputable extra softness.


Finally, never forget to apply a moisturizing cream based on vitamin E, almond oils, or anything else you like. And achieve maximum softness and thus give vitality to your feet.


Care before pedicure


Fashion Trends and Style - Pedicure and foot care. - Pedicure

We can also prepare the feet so that when performing the pedicure, it is much easier and faster, and so you get better results. So, you can keep in mind:


  • Wash your feet beforehand for approximately 20 minutes to soften them.
  • If you use a bathtub or tub for bathing, you can add some essential oil and contribute to their softness.
  • Also, you can gently pass a pumice stone at the bath time to remove dead skin.
  • If you have the time, you can apply a mixture of lemon and sugar to soften and remove calluses on the skin.
  • Finally, cut your nails if they are very long and clean them with soap and water and the help of a special brush.


Benefits of the pedicure


Fashion Trends and Style - Pedicure and foot care. - Pedicure

Among the benefits and benefits of practicing a pedicure regularly on your feet are:

  • You give your feet a break
  • It improves the general spectrum of the same through hydration and the elimination of dead, hard, and calloused skin.
  • It implies a moment of relaxation, so it is also favorable to feel good mentally.
  • It promotes health because it also helps reduce inflammation in this area of ​​the body, releases toxins, and contributes to the drainage of retained fluids.
  • Thanks to the massages during exfoliation and hydration, blood circulation in the body is activated.
  • Annoying and painful ingrown toenails are avoided.
  • This skin that we sometimes leave forgotten is hydrated.


Taking care of our feet should be a weekly task. Especially if you work, spending many hours standing, walking, or wearing closed shoes.


Don’t wait until your feet are in crisis to attend to them and give them the care they deserve.