5 ideas to combine pastel color in your clothes

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5 ideas to combine pastel color in your clothes. Doesn’t it happen to you that when you wear pastel colors, you feel innocent and very pretty? They give you a romantic air impossible to shake off, they can also remind you of ice cream, love, or even summer.


Now, it may be that you aren’t really getting the most out of these clothes. In this sense, if you don’t know what or how to combine them, here is your fairy godmother!


Among the garments that we find in pastel tones, we can have blouses, skirts, pants, dresses, blazers, shoes, handbags, and also accessories. That is, in everything. Like this or more perfect?


Ideally, you will find within these pastel tones the ones that best suit you according to your tastes. For this reason, in Fashion Trends, we will teach you some tricks, ready?


What colors go with pastel shades?


Fashion Trends and Style - Pastel colors - Clothing

Although these shades can indeed make you look a bit childish, today I come to show you how to wear them without feeling like ice cream.


It’s not that complicated! I assure you that when I finish this article, you will be able to be an expert in combinations.


The important thing is that you know that pastel colors both together and separately and combined with some other things can be quite functional and look great.


They are the favorites of the preppy and romantic style, they can be inspiring and inspire naivety.


What are pastel colors?


Fashion Trends and Style - Pastel colors - Clothing

Before you start, do you know what pastel colors are? They are all those tones close to whites, characterized by being soft and bright.


We usually find baby yellow, pink, mint, green, lavender, and light blue among them.


In this sense, the combinations that best suit them can be all, in fact.


From stamped to metallic. Do you want to know what those combinations are? Keep reading.


How to combine pastel colors in clothes?


Fashion Trends and Style - Pastel colors - Clothing

Here I have some ideas that could be functional to achieve what you’re looking for. From safer options to others a little more risky and interesting. Pastels have a wide range of colors, all of them, fun and easy to help us unleash our imagination.


Pastel and neon combination.


A perfect option for daring women. If you’re like me, you can risk mixing these two trends to make the pastel tone the complement. Now, you have to be very careful not to exaggerate when it comes to color. The idea is to find the balance, which is usually provided by the accessory.


Combination pastel and neutral tones.


If you are playing it safe, this combination is for you. These tones together can be achieved by joining a black garment and another pastel or through accessories. For example pastel blouse or pants and shoes or bags in a neutral tone. If you decide on white, let it be for the day.


Combination pastel and metallic tones.


One of my favorites is also for being daring. Combining these tones can achieve really beautiful looks. Especially right now that metallic tones are very in trend and we get them in everything: shoes, handbags, accessories, clothes, and glasses. My recommendation is that you think about “less is more”.


Pastel combination with floral prints.


Flowers are still that safe place to match. They go well with everything also in the case of pastel colors, it makes it more than functional. You will be able to look feminine and romantic.


How to combine pastel blue?


Fashion Trends and Style - Pastel colors - Clothing

The pastel blue color goes well with black or gray to give you a very elegant look.


You can also play with a monochrome palette or different shades of blue in your outfits and it will make you look quite luminous and incredible.


One look option is to wear pastel blue in a sweater and combine it with pink pants and a bag one tone above the blue of the upper garment.


Another option is to wear it in sky-blue shoes and a blazer, for example, matching black jeans, white t-shirt.


How to combine pastel yellow?


Fashion Trends and Style - Pastel colors - Clothing

Pastel yellow is a favorite, and you can wear it in a monochromatic style to stand out or to match other pastel shades that can help you highlight that place you want.


I recommend an oversize look with pastel yellow pants and a baby pink sweater to match a blazer of the same tone.


Now, for the summer, you can opt for a white knitted three-quarter sleeve blouse and a pastel yellow skirt.


How to combine pastel colors according to my skin tone?


Fashion Trends and Style - Pastel colors - Clothing

It’s important to know this to achieve great combinations without feeling that we’re doing everything wrong or that it doesn’t suit us. As always, the main thing is to be clear that everything we use has to adapt to us in terms of style, skin color, and figure.


If you are light-skinned.


The ideal colors for you are sky blue combined with strong makeup to highlight. Also, the soft lavender color is amazing to contrast with your tint and some cooler ones like orange and peach.


If you are of medium skin.


People with this skin tone are the ones who can enjoy a range of possibilities in terms of these colors. Even the scale of pastel grays. Also, buttery yellows or mint greens.


If you are dark-skinned.


For people with dark skin, they can opt for a wide range of colors such as pastel yellow for contrast, as well as purple for warmth.


5 ideas to combine pastel color in your clothes.


Fashion Trends and Style - Pastel colors - Clothing

AHA! We arrived at the place we were waiting for, what are those combination ideas apart from the tips that I already mentioned above? Simple! I’m going to put together some combination looks that can serve as inspiration to complement what you already know.


Urban and chic look. 


You’re probably a rocker at heart that when hearing the word pastels says “too pink for me” “Am I a barbie?”. Relax, you can complement it without losing your essence. You can choose your favorite rock t-shirt and combine it with a pastel garment such as a long skirt or pants. Complete it with white sneakers.


Executive look. 


Pastel colors are ideal and highly sought after to go to the office, they will make you look very professional, but at the same time very feminine and elegant. Choose a dress in your favorite pastel color and a black or camel blazer. You will be beautiful! No one will be able to look away because of your good taste.


Classic look. 


You can get it with two pastels and a neutral tone. Choose two pastel colors that you like, such as Yellow and Blue, and add a neutral. I recommend beige or white. For example, metallic pink pants and atransparent white blouse, combined with animal print sneakers and a wicker bag.


Sporty chic look. 


One of my favorites, because it gives you a super comfortable image, but at the same time it makes you look neat. It will make you look like you are groomed wherever you go. In addition, the pastel color will help give you a sweet, delicate, and very feminine air. You can choose pink pants, a white T-shirt and black sneakers.


Romantic party look.


The evening look can also be in pastel tones. I recommend a dress in a sparse tone with transparency and pastel embroidery in lighter tones. This look will make you stand out wherever you go.


In Fashion Trends, we are sure that this article will be of great help to combine that pastel garment that you have in the closet and do not know what to wear it with. Of all these looks, which one will you try first?