Pants, leggings or shorts, which one is the best for exercising?

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Pants, leggings or shorts, which is the best for exercising?. Let´s start by clarifying that each physical activity is different and involves different movements and efforts. Riding a bicycle isn’t the same as doing yoga or lifting weights. Each activity requires appropriate clothing and is sometimes specialized so that the performance is ideal. In this sense, it’s important to understand that it isn’t just about going out to buy things on a whim.


Your physical activity and the appropriate clothing to perform it go hand in hand. After all, it will provide you with functionality, comfort, freedom of movement, and durability. Do you think the same cycling shorts work for soccer?


Now, pants, leggings, or shorts, which one should you choose when exercising to meet these characteristics? In Fashion Trends, we find the answer. Do you want to discover it? Keep scrolling for the answer.


What is the best clothing for exercise?


Fashion Trends and Style - Pants. leggings or shorts - sporty look

Exercising is a habit that many people practice daily, and that offers multiple benefits for both our physical and mental health. With the passage of time, many options have arisen in terms of sports clothing. In the market, there´s an infinite number of garments to exercise in the most fashionable and comfortable way.

Perhaps if you are a beginner in the world of fitness, you may have some doubts about what clothes are best for a particular activity. You may fall into choosing any piece that you consider comfortable and gives you mobility, this being a mistake.


So here the first question arose: what do I wear to exercise? And because we didn’t have anything specific, we would wear anything comfortable. To tell the truth, this is very bad.


Do you want to start exercising? Where? In the gym, outdoors, at home? Whatever the answer, each place has its appropriate clothing, therefore choosing will take time. You may ask yourself why? Because it will directly affect your performance. So, take these tips into account:


Clothes for each exercise.


Fashion Trends and Style - Pants. leggings or shorts - sporty look

In short, baggy pants won’t work for spinning, while clothes with little flexibility will prevent us from practicing yoga or Pilates.


Once you know what you will do, it’s important to know what size fits the texture of your body.


This is because you may find some garments that, although they look small, are flexible and functional for what you are doing.


Comfort, not vanity.

Fashion Trends and Style - Pants. leggings or shorts - sporty look

This is a very important tip to consider, as it could be detrimental to your physical health.


Yes, we know that appearance is important to everyone and even motivation.


However, it shouldn’t be the starting point.


You need fabrics with high functionality in their form to be able to feel comfortable while you exercise.


Your clothing should fulfill its purpose in terms of functionality, breathability, and freedom of movement.


Type of fabrics.


Fashion Trends and Style - Pants. leggings or shorts - sporty look

It’s no secret to anyone that there are exercises that make you sweat more than others. Besides, there is also a big difference in space: it isn’t the same to exercise in the gym as it is outdoors.


However, what you should always consider is to allow your body to remain as dry and ventilated as possible to avoid body overheating. Now, if your training is of high intensity or high temperature, you should avoid cotton garments.


Instead, choose synthetic materials that repel sweat. You can also wear wool and bamboo tops to keep your body cool. Fibers like Cool max or Supplex help with that temperature issue.


The layers. 


Fashion Trends and Style - Pants. leggings or shorts - sporty look

You may think that they aren’t compatible with tropical countries. However, if you exercise outdoors, it can help.


Besides, it can also help you avoid the cold. Now, if you get too hot, you can simply get rid of a few layers.


In theory, the most important thing is to have a base layer that allows you to breathe, but that in turn keeps the heat, then for something lighter.


If it is hot, it is important to dress appropriately to avoid excessive sweating.


What’s the best fabric for leggings?


Fashion Trends and Style - Pants. leggings or shorts - sporty look

Leggings are a very versatile garment that can be used for exercises such as yoga, Pilates, aerobics, or dance therapy. And we can find them in different textures. Any of them will adapt to this type of exercise where stretching and mobility are the norms.


The fabric should be stretchy and come in different thicknesses, like polyester combined with spandex. Besides, modal, also called viscose or rayon, is a light and soft fabric to handle.


Another fabric is Neoprene, made from polyester, spandex, or elastane. They’re flexible and comfortable. In turn, we find the French terry that is used for summer sweaters for its versatility and absorption.


How does clothing influence exercise?


Fashion Trends and Style - Pants. leggings or shorts - sporty look

As we explained earlier, clothing does influence when exercising. Practicing any sport is very healthy, just like doing it the right way, with the right movements, the right hydration, and the right clothes.


It’s not just about wearing anything: T-shirts, wide-leg pants, joggers, sweatshirts, or leggings. However, it’s important to remember that these inappropriate garments can cause damage.


Among the worst consequences, we find skin reactions and injuries such as tendon inflammation or unwanted sprains. Yes, just for the clothes!


So, if you like walking or racing, you should choose the ideal footwear. If you wear flannel, cotton, or Lycra pants or shorts that are not too tight but allow freedom of movement. Make sure the garments are made of the right materials, as we mentioned before.



What is the best underwear for exercise?


We can’t ignore the underwear. The best for exercising is cotton for the natural perspiration of your skin. After all, it also prevents irritation and infections. Have you thought about this?


Pants, leggings or shorts, which is the best for exercising?


Fashion Trends and Style - Pants. leggings or shorts - sporty look

So, what is your conclusion? After everything we have studied, at Fashion Trends we concluded that any of these options is good for exercising, but it depends on the type of exercise you are doing.


Leggings shorts are special for sports like spinning or racing, while leggings are for other stretching practices. Pants are good for exercises like karate.


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