Dress in the Pantone color of the year: Veri Peri

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Let’s talk today about how to combine this beautiful color that Pantone has chosen for us for 2022. But before we start, let’s briefly review what Pantone is. 


Pantone is a company that created the Pantone Matching System. Which is responsible for identifying, comparing, and communicating colors for the graphic arts. Its chromatic definition system is the most recognized and used worldwide.


Since 2000, Pantone experts have chosen what will be the dominant color for the next 12 months. Based on studies of the next trends in art, technology, cinema, and fashion.


What is the Veri Peri color?


Fashion Trends and Style - Pantone -Veri peri

For this 2022, the selected color was the Veri Peri, being able to be located by its number: 17-3938. It´s a combination of a shade of blue and a purplish red. 


What does Veri Peri mean?


“Stability, resilience, and hope” is the meaning that Pantone has given to the color of the year Veri Peri. To face that need to find balance and inner peace, in a world that´s still in a pandemic.


How to combine the Veri Peri color in our clothes?


Fashion Trends and Style - Pantone -Veri peri

But let’s get down to business and learn how to combine this gorgeous color. And stay up to date with the trend for this year.


Despite being a vibrant and striking color, it´s equally versatile. In the way that it works with daring combinations that look simply spectacular.


If you have a more conservative taste or style. Then the classic black and white will not fail when you add the Veri Peri.


For less formal occasions, the combination with denim will not make you look bad.


Now, if striking combinations are your thing. The Veri Peri gets along excellently with colors such as yellow, orange, fuchsia, pink, green, turquoise, and aquamarine. Here, imagination and creativity to wear them is the limit.


And what if I don’t like the color of the year?


Fashion Trends and Style - Pantone -Veri peri

Possible answer: accessories!


Pantone experts advise using color in moderation because it´s so daring, and avoid saturating or abusing it. So, if the Veri Peri color is not to your liking. Or you feel that it´s too much for you, you can introduce it subtly through the use of accessories.


Accessories play an extremely important role in our outfits. A good pair of earrings, necklaces, or handbags can transform your entire look. And turn a day outfit into an evening one in a matter of seconds. Sneakers, glasses, wallets, bags, scarves, pendants, rings, bracelets, or scarves are also excellent options to wear color. If you want to add a touch to your outfit.


Remember that in fashion everything in the right measure will be a success. The idea is not to have an ornate look that causes visual clutter.


Bonus: Sportswear


Fashion Trends and Style - Pantone -Veri peri

A fantastic option to wear the Veri Peri color is in our training clothes.


Sports outfits are known for being much more versatile.


And with them, we can make many more unusual combinations than with our day-to-day clothes.


So, wearing this color to your workouts will undoubtedly give you that dose of energy that´s needed for sports life.


Interior design


Fashion Trends and Style - Pantone -Veri peri

Another space where you can make room for Veri Peri is in the decoration of your home or workplace. If you´re one of those people who likes to keep their interior decoration updated and follow current trends, then surprise. It will not cost you to add elements with this color to your home.


From an armchair (for those more daring) to a simple decoration, they will make a big difference in your spaces.


If, as with clothes, you like to be careful with the way you decorate your home. Then you can go for objects that add just a special touch. Such as cushions, vases, small ornaments, a couple of magazines, or flowers.


Now, if you decide to use it for your workplace, we recommend that you do it wisely. Depending on the area in which you dedicate yourself. Since, if your occupation is very formal and requires sobriety, it´s advisable to place just a simple detail. Like flowers or a decorative ashtray.


If, on the other hand, your work is less rigid, then you have the freedom to introduce color more openly.


Finally, whatever option you choose to use this color, remember that the important thing is to do it from comfort. Without leaving aside your essence and style. Also, we hope that you´ve learned a little more about Pantone and its work and influence in the fashion world.