7 outfits with white sneakers to be trendy

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For some time now, what we have been looking for in our outfits is comfort. Being able to walk through life feeling free and without explaining to anyone why we wear it. Nor explaining to anyone why we wear it that way. For this reason, we can notice that the sneakers, especially the white ones, gained a lot of attention in the female outfit.


We can wear them on different occasions. Because they invite us to match them a wide variety of garments, textures, fabrics, and models. And the truth is that for some time all women have had white sneakers in our closet. With which we feel super comfortable.


For this reason, at Fashion Trends, we have come to you today to show you some looks that will make you wear white sneakers with the best of styles. So, we suggest you take notes so that you never forget how to wear this shoe from now on.


What goes with white sneakers?


Fashion Trends and Style - 7 outfits with white sneakers to be trendy - Sneakers

As I told you, the looks with white sneakers allow you to be very chic and very comfortable. They´re worn in spring, although for some time they can be used at any time of the year. You can, for example, combine them with leggings, shorts, skirts, and jeans. Also, you can´t leave aside the shirts, blouses, sweaters, jackets, and blazers.


They have become a must-have in our capsule wardrobe. And that´s why I want to show you seven outfits for the seven days of the week. So, you end up wearing these sneakers with the best of styles. 


In black and white with a leather jacket


Fashion Trends and Style - 7 outfits with white sneakers to be trendy - Sneakers

These leather jackets are, in short, a classic.


So, we all need one for our wardrobe.


In this sense, if what you want is a quite casual look for Monday, you can venture with a white button-down shirt, black skinny jeans, accessories, and a black leather jacket.



Don’t forget the denim


Fashion Trends and Style - 7 outfits with white sneakers to be trendy - Sneakers

Although this coming season is to enjoy the sun, having sneakers at hand will be of great help. For you to be able to create incredible combinations. You can wear your favorite jeans with a t-shirt from your favorite band. And a matching bomber jacket with your white sneakers.


Leather pants are one of the best options


Fitted to the body and allow you to show off an incredible figure, without having to show off too much. That´s why wearing these black pants with white sneakers and a gray sweater is more than approved.


With a suit for a Thursday of work


With this combination, you will blow minds. I assure you that the use of white sneakers with a suit is a revolution that you will not regret. Above all, if you work in the office, you need to wear clothes that help you feel comfortable.


On Friday you can wear a long skirt


Fashion Trends and Style - 7 outfits with white sneakers to be trendy - Sneakers

This garment is ideal if you´re looking to enhance your figure. Especially if you want to wear it with a tighter fabric that helps you with that purpose. Combine a black pencil skirt with prints and a pastel blouse. Put on your white tennis shoes and it will be a success that does not go unnoticed.


Don’t forget the shorts


A few days ago, I showed you how shorts would be used for this season. So, you can use this strategy to wear the shorts in a very original way on Saturday night, of course with white sneakers. It works day and night.


With a short dress, I assure you that it will look great


If you love to show off your legs, this option is the one for you. It’s sensual and we all have a dress in our closet that we can combine with a pair of white sneakers. It gives you a very casual and comfortable look for different occasions. Perfect for a Sunday.


How to wear high-top sneakers?


Nowadays, high-top sneakers have been considered a garment that has been reborn from the ashes. Since they weren´t a trend since the 80s. But they have reappeared with luxurious colors, styles, and brands. They look perfect because they´re commanding and if you combine them properly. These high-top sneakers can create a very unique and modern style.


Before choosing yours, I recommend you think very carefully about the style you want to buy. Whether they´re thin or thick. For example, the slim ones are like the Converse. Which are made of a light fabric and are tied to the top of the shoe. It´s tight with the leg. While the thick version would be Nike Air Force 1 type tennis shoes that are wide at the ankle and have much more volume.


What goes with white sneakers?


Fashion Trends and Style - 7 outfits with white sneakers to be trendy - Sneakers

I hope you already know that white sneakers go with practically everything. The trick to wearing these shoes is to combine them properly with what you wear. Because they will generally give you a more casual style. This trend is very risky, but the truth is that´s here to stay. That´s why today we´re already very used to finding arranged and more elegant styles with them.


If you choose sneakers in a color that´s not neutral, you won´t look too elegant. However, white is different. The trick for this is that your style is neutral since it conditions you a lot. It´s versatile to do it when the shoes are of a neutral color.


Another point that you should consider when wearing sneakers is your type of silhouette. Although more than the silhouette, what has to do with is if you have a few more or fewer pounds because the volume is important. Therefore, you should know that flat shoes make you less stylish than a heel. So, you should pay close attention to the shape of the shoe.


Now, what do you think of white sneakers? Do you think it gives you a good style, even if they´re casual? 


At Fashion Trends we want to know how you combine them and if you already have your favorite white sneakers. For example, I have some that since I bought them, I don’t want to let them go. They help me to combine what I want when I have no idea what to wear.