9 outfits for 40-year-old women with style

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Not only does the world of fashion evolves, but so do we, and over the years, our tastes change as we mature. In reality, no one will use the same style they used at 12 years old. In my case, it was a cap on the side like the Prince of Rap, and everything was too baggy.


Now, no matter how old you are, we can dress as we want, even if it’s that same 12-year-old style, if it makes you happy. They say 40 is the new 20, and growing up doesn’t mean losing your style. Quite the opposite! Over the years, what we must take into account is that we must maintain the style.


Do you need inspiration? Keep reading! We bring you 9 outfits for 40-year-old women with many styles at Fashion Trends. For those days when you lack inspiration and don’t know what to wear to look more beautiful than ever (and if we take a few years off, the better). Youth, divine treasure.


How to be elegant at 40?


Fashion Trends and Style - women with style - Outfits

Reaching 40 years is going through a stage of consciousness of our body. This is where we must be cautious not to make mistakes to lose style. We’re no longer teenagers, but neither are we old women. How complicated!


I’m here to show you some tips to keep the class and not go wrong with what you want to communicate. First, avoid clothes with plunging necklines and very short skirts. Next, the holes in the clothes could lead you to a very adolescent style that we don’t want to convey.


Not too much, not too little, as my mother would say. On the other hand, too strong and bright colors can be part of our style, as long as we don’t overdo them. Finally, suits should be great allies in our closet.


I recommend avoiding too scruffy looks because we don’t want to go back to adolescence. Elegance will depend on us.


How to dress a 40-year-old Woman in 2021?


Fashion Trends and Style - women with style - Outfits

Before showing you the outfits, I want to show you some trends so that you keep them in mind when wearing your daily look.


The first thing you should take into account when dressing is the colors that are in trend. For their part, two-tone outfits, made of contrasting colors, are a classic and timeless option, like black and white.


As for accessories, I recommend wearing scarves, prints, and textures. Wear them as an accessory on whatever you see fit, from the neck, wrist, or bag.


For its part, I recommend staying fashionable and wearing layers to keep in trend.


Also, keep in mind the XXL dresses and Vichy squares, in long and midi and comfortable prints in different tones. Dare yourself!


How to dress with style at 40?


Style is the most important thing when it comes to dressing. No matter how old we are, the important thing is that we feel fabulous and like fashionistas. Do you want to achieve a perfect look? Read on to find the 9 stylish outfits that every woman in her 40s should be aware of.


Informal look. 


Fashion Trends and Style - women with style - Outfits

Do you want to go shopping and don’t know what to wear?


The casual look is that style that allows you to dress quickly.


Wear your favorite jeans, combine them with a basic t-shirt and flats like loafers.


It is a good combination for those days when you have to dress quickly and with style.


The trick is in the accessories.


Very casual look. 


Fashion Trends and Style - women with style - Outfits

Sometimes it can be challenging to find a perfect look at any age.


Now, calm down. I come to help you get a very casual outfit with timeless and classic pieces!


Combine a beige trench coat with a plaid shirt, green pants for that sexy and trendy touch, and a leather bag.


You will look very sophisticated!


Night look. 


Fashion Trends and Style - women with style - Outfits

What’s important is to find the perfect balance between your clothes to look sexy and elegant.


This way, no matter your age, you’ll be able to convey femininity and sophistication simultaneously.


For this, you can get a semi-transparent blouse to show off your neckline elegantly.


Then, you can add a leather pencil skirt to stylize your hips and wear strappy sandals to make your legs steal the show.


Very chic look.


As a kimono fan, I approve of this garment for all women, mature or not, who want to wear it. Perfect for a date or outing with friends any day.


Opt for black pants, a salmon blouse, heels, and a kimono to elevate your elegance and style.


Very boho look. 


Fashion Trends and Style - women with style - Outfits

The Bohemian style is also one of my favorites. It makes us look casual and comfortable and allows us a lot of freedom to wear it with style.


This style is functional and perfect for whatever you want to wear.


I recommend a loose and light flowered dress up to the ankles, flat sandals, and a small purse.


How about this style?


Sporty look. 


Inspired by Athleisure, 40-year-old women can also wear sports inspiration in their outfits and continue to look fabulous without looking out of date.


Opt for a solid jumpsuit and matching sneakers. You can also combine joggers with a matching shirt and boots.


Monochrome look. 


In white, black, gray, or navy blue, wearing monochrome is a good option for a 40-year-old woman. You can also play around with color gradients. This option is perfect for every day and playing with colored accessories, even shoes.


Summer look. 


For a summer look, loose and basic light-colored dresses are a perfect option for going out for a walk. The beauty of loose dresses is that they allow us to combine them with different accessories such as a hat or a bag to make us look more beautiful than we are.


Elegant look. 


Getting an elegant outfit is super simple. I recommend some wide pleated pants and a V-neck button-down blouse. Dancers and XXL bags to attract attention wherever you go.


How to dress elegantly?


Elegance is achieved with style and common sense. At Fashion Trends, we believe that by following these tips, you will be able to be a very fashionable and elegant forty-year-old woman. Did you have any concerns about dressing at that age? Beyond that, the important thing is that you always keep your style.


How is your style at 40? Tell us to know more about yourself.