Don’t be afraid to stand out: How to create the perfect outfit with neon colors?

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Neon colors are back and here to stay. For several seasons now, or rather years, neon colors have once again imposed themselves on trends, and to this day, they continue to captivate us. 


This makes them a great choice for creating risky looks, which can be both casual and formal. However, the trick is in knowing how to combine them. Because this will be a determinant of whether you look good or make your outfit a total disaster.


That’s why the first tip we can give you when using a neon garment is to add a softer color to your combination. This way, you will create an acceptable contrast for the eye. Also, to know how to make the best combinations, we will give you the best ideas in this post.


Can you combine neon-colored clothes?


Fashion Trends and Style - Neon colors - colors

Matching neon clothing isn’t as hard as it sounds. This, as long as you choose colors that make you feel confident. Therefore, before creating a look with these tones, look at yourself in a mirror for as long as you need. This way, you can determine if your outfit looks good or if you should bet on another option.


In the same way, to combine neon-colored clothes, we are sure that these ideas will be of great help:


  • As the golden rule, you must know that you don’t need to put together a fully neon-colored look. In fact, the best thing you can do is choose a neon garment and others in neutral colors. This way, you can create a style that goes according to your personality.
  • Once you choose a neon tone for your outfit, you must choose the accessories carefully. Ideally, don’t exaggerate your outfit. Otherwise, you will only go overboard and damage your look.
  • You must always feel comfortable when wearing neon clothes. Otherwise, you won’t enjoy the look you have created. One fact that you shouldn’t forget is that neon tones make you look more exuberant. So, you should take care of how your figure will look when using them.


These tips will be very useful when creating a neon look. Similarly, if you’re a beginner when using these types of shades, you can start with small accessories and determine if you feel comfortable.


How to combine neon-colored clothes?


Fashion Trends and Style - Neon colors - colors

Now, if you already know which neon colors suit you best, the next step will be to choose neon colors in sportswear or to create a more casual look:


  • In the list of basic colors, black is in the first place. In fact, it’s one of the best to combine with pieces in neon colors.
  • If you have chosen neon colors, try not to include many accessories in your outfit.
  • If you want to include neon colors in your outfit, it’s best to wear them in your dresses or your jacket. Colors like these generally don’t look good on pants or shorts.
  • Not wanting to spoil your look, don’t think about combining the color of your colored garment neon with that of your accessories, or else the harmony will be broken.
  • If you don’t know much about the different combinations of neon colors, it’s best you stick with black or white since they will never fail you.


What colors go with neon pink?


Fashion Trends and Style - Neon colors - colors

There is no doubt that neon pink is a favorite among girls. It may even be your favorite one if you’re reading this post. However, like neutral colors, neon colors won’t define your silhouette, and pink isn’t the exception.


Similarly, monochrome combinations are a good choice once you’ve decided to wear a neon-colored piece of clothing. Therefore, dare to use neon pink in conjunction with other colors, preferably dark such as gray, black, navy blue, and brown.


Besides, neon pink can be used both to create a casual look and even to go to the beach. A swimsuit in this tone will be a good idea, especially for those girls with a light skin tone.


Finally, as neon pink is present in clothing and can be found in makeup, it will be perfect as lipstick if you wear neutral or dark colors.


What colors go with neon yellow?


Fashion Trends and Style - Neon colors - colors

Like neon pink, neon party wear is a favorite for girls. Keep in mind that this tone doesn’t help to define your silhouette like others.


However, you can still combine them with other colors to achieve this goal in case you want to highlight your waist.


Yellow is perfect for a monochromatic combination. That’s why, like neon pink, it can be mixed with dark tones to finish a very chic outfit.


Neon colors in clothes


Fashion Trends and Style - Neon colors - colors

If you want to create an original and very cheerful look, there are a wide variety of neon colors available to keep you fashionable:

  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Purple
  • Green


Neon clothing for women can be used on different occasions, and best of all, colors like these look great with denim clothing. However, if you want to be riskier like other girls, you can use a total neon outfit. This way, we can promise you that you won’t go unnoticed.


As for accessories, you can also use them in neon colors to put your creativity into practice. Therefore, take advantage of wearing glasses, shoes, tennis, and bags in neon colors so that your look takes on a 100% original look.


Celebrities love neon colors as they mix them with other colors for a balanced outfit. Few girls empathize with these cheerful and fun colors, so if you haven’t tried this trend so far, you’re on time.


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