Organize your outfits: how to plan what you will wear for the week successfully

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Organize your outfits: how to plan what you will wear for the week successfully?. Facing the wardrobe every morning is not always an easy or fun task. Especially when we do not feel inspired or sleep wins the battle.


The morning hours can be chaotic for many. And sometimes, we feel that starting the day can be complicated with everything that must be considered before leaving home and going to school or work.


Between making breakfast, bathing, and choosing our clothes, to say the least, it can sometimes seem like a lot and very overwhelming for the little time we feel we have in the mornings. Not to mention the fact that some people choose this time to exercise on top of that!


To avoid these situations, save time in the morning and emerge triumphant with our perfectly combined and strategically thought-out outfits. We bring you this great solution: organize your daily looks in advance and have everything you need at hand to start your days off successfully.


Before Organizing


Here we will give you the tools to have your daily outfits at hand. Reconcile with your closet, and stop fighting with it frequently when you feel you have nothing to wear.


Faced with this dilemma, we give you the following advice:


Do a cleanup


Fashion Trends and Style - Organize your outfits - Outfit

It is the first step. Start by removing absolutely everything you have in your closet and start an inventory. When taking each piece of clothing, ask yourself, how long have you not used that? If the answer is six months or even one year or more, it is time to discard this item.


The same happens with clothes that still have the label. And those that you immediately take off when you put them on because you are not convinced how they fit. Or you simply do not like them, and you never wear them.


Use all this to sell or donate. And keep everything that is functional and to which you give real utility. Leave room for new clothes to arrive.


Color Inventory


Fashion Trends and Style - Organize your outfits - Outfit

Here, the idea is to verify which colors are the most abundant in your wardrobe and which ones are repeated more frequently.


Of course, you will not put aside the rest of the colors or shades just to have one of these garments.


Once you identify that, you can look for inspiration on sites like Pinterest. There are many boards and combinations of color palettes, where you can find unique ideas to combine your clothes.


Another bit about colors, is to verify which are the ones that go best with you and your skin tone, those that make you stand out and those that do not favor you so much. This way, you can elaborate a plan of use for each one according to the occasion and discard the unsalvageable.



Fashion Trends and Style - Organize your outfits - Outfit

Get down to work once you have gotten rid of everything you already know you will not use.


Start a laundry day and thus have clean clothes available for a few weeks.


Another thing that takes up time in the morning is wanting to use a particular garment, and when locating it, it is in the laundry basket.


Without a doubt, it generates a crisis by having to restructure all our clothing at the moment.


How to organize our outfits for the week?


Select a day of the weekend


Fashion Trends and Style - Organize your outfits - Outfit

Whether it’s Saturday or Sunday, select the least busy one depending on your occupations and your activities on those days.


Dedicate yourself to examining the closet and choose the clothes that catch your attention to wear during the week.


Take into account how your days will be. Whether you´ll be at work if you have to attend a meeting or event, see clients. Or if you will attend a more casual place after leaving work. Since then you will have to dress for both occasions or school.


Make a calendar


Fashion Trends and Style - Organize your outfits - Outfit

It doesn’t matter if it’s on paper or in pencil.


Write each of the days of the week to keep an order of the looks you’re putting together, starting with Monday.


In this way, to the extent that you already have your complete outfit, you can make notes with the description of the clothes for each day.


And thus make it easier to remember when getting dressed.


Group each garment separately


Fashion Trends and Style - Organize your outfits - Outfit

Another suggestion is, once you have each outfit assembled, place it on clothes hangers.


That is, the upper part (shirt, blouse, t-shirt, top, etc.) with the lower part (pants, jeans, skirt) and so on.


You just have to take the hanger and put on your clothes without wasting time looking for each piece of clothing.


Even if you have them already visualized, this will be easier.


Don’t forget the underwear


Fashion Trends and Style - Organize your outfits - Outfit

A significant detail that can drive us crazy in the morning is selecting the right underwear for each piece that we are going to wear. And it is that many times, what goes well with a skirt does not precisely fit with pants.


Therefore, as you put together your outfit for the day, choose the underwear that goes well with those colors and fabrics.


And at the same time, like the previous advice, place it in its corresponding group per day. That way, you won´t go crazy looking for pantyhose and bras in the morning.


Also, select the accessories


Fashion Trends and Style - Organize your outfits - Outfit

We know the importance that these have in our look. And how long it can take us looking for that little necklace or those little earrings before leaving home. To avoid this, just as we have been planning with clothes and lingerie, we´ll do the same with the accessories.


Perhaps it could be a little more complicated because we can have versatile accessories that combine with many outfits. But it is not bad to repeat. So, if you have daily accessories that combine perfectly with everything you wear as a few tiny pearls, no problem. Keep wearing them and maintain your everyday style.


In the case of belts and shoes, we also recommend moving them aside to locate them when getting dressed quickly. So that you can place the belts on the hanger with each combination created and the shoes in the order, you will wear each day and avoid having them out from the closet at the same time.




Fashion Trends and Style - Organize your outfits - Outfit

  • Avoid repeating garments in the same week and complete combinations for more than a week. This way, we are taking advantage of our clothes.


  • Sort your clothes either by type, color, or occasion. You choose the way you can better identify where each garment is, and thus you can save time when searching.





Advantages of organizing your outfits


Fashion Trends and Style - Organize your outfits - Outfit

  • Undoubtedly, you will have more time in the mornings. And you can use it for your grooming, makeup, and a more elaborate hairstyle. Or any other task that you feel you need to complete during these hours.
  • You will keep your closet tidy and have only what is necessary for you.
  • It will give you security in your image when dressing.


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