Ideas to show off the ‘Old Money’ style like Sofia Richie

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Ideas to show off the ‘Old Money’ style like Sofia Richie. The ‘Old Money’ style is one of the biggest trends we’re seeing this year, especially on social media platforms like TikTok. Where, of course, the most relevant trends are born. This time, it is the aesthetics we are talking about.


But this style is not really from now, but instead dates back to the 1900s and is committed to the ‘less is more’ bit. It is called ‘Old Money’ because it was usually worn by wealthy people from birth. In this case, one of this style’s biggest models and influencers is Sofia Richie, who has had money all her life for being the daughter of the musical legend Lionel Richie.


But we have to give a little more depth to what the Old Money style represents and how we should wear it if you want to be the Sofia Richie of your area.


What is ‘Old Money’?


Fashion Trend and Style - Ideas to show off the 'Old Money' style like Sofia Richie - clothing

Old Money is a style of clothing that has become quite distinctive in the fashion world. This is quite sophisticated clothing. After all, it is worn by people who have great wealth. Or they had, at the origins of this trend.


In 1900, this way of dressing became popular among the elite groups of society, especially students who went to private universities in the United States and England. It is inspired by quality, logo-free designer garments, tailoring, and classic American style.


Although the Old Money aesthetic is sophisticated, you don’t have to spend too much money to get pieces like this these days. It’s easy to get them at vintage or second-hand stores, and you’ll be ready to put together an entire Old Money outfit in an affordable way.


Now, if you want the best inspiration for such an outfit, you have Sofia Richie. We’ll tell you everything about her if you still don’t know who she is.


Sofia Richie: The Queen of Old Money


You may be wondering, who is Sofia Richie? and why is she the biggest inspiration for the Old Money style?


Well, she is an influencer or internet personality who was born in 1998. Currently, she has 10.3 million followers on Instagram. She has a very unique and influential style, so much so that in fashion, she has been recognized for her outfits and recurring Old Money style.


Her influence on fashion


Fashion Trend and Style - Ideas to show off the 'Old Money' style like Sofia Richie - clothing

Richie is a famous ‘it-girl’ who has greatly impacted the fashion world. She has proven to be more than just the daughter of a music legend. But why is she influential?


The truth is that, with her distinctive and bold style, she has earned a top spot in the fashion industry. She is elegant and capable of uniquely adapting to different occasions without leaving her class aside.


And her most recent splash on the fashion world was her wedding. Not only was this a significant personal event, but it also left quite a lasting impact on the industry. In addition to setting trends throughout her emergence as a fashionista, her wedding was a pretty big event. 


First of all, the dress she chose was one of the most anticipated factors of the occasion, since she always impresses. From her entrance to the altar, Sofia captivated the audience with a dazzling dress with classic elements and modern and undoubtedly unique details.


Her choice of dress definitely set new trends in the world of wedding dresses. In addition to encouraging brides to look for dresses that truly reflected their style and personality. It’s pretty empowering stuff if you ask me.


How to rock the ‘Old Money’ style a la Sofia Richie


If you want to wear an Old Money look just like Sofia Richie, but you don’t have any ideas, don’t worry. Here at Fashion Trends, we have the best tips for you!


However, as we have mentioned before, it is essential that you keep in mind that to achieve this style, you can spend not that much money. There are second-hand and vintage stores where you can get incredible deals. You can definitely look sophisticated without spending your entire salary. Now, let’s get to it:


Always choose neutral or classic colors


Fashion Trend and Style - Ideas to show off the 'Old Money' style like Sofia Richie - clothing

One of the keys to getting the Old Money style right is always using neutral colors. Whether is white, black, or beige. You can combine them as you wish. But always try to choose classics.


Additionally, as they are neutral colors, with them, you can combine different outfits easily and without a problem. Other colors you can use are gray, brown, and navy blue.


Lean on the tennis aesthetic


The tennis aesthetics are very similar to the ‘preppy sport’ fashion trend and the ‘athleisure’ style. Additionally, tennis as a sport is heavily involved in the Old Money trend.


Even if you have never played tennis, you can pair a white tennis skirt with a button-down shirt and look super cool. Do not be afraid.


Wear blazers and button-down shirts


Fashion Trend and Style - Ideas to show off the 'Old Money' style like Sofia Richie - clothing

Whether it’s a jacket or a blazer, these garments are perfect if you want to enhance your look. You can combine them with a midi skirt. Make sure the blazer is a little oversized to provide more retro style and, of course, neutral colors.


As for button-down shirts, they are a must to have in your wardrobe. They are ideal for creating layers in your outfit and giving a classy touch.


Combine classic garments with modern touches


If you want a more daring look, you can wear a garment like the one we mentioned above. Add a tweed vest or blazer and an on-trend bottom, such as a midi skirt or wide-leg pants.


Do not forget the accessories


Fashion Trend and Style - Ideas to show off the 'Old Money' style like Sofia Richie - clothing

Use the right accessories to complement your outfits in the best way. These can be scarves, hats, sunglasses, or leather gloves. You can also go for pearl or gold jewelry, as it gives your look a more elegant and classic look.


Old Money style is one of the best ways to remember those old days. Dare to use it following our advice!


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