Nude bikinis, the trend of this season

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Nude bikinis, the trend of this season. It is true that in summer the stores are filled with colors, flowers, prints, polka dots and stripes. We see the catwalks and stores lit up in color and with the collections of bikinis that are in season. Thinking about vacations leads us to parties, rest, and vacations. If it is on the beach, then better. So, beyond focusing on all those trends that we have already talked about in previous articles, we are going to focus on a very special bikini that is probably controversial.


The question is this: We are in summer and I want you to be the center of attraction.


Nude bikinis, the trend of this season


Fashion Trends and Style - Nude - nudes bikinis

If we talk about bikinis, we can find countless designs with colors, prints, versatility and models that range from flat colors, fluorescent, yellow or red, and of course the white bikini. 


Now, this summer the black bikini has come to destroy all other options. The reason is simple, it is a successful and very recurring option. However, there is a current trend that we cannot miss under the table and that is the case of the nude bikini. Option that influencers and celebrities have brought up on social networks.


Why nude? This is due to the earth tones and the ability to blend in with the skin tone and enhance the tan. The nude bikini is perfectly aligned with any type of material thanks to the versatility that color offers us.


We can find different types of colors, among them we find more reddish palettes such as terracotta and also brown chocolate. 


How to know if a swimsuit is of good quality?


Fashion Trends and Style - Nude - nudes bikinis

Before continuing to enter this big and beautiful world, I want to tell you a little about good quality bikinis and swimsuits, and my recommendation is that before buying one you should take the following into account:


It must be adaptable. If you get braces that fit, the better.


The glitters. Yes, we love to shine, but we must shine with dignity and not with sequins that in the first change will unravel. So it is of utmost importance that you check the seams.


What bikinis are you going to wear in 2021?


Fashion Trends and Style - Nude - nudes bikinis

What do you think if I tell you that bikinis are no longer worn just to go to the beach, pool or river? You’ll probably wrinkle your brow and say something like, everything okay? And the truth is that yes, everything is fine. However, I must clarify that with the pandemic issue and the closure of all beaches and public places, many were the ones who imposed new trends to be at home.


Now, this managed to show that bikinis are not just bikinis, but that they fulfill the function of blouses and crop tops. While swimsuits work like a bodysuit.


It is thanks to this that trends have revolutionized everywhere and in the case of nudes bikinis they have made a difference, thanks to the fact that you can wear it from formal meetings to that day at the beach that you long for. 


Therefore, I am going to explain how you can wear the nude bikini according to trends.


The famous ribbed bikinis


Fashion Trends and Style - Nude - nudes bikinis

They are a very trendy and quite functional option. In nude they are a very successful option because by stretching and growing they manage to adapt to the body and to water sports.


With it, you will feel that you are wearing a crop top and it will make you look incredible wherever you go


(combine it with what you combine it will be super good).


The spectacular cut out bikinis


Fashion Trends and Style - Nude - nudes bikinis

In short, this bikini is one of my favorite options, because it is an option that appeared out of nowhere to stay.


They manage to rebuild a classic silhouette and transform it into something completely new and that’s flattering.


You will show a little skin and that in turn will be mimicked by the color.


You will highlight your tan!


Underwire and rings on bikinis stand the test of time


In short, rings and earrings are timeless, because they resist over time. They always find their way into our important garments. In a nude bikini, it will flatter your figure and lead you to an irresistible classic silhouette.


Asymmetric bikinis


Similar to cut out bikinis. However, the difference is that they hug the body like a second skin, which is more noticeable in a nude garment. They will bring out those curves that you have and transform your style to a fresher one.


Always in retro vibe with bikinis


Fashion Trends and Style - Nude - nudes bikinis

So far there is a lot of inspiration from everything.


However, the retro wave is something that, like the black dress that we should all have in our wardrobe, is one that we must keep even in the bikini.


Opt for nude color, square necklines and high cuts. You will be beautiful!


Halter neck bikinis


A risky option, but quite beautiful for this nude trend. A neck that unleashes the imagination where you get strings, beads, sequins, ruffles, bangs. That will give you movement and fun when it comes to getting to the beach or pool. You will catch all eyes!


What are the best bikini brands?


Fashion Trends and Style - Nude - nudes bikinis

In the world we can find different types of brands and designers that offer variety when it comes to bikini designs to wear on those days under the sun.


It is for this reason that we can find brands that come from Spain, Peru, Colombia, American, Mexican, among others.


They teach us various types of style that range from lycra, large sizes, for swimming, pants or skirts, push-up bikinis or reducers.


Also, we find sustainable and organic stores so that these bikinis will last you almost forever, and you will also be contributing to the planet. How nice, right?


Also, I bring a number of varied Mexican options that have bikinis for all tastes and with original styles that could be of interest to you. I’m sure that once you look at them you will get that ideal nude bikini for you. Ready?


Vazz the brand


Thinking about sustainability and inspired by upcycling fashion, Vazz the brand manages to bring in its designs of swimsuits and bikinis varied options that will suit your style and your body type. Made with organic materials, they will guarantee you a good bikini and you will also contribute a grain of sand to the planet.




In Yesstyle you can get a wide variety of bikinis in terms of shapes and colors. Now, the nude color is part of their stock, so don’t wait any longer and fly to get yours to go to the beach soon. Always with the best design and with the best of attitudes. You will remember me!


Anyway, choosing the perfect nude bikini depends on you and your tastes. Remember to take into account my recommendations and that the earth tone is very important and continues to trend, I hope it is here to stay.


At Fashion Trends we want to know what you think about this article and about the nude wave. Like? Do you dare to use it? Tell us in the comments everything you want to keep in touch.