It’s never too soon to find the next trends for fall 2022

Fashion Trends - It’s never too soon to find the next trends for fall 2022

It’s never too soon to find the next trends for fall 2022. Ultimately, this world is a carousel of emotions that changes and varies in the blink of an eye. I feel like I’m in the Marvel universe or something. It will never cease to amaze me how we’re not even in the fall of 2021, and we’re already talking about how autumn 2022 will be. Of course, like everything else, it can vary and transform.


To start, during fall 2022, you will be able to find a variety of garments and different styles that will be mostly digitized, with the focus being unique and fun fabrics, headscarves, creative prints, and colors.


What will fall 2022 fashion trends look like?


FashionTrends-What will be in fashion in 2022First, we can find that the silhouettes of the loungewear will become more dynamic and turn into a long, short, sequined, or pantyhose dress.


2022 is loaded with colors and styles, which, although they remain in the street style vibe, will seek to convey balance, positivity, and energy.


Here are some trends that are already beginning to creep into this world and of which I am sure will not change.


The total knitted look


Fashion Trends - knit lookThe knitted or woven look is reinterpreted either in a single piece such as crop tops, cardigans, and skirts or in a total attractive look option to keep warm throughout fall.


The search for comfort and simplicity is something that transcends time; we no longer want the same thing we wanted before.


Now we seek freedom of decision no matter what others say, and in the case of fabrics, they express all that comfort that we always need.


Matching with a set with transparencies, leggings, or simply wearing it in a nice sweater, you will be very in trend in 2022.


Silver color


Fashion Trends - woman with short hairWe saw it on different catwalks as Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Paco Rabanne made it the main character of their catwalks this season.


It’s a form of expression of freedom that in a silver dress version with sequins or leggings can make you look incredible.


We hope that this trend will continue until next year, nothing makes us think otherwise. For me, the silver color is super functional.


It looks good with everything and is so versatile that we could consider serving for a day at the office and that just adding something simple like a lipstick color, it can be transformed for the night.


Sequins to shine


Still not getting used to this year’s sequins? Don’t worry, 2022 will give you another chance to get used to it or use it. Sequins are the most significant trend on runways. That’s right. Breaking with our comfort zone, dresses with sequins will arrive to show us that day or night, you can also shine.


Synthetic fur


FashionTrendsSynthetic furIn honor of Cruella de Vil, but cheating a bit because we are against animal abuse, synthetic fur has been gaining ground on catwalks. And from now on, we can get used to it by fall 2022.


Besides, we can find different versions of it in different fashion houses such as Givenchy, Prada, or MiuMiu.


Padded effect


Low temperatures are spent with padding, otherwise, you will become a popsicle. 2022 gets rid of feathers and opens the doors to quilted and sewn coats. And yes, in some cases it may appear that you are dating the quilt. However, this trend is an iconic inspiration.


Fashion trends for 2022


Fashion Trends - woman with a blue dressAs you have been able to realize, everything has changed and revolutionized. This includes our way of living, thinking and especially our way of dressing.


After the pandemic, designers have considered their inspirations and designs. Now, they look for different references, being more conscious when creating them.


Betting on color, fall 2022 will be a life full of color, since they will be the special protagonists of sophisticated looks.


If in 2021 we were talking about comfort, in 2022 we will also talk about elegance and poise.


Incoming 2022 trends according to WGSN

You must be living under a rock if you don’t know who WGSN is. Fashion fans know them as global leaders in consumer and design trends.

In short, they predict what will be in trend and what will fade out. Such is the case of 2022 where they predicted some essential keys to take into account on your fashion radar.


From now on, we must understand that the balance between work and personal life will be the main inspiration for the next trends.


The goal will be to find support, feel at home, and adapt to our new reality through sustainability. All of this is through what we wear and rock on the streets.


What colors are in fashion 2022?


Fashion Trends - color trendsDuring fall, we will find colors like butter yellow, also called sweet. This color will highlight our skin and bring great joy to our outfits. For its part, olive green will fill us with strength.


If you have tanned skin or a darker skin complexion, this is your color. If you want to wear it, you can find it in accessories such as bags and shoes.


Now, the pink orchid is an intense color of nature which is what makes it a perfect choice for party dresses, tailored suits, and details for something special. Among colors, we will also find Atlantic blue or deep blue. This color doesn’t need much explanation, as it transmits tranquility and serenity.


Finally, the mango color will give us that explosion of joy and color, full of sweetness, freshness, and energy.

Macro trends for 2021-2022


Besides what you already know, 2022 brings other new trends. Pay attention to the following to not miss a single detail, this if you want to be trendy. So, don’t wait any longer and start making space in your closet.


Layers and more layers. 


FashionTrends-Layers and more layersWith them, you will solve the cold issue.


Leggings, shorts, vest, and blazer will be your main allies when it comes to being in trend and safe from the cold.


The good thing about layers is that you can easily add, combine and generate maximalist and loose figures.


These will in the end will fulfill the function of protecting you against the cold.




FashionTrends-The leggings.The trend 2022 is to wear them with prints and graphics, textures, and textiles.


They will for sure dominate 2022 due to their versatility.


After all, you can wear them with oversized sweaters, shirts, XXL blouses, and more!


You will achieve a fantastic contrast and harmony between garments.


After all, you’ll be able to choose which are tighter and which are looser.


The poncho


Perfect for that sporadic rainy day’s characteristic of fall. This amazing piece comes from Argentine gauchos and seems to make a stand in 2022. What’s great about them is that you can wear them in a dress style.


Are you ready for next year? At Fashion Trends, we are on that, preparing to always bring you the best of the best. Together, we will know the newest and most beautiful fashion trends. What do you think of this news?