The neon color and trends for this 2022

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Neon colors reached their popularity in the 80s. But they have a very particular origin since, thanks to science, we have these tones among us today. And we use them not only in clothing but also in paint and much more.


Origin of the neon color


Fahion Trends and Style - The neon color - color

In 1800, the physicist and glass manufacturer Heinrich Geissler made tubes of this material containing two electrodes. They glowed when in contact with electric current, generating fluorescent lights.


Almost 100 years later, in 1898, the scientists William Ramsay and Morris Travers proceeded to decompose the air. All by separating each of its parts and using the term neon. It was a reddish gas very similar to orange. This is where the names for this range of colors originate in this striking tone.


But it was not until 1923 that the neon color began to be known when the French chemist George Claude set out to manufacture tubes in these colors so that they would be used as advertising media by brands or businesses. An example of this is They are very common to open notices on-premises.


Birth of neon colors


Fahion Trends and Style - The neon color - color

As we mentioned, the neon colors arise from a chemical activity related to the gases used in the manufacture of glass tubes, from which these tones emerged:


neon: orange

helium: yellow

Of carbon dioxide: white

Mercury: blue

Argon: purple


Nowadays, there is a high range of colors in their neon versions ready to be used in all kinds of things, clothes, objects, etc. Thus, standing out the colors coming from the gases mentioned above in their striking versions. As well as others that have emerged over time, such as green, fuchsia, coral, etc.


The neon through time


Its use has been transcending over time, with different objectives according to the time and evolution, so we find that:


The 1950s


Fahion Trends and Style - The neon color - color

Neon was used in advertisements to provide further visibility to businesses and premises.









The 60s

Fahion Trends and Style - The neon color - color

Neon colors are introduced in Pop Art, thus standing out in decorative objects.








The 70’s decade 


Fahion Trends and Style - The neon color - color

The neon color arrives in the world of fashion when the designers of the fashion houses worldwide begin to implement it in their creations, showing it on the catwalks.






The 80’s



Fahion Trends and Style - The neon color - color

It is when the neon color reaches its peak and fame when worn in clothing and accessories of the time.








The 90’s


Fahion Trends and Style - The neon color - color

It reaches another level when the glow trend became popular. Objects of all kinds that glow in the dark were manufactured to be used in rooms and parties as accessories.







Current era


Fahion Trends and Style - The neon color - color

The neon color ceased to be a novelty or something unusual.


It came to life through clothing, footwear, objects of various kinds, accessories, nail polish, makeup, decorations, and others.


Hence, its use today is normal.



Usage trends for 2022


Let´s now know the trends that are setting the tone this year for the use of neon.


Combine two garments in neon or dark tones


Fahion Trends and Style - The neon color - color

Here we present two ways to combine them.


Which can either be two neon or striking tones such as orange and fuchsia.


Or, if this mixture is too much color or neon for you, you can choose garments in all dark colors such as black.


And combine from here with pants, jackets, and boots and thus prevent the look from being so flashy.


Monochrome Look


Fahion Trends and Style - The neon color - color

If you are not one to be combining more than two tones or it is difficult for you, you can always opt for the life of the monochrome look.


It is simple and easy to achieve. And it is a safe bet when choosing a color (your preference) will be enough to put together your outfit.


You can choose shoes of other shades, but that does not overshadow the primary color. And if you want to break the monochrome a bit, select accessories and other garments as complements whose tone is similar.




Fahion Trends and Style - The neon color - color

We love this option, and it is ideal for those who are not lovers of wearing neon clothing.


Because of its striking colors.


Therefore, wearing accessories that complement a basic and less flashy look, such as earrings, bracelets, shoes, handbags, belts, and others, also works to be in trend with these shades.



Make It Simple


Fahion Trends and Style - The neon color - color

If this is your first time combining neon colors and introducing them into your wardrobe, go easy. Despite looking great, we know that combining them is often a bit complicated due to their striking colors.


So, keep it simple. If you bought several garments, start using them with basic and neutral colors. They will make you look very chic and with a minimalist look.


With Prints


Fahion Trends and Style - The neon color - color

Yes, and yes, neon and print get along very well, so don’t be afraid of this combination.


Although it may seem too much, it will divert attention from the flashy tone to focus on the print.


This will give a balance to the look. An example of combining neon and print is animal print, polka dots or squares, and Scottish style.



Color Block


Fahion Trends and Style - The neon color - color

Another option is to choose the color block formula to put together your outfit with neon. Select garments in intense colors and tones, such as fuchsia with emerald green or orange with cobalt blue. This will make you look sophisticated and very chic.


Neon will continue to reign among us for much longer, so if you still have clothes of this type, then it’s time to bring them to light again. And if you don’t have anything in your closet, what are you waiting for to enter Allie B and acquire your best outfits in these tones?