How to wear the navy style this summer 2023 for women

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How to wear the navy style this summer 2023 for women. There is a clothing style that we usually see more of during this spring-summer season. Yes, we are talking about the Navy trend. As its name indicates, it refers to those items of clothing whose essence is to recreate the way the Navy dresses. That is, with knitted coats, jackets, details in gold buttons, or both horizontal and vertical stripes. Above all, basic colors such as white, black, navy blue, red, and beige, among others, make up this trend.


Although wearing this style is popular during these months, navy fashion is not exclusive to summer. In fact, because of the clothes and colors that make it up, it is perfect for any time of the year, especially in the fall. So, you can get ideas to wear right now and the rest of the seasons.


The best part of it all it’s that this is a timeless style. No matter how much time passes, it can be worn at any time, year, or season without looking old-fashioned or outdated. Because it is also easy to combine, they are looks that will make you look elegant, sophisticated, and stylish this summer. So, keep reading so you can learn how to wear this type of clothing in 2023 today. 


What is the origin of the Navy style?


Fashion trends and Style - How to wear the navy style this summer 2023 for women - style

The origin dates back to the mid-19th century when the British Royal Navy was founded in the Victorian era. Their uniforms were made up of classic dark blue American jackets with gold buttons. As well as a shirt with horizontal stripes in white and blue, which only sailors wore since the highest-ranking officers wore solid colors. The fabric they were made of also helped them if they fell into the sea.


This clothing created for navy personnel enters the fashion world, thanks to designer Coco Chanel. Who, upon seeing the uniforms, used them as inspiration and incorporated them into women’s clothing. But it wasn’t until the 1970s that the style really caught on. It was adopted by many designers, who still keep the garments current, including them in their current collections, which is one reason why it is timeless.


Navy style characteristics


Fashion trends and Style - How to wear the navy style this summer 2023 for women - style

As we mentioned, it is a way of dressing made up of sober colors such as white and navy blue, which are the main ones. And beige, yellow, green, and red to match. As well as horizontal striped shirts, straight pants, shorts, scarves, knitted sweaters, jackets, and overcoats. Other pieces are A-line skirts, shirts, shirt dresses in vertical stripes. The predominant thing in the pieces has been straight and fluid cuts with a minimalist appearance.


As for the materials in which we find these clothes, they include cotton, poplin, and silk. And sometimes also leather, which we see mostly in accessories.


In short, it is made up of basics in both clothing and colors. So, it is very easy to wear and combine with each other, providing an elegant and casual image at the same time as feminine.


How do you know if the Navy style is for you?


Fashion trends and Style - How to wear the navy style this summer 2023 for women - style

Certainly, we can lean towards different styles when it comes to dressing or select a specific one according to the place and occasion we go to. However, if your tastes are more like simple, elegant clothes, clean cuts, and basics, navy fashion will be perfect for you.


Now, you can combine garments of this type with others of a completely different style and achieve a unique look adapted to your personality. For example, a white and blue striped shirt with shorts, biker boots, and maybe some pantyhose for a grunge look.


Also, you can add bright-colored clothes if 100% sober looks are not your thing. Like with yellow pants, an emerald green blazer, a fuchsia skirt, or red jeans, you will have an outfit that will steal looks.


If, on the contrary, your thing is striking prints, bright colors, and fabrics such as silk or satin, among others, Navy may not be the most recommended.


How to wear the Navy style this summer 2023?


Fashion trends and Style - How to wear the navy style this summer 2023 for women - style

Minimalism and clean cuts are everything, so you should try to use garments of this type that make you look sophisticated.


Use the colors typical of this style that we have already mentioned: navy blue, white, beige, black, and red. Without leaving aside colors like yellow or green to create a fun and energetic outfit, it is ideal if you have outdoor plans.


Likewise, you can wear navy garments with other opposites, such as jeans of different cuts, jean jackets, nude-colored blazers, and knitted sweaters, among others that help you combine.


Other Navy-style basics


Fashion trends and Style - How to wear the navy style this summer 2023 for women - style

We already mentioned the main garments of this style. But we can include many others that perhaps you didn’t know were part of it. Pieces that work very well for both women and men. So, take notes and keep an eye on them: T-shirt with a baker’s collar or round neck, linen pants, Bermuda shorts and white shorts, sneakers, moccasins, hats, and berets.


As for the most popular colors in this style, we can highlight red, navy blue, or white as the main tones.


To wear this style, you don’t need to be a fashion expert since we can create many combinations from basic garments and thanks to its neutral colors. You just have to choose the clothes that best fit you and help you enhance your figure and also your personality.


With these tips, we hope you are prepared for this summer and the rest of the year. Because the Navy style is to dress it on any occasion you like.


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