Nail care

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Nails care. Our hands are part of our cover letter as far as image is concerned. And ensuring its care and appearance is extremely important.


We know that having nails to the nines is sometimes uphill. However, you don’t have to go through a lot of work to have them presentable.


It´s enough with basic care. And applying a neutral or transparent gloss that gives it that polished touch they need and looks excellent daily.


For this reason, let’s talk today about knowing if our nails are healthy or not. And how they should be cared for, and the signs you should be alert to.


Characteristics of healthy nails


Fashion Trends and Style - Nail Care - Nails

Its base is pink with a white touch at the base.


They are smooth, without any mark or texture.


They have a slight thickness which makes them strong.


There is no presence of stains or any discoloration.


When we should pay attention


Fashion Trends and Style - Nail Care - Nails

If we see any of these signs appear, it is advisable to consult a dermatologist:


If there are changes in your nail color, discoloration, or dark spots.


Changes in shape, such as curved nails


If you feel thinner or thicker than usual.


If you notice that the nail is separated from the surrounding skin.


Bleeding, swelling, or pain around the nails.


Lack of growth.


How should we take care of our nails?


Use a special soap for your hands


Fashion Trends and Style - Nail Care - Nails

Avoid using ordinary bar soap that can dry out both your hands and the cuticle.


Preferably, choose a liquid soap that contains glycerin vitamin E.


Or see that it is formulated especially for the hands in its indications and is moisturizing.





Fashion Trends and Style - Nail Care - Nails

Try to moisturize your hands every time you wash them.


Thanks to the pandemic, hand washing has become more frequent than usual. We´re resorting to ordinary soap and water and many other antibacterial products. Although they have helped us keep germs at bay, they extremely dry our skin.


For this reason, use a moisturizing cream rich in vitamin E. Or better yet, shea oil, if possible, with a dense consistency, and apply it after washing your hands.


Another recommendation is to keep a small cream in your bag when away from home.


And remember, always when applying the cream, massage both the hands and the cuticle.


Cuticle oil


Fashion Trends and Style - Nail Care - Nails

Applying a special oil to your cuticles will keep them hydrated, which you are looking for, avoiding a dry appearance.


Coconut or almond oil are excellent options to provide softness and hydration daily.


Do your chores with gloves





Fashion Trends and Style - Nail Care - Nails

When washing dishes cleaning bathrooms, we usually use highly irritating chemical products that damage our skin on contact.


In addition to a possible injury or burn, these liquids dry our hands, so we recommend using protective gloves.


In this way, we take care of the skin and our nails preventing them from weakening.


What to avoid doing to have healthy nails


We should avoid certain things to keep our nails healthy, strong, and looking healthy.


Avoid biting your nails and cuticles


We know that it´s difficult to control for some, but really, stop!


In addition to weakening your nails to the extreme, it deforms them. And besides biting the cuticle, it produces skin wounds that favor the entry of germs and bacteria that could be fatal at some point.


Reduce the use of false nails


Fashion Trends and Style - Nail Care - Nails

Many chemicals are used when using false nails, whatever type we choose. And they all significantly weaken the nail and the surrounding skin.


The glues for false nails such as resin materials and gel used for the finish have done a lot of damage to your hands.


So, let them breathe for a while before running back to the manicurist between one application and another.


Use special utensils


Fashion Trends and Style - Nail Care - Nails

Let’s not cut our nails or cuticle with objects that are not made for it.


Apart from the fact that you can hurt yourself, the finish will not be the same. This may affect the growth of the nail.


Also, try to use the correct nail clippers and avoid extremely sensitive cuticles.


Avoid acetone


Choose an acetone-free nail polish remover. Since, no matter how effective and powerful it may be at the time of its function, it´s harmful and causes a lot of dryness in both nails and hands.


What can we do to keep our nails presentable?


Balanced diet


Eating foods rich in vitamins A1, B1, C, and D, as well as iron, calcium, and zinc, will help you have healthy and resistant nails.


Apply a protective layer


You can regularly apply a layer of protective enamel that contains calcium, vitamin E, or keratin. This helps to strengthen your nail and keep the cuticle hydrated.


Cut and file your nails


Fashion Trends and Style - Nail Care - Nails

If you like to wear square, short and neat nails, the best option is to cut them with a nail clipper.


In this way, you will give them shape, and the cut will be more precise and uniform.


Later, file them, preferably with a cardboard file so that it is less aggressive, from one side to the other in the same direction. Don’t do it on the go.


Whiten your nails


Fashion Trends and Style - Nail Care - Nails

Over time and using enamels, especially dark-colored ones, we tend to leave our nails with an unpleasant yellow tone.


To remove it, you can dip your nails in lemon juice or mix lemon, baking soda, and olive oil and thus return them to their natural color without aggressive methods.


Give them a break



Fashion Trends and Style - Nail Care - NailsLet’s always give our nails a break.


As far as possible and as long as we don´t have any critical event or commitment that deserves to have the nails in their best way, let’s have them all-natural.


This way, the nail breathes from the chemicals, and the use of nail polish is remover constantly. They will thank you.


Bonus: Home remedies for nails


Fashion Trends and Style - Nail Care - Nails

There are three infallible ingredients: garlic that strengthens and prevents fungus from appearing. Olive oil moisturizes them, and lemon has a whitening effect and strengthens the outer layer.


And since all three together are evenmore powerful. We recommend mixing a clove of garlic with olive oil and lemon juice until you get a paste.


You apply this on your nails and cuticle for 10 minutes and then rinse very well. And use soap to remove the smell of garlic.


Repeat it as many times as you want and keep your nails hydrated and healthy.


There are no excuses for dry, lifeless nails. I hope this guide helps you recover your nails and keep them always top.