Metallic garments to put together a great look

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Metal is here to stay, as one of the new trends in fashion is metallic clothing and eye-catching accessories. That is why we cannot miss the occasion to let you know how you can complement a metallic look taking care of every detail to look great as you deserve.


To tell the truth, there is a wide variety of clothing and metallic accessories for the most daring girls when it comes to dressing. That is why we must tell you that, just like certain fashions, metal fashions are likely to pass too, and it would be unfortunate if you miss this opportunity to create striking and riskier looks than usual.


Take advantage of metallic power 


Time goes by so fast, so you can’t help but put on a creative look by combining metallic clothing and accessories. Just look at all the details that you can include in your look and we assure you that you will run in search of them to complement your wardrobe as it should be:


Clothing with metallic elements 


Fashion Trends and Style - Metallic garments - clothing

We start by referring to clothing items, but this time to those with built-in metal accessories.


For example, there are short metallic dresses or panties with necklines in the upper area supported by chain for a striking look and totally under this style.


In the same way, at the moment they are wearing denim pants with metallic ornaments at the waist, and this detail definitely helps to highlight the femininity of any girl.


Metallic clothing 


Fashion Trends and Style - Metallic garments - clothing

Just as there are clothes that incorporate metallic ornaments, there are garments where the fabric is completely in this tone.


You may think that when you put on a metallic dress you will look very extravagant, however, if you do a combination with neutral tones you can be sure that you will simply look irresistible.


For example, a long gold skirt paired with a black long-sleeved chiffon shirt will make you look spectacular. 




Fashion Trends and Style - Metallic garments - clothing

Are there metallic shoes? The answer is yes, and best of all, they can be combined with everything. And it is that in general, we get used to exclusively using metallic accessories such as earrings and chains, without knowing the variety of elements in existence.


That is why when you go to the stores you can find metallic shoes, and the next step will be to know the best metallic ideas so as not to fail in the attempt. First of all, this type of footwear is preferable to be used in combination with neutral tones, and it is preferable that you opt for a metallic color that matches your skin tone.


So, if your skin is very light, select silver shoes while if your skin is darker, it is preferable that you choose gold metallic shoes. 




Most girls use metallic accessories to complement any type of look, and even an outfit with a metallic dress. In fact, metal jewelry is usually the most used since apart from not being so expensive it can be combined with a casual or gala look.


However, for your look to remain balanced it is important that you take into account some recommendations. When you use an oversized metallic necklace, it is preferable that you do not use earrings so that your outfit does not look exaggerated.


Similarly, if you are looking for a more intense outfit to get out of the ordinary, it is allowed to use dark makeup in conjunction with metallic accessories. Another suggestion that cannot be overlooked is that when using metallic jewelry, save your flashy outfits for another occasion, or else you will look saturated.


There are more metallic details that you can try to get a unique look


If you thought that the metallic clothes were everything, then you are wrong since there are many elements of this tone that you can take into account for an incredible look:




Fashion Trends and Style - Metallic garments - clothing

Metallic makeup also exists so you can give life to your eyes and lips thanks to this option.


For the lips you can bet on pearly lipsticks, and if you are more risky you can add gold or silver.


As for the lips, if you are going to use metallic shadows it is recommended that you apply it for a gala night and use a neutral tone on your lips so that your face looks as perfect as possible. 


Hair color 


Fashion Trends and Style - Metallic garments - clothing

Brave girls used to change the look of their hair constantly, that is why, if you have not tried yet, what are you waiting to see the color of your metallic hair?


There are a wide variety of very beautiful colors that you can add in your hair to look different and be on par with fashion trends, since everything is in that you dare to experiment trying with a new look with metallic clothes and adding other ideas .


Hands and feet 


The manicure and pedicure is also relevant within a look, since the hands and feet can never be in a state of disarray. 


Of course, if you are one of those who prefer a manicure or pedicure only with the French one, nothing happens. But now, if you want to try a different combination, you can use any of all metals that are available.


There are many ways to create a spectacular metallic look


Fashion Trends and Style - Metallic garments - clothing

Metallic outfits can bring many advantages, since it will take you out of your comfort zone by helping you look different. Best of all, an outfit of this style can be worn both day and night, depending on the clothing and accessories you choose.


For example, there are footwear in metallic colors with low or high heels so that you can select the ideal one for that special occasion where you want to go with a look of this type. The same happens with the topa and the rest of the accessories, since there are some more extravagant than others so that you also have the opportunity to choose models that are in tune with your personality.


There are no excuses for you to create a metallic look as it should be, thanks to the advice left in this post. Dare to try.