This is how metallic colors will take over fall

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Shine is something that, from now on, we cannot pass up. Perhaps you will think, even day and night? The answer is yes, anytime, and everything is about metallic tones. Since 2020, metallic pants have become catwalks’ main stars, and several designers have opted for them.


The street style fever has arrived to make a difference, and it’s increasingly difficult to resist it. We can find a world, or not, perhaps a universe full of outfits and different combinations for any time and adaptable to any occasion.


In theory, we will find incredible shapes and silhouettes in skirts and now wide pants in metallic sets that you can combine with bras or whatever your taste is to shine. Do you want to know more? Take note!


What’s hot in 2021?


Fashion Trends and Style - metallic - Outfits

We have already talked about many garments that are in trend for this year. However, we will also find silver colors, leads, gold, platinum, paillettes, glitter, and others. So, any of these that are of your preference, combining them properly, you can get a lot out of it.


It will also depend on your personality if you use it as a complement or garment. Also, if accessories are your thing, you can find them in accessories that look excellent with anything in your closet.


However, you should avoid combining too many types of colors because they will not look good. Less is more!


While, if clothes are your thing, you will find that they play perfectly with light neutral colors. However, you can also choose cold tones such as gray, mint green, and light blue.


Fashionistas, like you and me, can also have fun mixing textures with basic garments. Example: a pleated skirt in different shades of metallic with a nude-colored sweater. You will look beautiful!


What are the best colors for fall?


Fashion Trends and Style - metallic - Outfits

Today, we can overcome the colds with metal, thanks to Generation Z, who brought back this aesthetic trend. After all, it used to be stuck in the 80s triumph with nostalgic airs. So, metallic pants, or in sets, come back to us with great force.


Inspired by the future, technology, dystopias, and today’s society, various fashion houses have brought it to mark a significant trend that is very difficult to miss.


Also, metallic pants are quite controversial because they tend to be challenging to match and may not be well suited to all kinds of scenarios. However, this does not stop her, and she has managed to appear with combinations of basics, such as a black T-shirt, for example.


What pants will be worn in 2021?


You will never guess what kinds of pants will rule 2021! Exactly, metalized ones!… Ok, ok, you knew that I get it. The good news is that we can already find them in different stores. This way, it will be easier for you to keep up with this trend. 


In Fashion Trends, we have some ideas of combinations perfect for work, going out at night, or just having lunch with friends. Don’t be afraid to shine at any time! It’s time to be inspired and be different.


Metallic doesn’t always mean shine


Fashion Trends and Style - metallic - Outfits

This is a point that I would like to clarify. A metallic shade doesn’t mean you will be radiant with glitter and dazzling (although you can achieve that by spilling a bit of personality).


For this reason, if you are going to opt for a metallic garment, you must combine it with another moderate one, as I explained earlier, something basic, especially if it’s daytime. What can you use?


In this sense, I recommend opting for a black jumpsuit and a metallic blazer to succeed on a night out. Now, if it’s for the day, you can choose a more neutral color such as silver.


Inspired by Athleisure. 


Fashion Trends and Style - metallic - Outfits

It is well known that this world and new generations have changed how we see the world.


After the pandemic, everything has evolved, and we have chosen to keep comfort first.


First, I recommend choosing silver-toned pants and combining them with a top or a matching crop top with a neutral bomber jacket, but with prints. Shoes?


Some classic sneakers or sneakers.


Skirts are also metallic.


Fashion Trends and Style - metallic - Outfits

Metallic skirts come to destroy everything conventional to reach us, showing us that they also want to be the protagonists.


The mini or long midi skirts combined with a sweater or a sweatshirt will achieve a casual and modern air that will make you the protagonist of your novel.


The matching bag and ankle boots will be a success.


The casual look doesn’t take away the brave.


A pair of dark jeans or leather pants will also complement metallic sneakers and a shirt the same color as the shoes.


You will feel very urban and full of style. You will remember me!


Let metallic accessories and footwear make a difference. 


Fashion Trends and Style - metallic - Outfits

You can also carry metallic bags and accessories to get into the trend.


Beyond the looks for the night, we can include gold and silver in bags for the daily.


For their part, sneakers will also allow you to easily and effectively join this trend.


They will combine perfectly with any look you wear and will also give you a lot of styles.


This is how metallic colors will take over fall


Fashion Trends and Style - metallic - Outfits

Don’t you love this trend? At Fashion Trends, we find it super original and fun. It’s an exciting option to wear at any time of the day or night. Don’t be afraid to use it!


Metallics are a boom you could wear through your nails and makeup, so allow yourself to improvise and risk something different. Putting a little shine on our lives is not bad at all.


So I want to invite you to live and enjoy these last months of the year with fun, original and elegant trends to enlighten you and your days without much effort. The best part?


They look great for any skin type. With the metallic ones, you will find dimension, positive energy, harmony, and impact in all who see you.