Men’s Guide: How to Wear Straight-Cut Jeans

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How to wear men’s straight jeans. Fashion evolves for both women and men. And trends become and are transformed for both genders as a form of expression and freedom. The denim fabric with which a large number of garments are made, including jeans, is undoubtedly more than a classic in the world of clothing. Because no matter how much time passes, it is part of the culture and of our closets as part of the basics that are must-haves.


Going a bit further in, there are several types of trouser cuts available, which rotate in terms of trends each season. In this sense, in a very short time, we have seen that the skinny cut is no longer so popular. And now we see the straight fit as a good trend. Even if you feel that you may look a little strange, the truth is that when combined properly, they look very good.


So, if you want to join this trend and not feel like a rapper, keep reading because today in Fashion Trends, we´re going to teach you some tips so that you always get this trend right. This classic cut is interesting and will make you look great. Called baggy jeans or loose-fit jeans, they´re very street style, and they´ll also make you feel very young and cool. 



What should jeans look like on men?


Jeans should fit very well at the waist, not above or below it. And, not below the belly either. Also, jeans should stand on their own without a belt and should never be too tight or baggy. One way to look at it is that you can slide two fingers on the waist.


There are three key points that you must master so as not to fail with wide pants. And remember, wearing wide pants doesn´t mean they must be two or three sizes larger than yours. It´s a type of cut, and the trick is to know what you put on the top and bottom and how high that hem should be.


Once you get the hang of this trick, you can hit the streets in your baggy pants. Without fear of looking like a 90s hip-hop fan.


Always balance


Fashion Trends and Style - How to wear men's straight jeans

Remember that straight pants add volume to the lower part of your body. So, always try to wear a shirt that´s tighter on top. It´s a way to elevate the style of your silhouette. Now, if it´s winter, you can wear a round neck or turtleneck sweater. And in spring or summer t-shirts or polo shirts that are not too baggy would look great.


Always wide footwear


And although it is not mandatory, it´s best to reserve the combination with narrow shoes and sneakers for styling professionals. We recommend you some wide sneakers or some boots like Timberland.


Become an expert on hem types


Fashion Trends and Style - How to wear men's straight jeans

Ideally, the bottom of the pants should be as it falls naturally or a little more rolled up. I assure you that you´ll feel very comfortable with this type of fall that´s natural.


And then you will feel more encouraged to pick it up to look more elegant.


In the case of putting on boots, you can put the hem inside the shafts. The trick is that you dominate your silhouette.


What kind of jeans to wear according to your body?


If you want to enter the straight pants world, you must know your body type. However, I would like to show you some other jeans that you can consider according to your body type. Which you should already begin to know if you do. This is why you should know the five basic cuts.


Skinny jeans


 This style is more fitted with a tapered leg opening. They are low to medium-rise with zippers, and they´re fitted on all sides.


Slim jeans


Fashion Trends and Style - How to wear men's straight jeans

These jeans are not too tight, not too loose. They´re medium-rise with a zipper and straight through the hips. This cut is tighter in the thigh area and with a narrower leg opening.


Regular jeans


 These jeans are straight-leg. They come in a medium rise, and the pant leg falls straight from the knee to the hem, with larger openings. And this pair of jeans is one of those with a straight fall, and they´re the ones we are talking about today!


Relaxed jeans


This pair of jeans are looser from the waist to the leg opening. They are similar to the regular ones, but they look more comfortable.


Jeans according to your body type


Loose jeans


Fashion Trends and Style - How to wear men's straight jeans

This fit is much wider and has great space between the thighs, legs, and buttocks.


Now, according to your body type, what we recommend in Fashion Trends is the following. Take notes!






If you are slim


Fashion Trends and Style - How to wear men's straight jeans

And this means being slim from top to bottom. With a body that is characterized by a flat chest, small shoulders, and very elongated muscles without volume.


You should wear straight-cut, low-rise jeans.  Because it favors your type of complexion and hides your legs that are not very well defined.


If you are athletic


This body type is characterized by having a slim waist with more muscular legs and buttocks. You should wear slim-fit, straight-leg jeans. Low-waisted styles are better for you than high-waisted styles. But, keep the jeans pockets small and wide for better definition.

If you are muscular


Fashion Trends and Style - How to wear men's straight jeans

These bodies are like The Rock´s, for example.


Above all, they´re big, muscular, and with legs with a lot of volume and definition


. This body type doesn’t look good with skinny jeans.


So, you should wear regular cuts with wide legs to help accentuate your toned body.


Try to make sure the pockets are large, close together, and deep for a better proportion.


How to combine jeans for men?


We have got to the heart of the matter. Straight-leg jeans are perfect for all body types and we’ll show you why. Read on to find out.


They make a perfect fit with your legs


Fashion Trends and Style - How to wear men's straight jeans

Straight legs in jeans are generally the same size from thigh to ankle. They´re two tubes of fabric that maintain uniformity with your leg. It gives you a classic look. And it doesn´t matter if your calf is thin or muscular, it will always make you stand out.


They respect height and waist


Don´t think that you will find a pair of jeans that fits perfectly all parts of the body. It´s very difficult. Now, straight jeans give a good structure and are not too much or missing anywhere.


They´re the perfect length, and they are stylized


Folding the jean is fabulous but doing it on the straights is phenomenal. Its normal length is good, and the hem falls on the shoe perfectly. In this sense, you can get a more urban style, with a long-sleeved shirt, a blend, and sneakers. You can also go for a more serious daily look, a long-sleeved button-down shirt, and braided shoes. So, any color, any shape.


At the end of the day, it doesn´t matter; the important thing is that you know that balance is important and at Fashion Trends we want you to take it into account.


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