6 timeless men’s garments that can’t be missing in your closet

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6 timeless men’s garments that can’t be missing in your closet. Men also need to have knowledge about fashion and that is why it is necessary to dedicate some time to explain that just as women need a basic closet, so do men. Because if there is something that characterizes them, it is that from the basics, they can create great combinations.


In this sense, in Fashion Trends we wanted to talk to you, dear man, so you have an idea of how to go from a normal look to an incredible one with an almost perfect closet. So, we come to tell you what you should not miss and so you get to create some Oscar-worthy looks. 


So, we will show you some timeless garments that you can’t miss having as a safe base for you to have a good style and to be one of the best dressed among your friends.


What are timeless garments?


The timeless classics of a man’s closet are: 


Leather briefcase


Fashion Trends and Style - men's garments - clothing

An elegant and very chic classic, a leather briefcase is what you need to go to work or college meetings if you want an interesting and very casual look. 


Brogue shoes


This type of shoe is ideal to stylize whatever you wear.


It is interesting to combine with jeans or khaki pants or simple fabric. You will attract attention.


Knitted sweater


Fashion Trends and Style - men's garments - clothing

Ideal to wear on cold days.


You can wear it over a long-sleeve button-down shirt.


It allows the collar to show a little in colors that make the perfect contrast.


However, if you want a more casual look, you can wear a basic t-shirt.



Basic white T-shirt


Fashion Trends and Style - men's garments - clothing

NECESSARY. In capital letters, yes, in capital letters. It is super necessary to get different outfits. It is a timeless classic that should never be missing. You should choose a comfortable cotton one, not too transparent so that sweat is not a problem.




Dark, straight boot. It is ideal for a day when you have to dress well and without worries. You can also opt for lighter jeans if you want a more casual and informal look. 




Whether leather, denim, coats, bomber jackets… whatever you prefer. Jackets are a garment that should not go unnoticed to put together different styles. It depends on you and what you like.


What can’t be missing in a man’s closet?


Fashion Trends and Style - men's garments - clothing

Yes, we know men are not high consumers in the fashion world, but it is also true that they rarely invest in clothes that are neither functional nor of poor quality. For this reason, we want to continue talking about the basic garments that everyone should have in their closet that will help to create great outfits.


Among the main basics in a man’s closet are Two suits, a white shirt, a blue shirt, a coat, a trench coat, cashmere sweater, black and brown shoes, belts, a sports blazer, chemise, dress pants, jeans, cotton shirts, boots, and tennis shoes.


Usually, it doesn’t matter in what color you decide to wear these garments. What really matters is that you consider having at least the basics in your closet in order to achieve interesting combinations that can help you achieve styles that adapt to different occasions.


Then, what should not be missing is style and good taste, since it is what will help you create those extraordinary outfits that will catch all eyes. You just need to have these garments at hand to achieve it. Trust us when we say that you don’t even need to think about it too much. 


How many shirts should a man have?


Fashion Trends and Style - men's garments - clothing

People’s closets always depend on the type of life they lead at a personal and work level, including the professional. We must take into account that times have changed and that not everyone should dress the same to follow a protocol or labels. 


Today’s man dresses differently and their function varies depending on the type of life they have. This is what makes the basic closet adapt to personalities and styles, which conditions it to the age, climate, and personality.


Starting from there, the shirts should be between five or six if they are dress shirts and vary between the collar, buttons, and buttonholes for cufflinks and long sleeves. Preferably choose plain and light-colored shirts, which are the ones that go best with any garment. 


You should never wear short shirts with a tie. Don’t forget this. It is a law of life. Also, keep in mind that you don’t only need dress shirts but basic shirts and we recommend you to stick to the basic colors: black, blue, gray and white so you can adapt them to any kind of style.


It’s no secret that you can now wear these round or v-neck t-shirts for formal events like weddings or gala parties. And with brown shoes, so you would no longer be crazy if you arrive looking like that to a place where you are required to wear semi-formal or formal attire. 


What things does a man wear?


Fashion Trends and Style - men's garments - clothing

In addition to everything we mentioned above, we would also like to mention that a man’s closet should include chino pants, a navy blue blazer, and some sweaters to complement it.


Genuinely, although it may seem complicated, it is not so complicated, because the basics will be basic until the end of time. The important thing is that from all these garments you learn to find special combinations, full of style and, above all, a lot of creativity.


Therefore, at Fashion Trends, we are very happy to bring you ideas and guides that will always serve as an inspiration for you to combine and make the perfect match with your style and personality because, in the end, that is what will always be noticed. Your personality. 


Of course, never forget to always keep a good haircut and beard, if you have one, to show off style and obviously always get attention wherever you go. In this sense, we invite you to tell us what are your closet essentials and what are the ones that can never be missing.