Take a look at 2021 men’s fashion for summer

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Take a look at 2021 men’s fashion for summer.

What to wear this summer season for men?

Men also dress in fashion and like to be in trend. Therefore, we want to show you what’s in store for them this 2021 summer. First, we must remember that times have changed and that this new normal opened a way for us to present new collections and consume them. Such is the case of different catwalks where they showed us colors and mixtures in London’s Fashion Week virtual show which opened the doors to what this 2021 would bring.


This season allows us comfort and freshness, filled with basic colors like white, beige, and gray, as well as earth tones and greenish-blue. Considering that the essentials in this summer are sunglasses, bathing suits, shorts, shirts, and comfortable shoes. This is what every modern man must take into account.


What are the men’s fashion trends for summer 2021?


Caps and hats, men’s fashion 


Men can also carry accessories everywhere, from scarves, sunglasses, so why not hats? They are a good accessory to protect you from the sun and will give you a very interesting air of originality and freshness.


Pastel shades


Fashion Trends and style - men's fashion - Pastel shades

We say goodbye to taboos! It is already a fact that garments that denote softness and vulnerability are highly permitted. They are no longer combinations only for girls’ and women’s collections. For this summer, brands are submerged between water green, pastel pink, sky blue, lilac, lemon yellow, and peach-orange, in their more pastel and subtle palettes.


In turn, as everybody knows, white is a very popular color, especially during this season. So, even if it’s pretty common, you can still rock it to create the perfect combination.


Like black, it can achieve a very sophisticated look for tailored or streetwear aesthetics. If you want proof of this, just take a look at brands like Fear of God, Bironi, and Saint Laurent.


Retro wave, men’s fashion 


Fashion Trends and style - men's fashion - Retro wave

The 60s and 90s are the new 20s, and brands such as Kolor, Lanvin, or Dior Men, have opted for predominant and exaggerated prints, making stripes an excellent idea of ​​combination, large and thin, no matter the size, but rather how you mix it in the outfit. Now, if what you like is the wave of the 70s, they come back to you with loose-fitting cross-waist suits and straight trousers. With them, you will look incredibly sophisticated!


However, if you are risky and want to venture into other areas of fashion, the trench coat is a perfect option for you. Now, you may be thinking, how is that risky? After all, it’s a look that has always been worn. However, what makes it different is how the new proposal comes in fully white or combined violets.


Today, the latest trend is mixed fabrics to make them lighter and more comfortable. If you like the colonial vibe, the Saharan is also at the latest in fashion. You can get them with four pockets, or cuts below the waist and a belt to adjust them to the waist to your liking (I recommend leaving it straight, for streetwear style).


The Bombers are back


Fashion Trends and style - men's fashion - bombers

From aviation to streetwear, this has been the journey of this incredibly cool jacket, which from generation to generation has brought back the looks and runways of Ambush, Celine, Y / Project and Boss. Even this year it has been seen even in some presidents and high government positions. And you may wonder, are Bombers for winter only? The answer is no. As you already know times have changed, and this new option will give you an alternative and inspiring look. Allow yourself to break the rules!


On the contrary, if you are new to this world and you find it hard to adapt or you have no idea what to buy but want to be up-to-date, we have the perfect option for you. Bowling shirts! This is an incredible proposal from brands like Études, Casablanca and Phipps, and Lanvin.


It’s time to say goodbye to those shirts stuck to the shoulders and skin. Shirts are now off the shoulder, sleeves to the elbow, and straight to the hips with quite bold prints. The ones your grandfather or dad wore on beach vacations. To match them, you can use classic running-style Sneakers or ankle boots.


Are Bermuda shorts back in fashion for 2021?


Fashion Trends and style - men's fashion - Midi bermuda

Yes! You can combine any of the past proposals with mid-knee shorts. In this case, we recommend using a pair of straight and wide-leg shorts.


With it, you will look as amazing as you want. This is all thanks to brands such as Lacoste, Amiri, Ami, Dion lee, and Gucci.


What’s great about this garment is that it isn’t too short. In fact, they go a little over the knee, which allows you to showcase a chic and relaxed look.


On these days when the sun doesn’t have mercy, this is the best option to go out.


The brown color, men’s fashion 


Fashion Trends and style - men's fashion - brown color

Staying up-to-date also means knowing what colors are in trend.


In this case, brown color in suits will give you an avant-garde style and will give a fresh contemporary European air to look sophisticated and provide style and security.


At Fashion Trends, we appreciate you being here and reading us.


For us, it is important that you too can be part of this family and community. We want both women and men to look good! We want to read your thoughts in our comments.


What garment is essential in your closet in summer?