Meet the color of the year 2023 and how to combine it

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Meet the color of the year 2023 and how to combine it. Pantone has spoken and, by the end of 2022, as every year, revealed what the color is for the year 2023. A vibrant, dominant, and very striking color, Viva Magenta. And, of course, as well as its predecessors, it will also be the protagonist this year, not only in fashion but also in design and decoration in general. Therefore, let’s start this year by discussing how to combine this color and wear it with glamor and style. 


What is Pantone?


Fashion Trends and Style - Meet the color of the year 2023 and how to combine it - Magenta

But before we start, let’s briefly review what Pantone is.


Pantone is a company and creator of the Pantone Matching System. It is responsible for identifying, comparing, and communicating colors for graphic arts, as its chromatic definition system is the most recognized and used.


Since the year 2000, Pantone experts chose the dominant color for the next 12 months based on studies of upcoming trends in art, technology, cinema, and fashion.


What is the color of the year 2023?


For the year 2023, the chosen color is Viva Magenta, represented under code 18-1750. And it is perceived as brave, reckless, and pulsating, calling for optimism and joy. It is also classified as a color of vigor, evolution, strength, nature, and renewal, supporting the post-pandemic era and the lifestyle changes we have experienced.


This color is something familiar to Pantone. Since 2019, it has been within its color range, but the current reality influenced its rise and staging for 2023.


What is the Pantone color selection process like?


To select the color, Pantone is dedicated to a large social study of the environment. In the case of Viva Magenta, what determined that it was the chosen color, was the large number of sightings of magenta that had arisen spontaneously everywhere in such varied fields. Such as fashion, cosmetics, concept car design, digital art, social media, and even hairdressing jobs.


Therefore, combined with the desire for a feeling of empowerment, courage, positivity, and the need to not be afraid of new beginnings, it was decided that this color was going to represent 2023, to give this year a vibrant strength and life.


How to combine the color Viva Magenta


We know it’s a very striking color. It definitely shines on its own, plus it’s made up of a mix of fuchsia, red and purple, making it elegant, bright, and rejuvenating at the same time. And if you still have doubt about how to wear it and combine it, keep reading so that you can put together your combinations safely and, above all, in style.


With solid colors


Fashion Trends and Style - Meet the color of the year 2023 and how to combine it - banner

Thanks to its tones and brightness, it is a color that goes very well with neutral colors and gets along well with the colors corresponding to its chromatic range. Such as pinks, pastels, lilacs, or fuchsias, and also with complementary blues. Likewise, the combinations with black and white will be very good.


In suits


One way to bring a touch of color to the office or for a more formal occasion is with a Viva Magenta blazer. This will undoubtedly make you stand out when combined with white, black, gray, or jeans and a simple top. 


You can also try a blazer dress for a sexier look without adding anything more than a good pair of stilettos and metallic accessories, either in gold or silver, to further highlight the outfit and shine like never before.


In sportswear


Fashion Trends and Style - Meet the color of the year 2023 and how to combine it - Magenta

Sportswear has evolved and its designs too. So, it is possible to find thousands of garments with very striking and beautiful cuts and styles to exercise in, and why not? Colors also make a difference since the typical clothing in sportswear came in neutral or discreet colors most of the time, nowadays though, the more vibrant and striking, the better. And what a great detail to wear a garment in the color of the year to stand out at the gym.


In bags


Sometimes all we need is a good accessory to finish giving the final touch to the look. Purses and bags are ideal to make a point within the outfit, so a bag of this color will attract the attention of others. It will look simply spectacular if you choose to wear it with the recommended colors to stand out, whether you take this stylish outfit to the office or an outing with friends.


In hats or accessories


Fashion Trends and Style - Meet the color of the year 2023 and how to combine it - Magenta

In some countries, winter and low temperatures continue, so wearing hats or extra protection for the head is common. So wearing these accessories in the color of the year can also complete your look, and even more so if you dress in neutral colors to thus have that striking detail that you need, and of course, also be fashionable at the same time. You can also try glasses to add a little bit more street-chic to the mix.


In shoes


We could not leave out the option of wearing the Viva Magenta on your feet. Because shoes are an element that also make a difference in the look. So, find your style in shoes and select that model in the color of the year, and wear it with glamor and security.


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