Match your favorite pair of Converse with your best looks

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Match your favorite pair of Converse with your best looks. No matter how many new types of footwear appear, Converse always remains relevant. Have you ever wondered what to wear with converse shoes? In the beginning, people used this brand of shoes to practice basketball. However, thanks to their comfort and aesthetics, they became the allies of any kind of looks and generations. That’s why, today, you can easily combine them with your favorite clothes.


Converse easily stands out from other types of footwear by its white tip. Its wool surface provides a lot of styles and they offer a wide range of colors to choose from. In general, the black, white, or gray converse will go well with any look.


Do you like Converse? Learn to combine them with your favorite looks



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When you use a pair of Converse, they manage to become the protagonists of your look.


In the same way, their versatility means that they can be combined with a simple outfit consisting of jeans, or even a more casual outfit where you wear a nice dress.


We have put together some excellent ideas that will help you to combine your converse with your favorite clothes.


These are some of the clothes that will look fabulous combined with your converse:


White pants


If you have white pants, you can let your creativity run free. After all, this garment will look amazing with any color of converse. However, if you must dress with a more casual look, you can choose a pair of converse in neutral colors such as white, black, or beige.


Jacket suit 


Believe it or not, your converse can be excellent companions to a suit jacket. Also, this type of outfit will need a white t-shirt to complement your look. As for the color of the converse for this occasion, it’s preferable to choose these shoes in neutral tones.




FashionTrends - outfit with converse and jeans

It’s impossible not to mention jeans when talking about trends.


This garment can be used for any occasion, and best of all, it goes well with everything, especially converse.


If you face a cold day, you can match your jeans and converse with a sweater to give you the warmth you’ll need.


In contrast, for summer days you can choose comfortable blouses with a flare.




You may have many dresses in your closet, and maybe matching them with your converse sounds crazy. However, this is easier and more normal than it sounds. No matter how sophisticated, you can easily wear your favorite dress with your favorite pair of sneakers in any color. Of course, you must do this within reason to achieve a good balance.




What is your favorite skirt? Regardless of the model, you can easily match your converse with them. In fact, converse will look great together with patterned, satin, or solid skirts. If you want to wear a skirt and be comfortable, there will be nothing better than wearing a pair of converses.


Striped shirt 


Striped shirts are adored by most women, as they allow you to create both a formal and more casual look. To create an outfit that makes you look great, grab your striped shirt and pair it with a close-fitting skirt. And of course, the final touch will be given by your favorite pair of converse shoes.


Checkered coat 


When people say that converse goes well with everything, they’re right. If you have a checkered coat, you can wear some jeans and black converse to achieve the balance of your look.


Match your converse with your favorite clothes



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You will always make the right choice when matching your converse with the clothes in your closet. From your jeans to your dresses, you can mix them with your sneaker to showcase a comfortable but stylish look.


As for the colors of your converse, black and white have been and still are the most iconic tones since their birth. In fact, you can mix this chromatic style with other outfits.


Animal print also goes well with converse, especially if they come in a dark color, such as navy blue. So, if you have a skirt with this wild design, don’t even think twice about wearing a pair of converses. Now, if you want to enhance it, even more, try using a dark jacket.


Followed by that, just as you like to wear all black, you can also do it in white and complement that look with your fabulous converse. For this, you can use white jeans and a white shirt to create a successful outfit.


…Your accessories can also go well with your pair of converses


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Now that you know how you can match your converse with any garment, it’s time we talk about accessories.


These have always been part of any outfit and together with your shoes, you will look amazing.


What accessories can you use? If you are wearing jeans, you can put a knotted scarf on your head in the same color as the converse.


You can also use a leather bag or with prints according to your look of the day.


Take advantage of your converse


FashionTrends-woman wearing ligh pink converse

No rule prevents you from wearing your converse with your favorite pieces of clothing.


All you have to do is understand that some of them will look better with light color sneakers. And others will do so with colorful ones.


From now on, you shouldn’t be shy about where to use your converse, since comfort and style must come first every time you create a look.