Best makeup products for this summer 2022

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Summer is just around the corner, and the heat is already scorching. The beach, pool, and sunny days also come with the vacation days. And, of course, there will be no shortage of outings.


And as you surely want to look fabulous at all times, and possibly you are worried that the intense weather can wreak havoc on your skin and makeup, today we are here to talk about what products are essential to look perfect and radiant these days of heat.


Makeup basics for this summer


Foundation with sunscreen


Fashion trends and Style - Best makeup products for this summer 2022 - Makeup

Sunscreen is necessary throughout the year and at all times. However, in summer, it is when it should be reinforced the most and never forgotten. During those days, we are more prone to sun exposure, so try to choose all makeup with SPF.


In the case of the foundation, in addition to sun protection, opt for one whose consistency is very light. Since, with the heat and the sun, a heavier foundation can become sticky to the touch. And ultimately give the skin an oily appearance.


Another excellent option is the bb cream or moisturizing creams with color. Although they do not give as much coverage as a foundation, they help you moisturize, protect your skin from UV rays and give it a slight color. This choice is much lighter and provides greater freedom to the skin.


Another detail. Remember that in summer, the skin tans; therefore, your tone will be darker than usual. So, when choosing a foundation or color cream for those days, remember the right tone not to make a marked difference.




Fashion trends and Style - Best makeup products for this summer 2022 - Makeup

Another makeup essential these days is concealer. Even well blended and applying powder to seal. You can now do without using the foundation, and you will have lighter makeup for the summer.


As with the base, check the tone well. And select an intermediate color that does not leave you like a raccoon with the areas under the eyes white and the rest of the face tanned.




The highlighter gives that final touch to the makeup to highlight specific areas. Such as cheeks, tear duct area, and eyebrow bone. And in summer, with tanned skin, it will simply look spectacular and radiant. Lean towards more bronze tones, pink or orange instead of white.




Fashion trends and Style - Best makeup products for this summer 2022 - Makeup

Despite being able to be tanned, blush is necessary. It will give color to your cheeks and help you enhance their skin color. Go for cream blushes that adhere better to the face and favor its texture.


Bronzing Powders


If you have difficulty getting color through tanning or don’t like exposing yourself to the sun, a good option is to resort to bronzing powders and give your face that brown glow during the summer. Apply it as a blush, or you can contour with it for greater impact and a very natural look.


Lip gloss


Fashion trends and Style - Best makeup products for this summer 2022 - Makeup

First of all, before we talk about glamour, let’s talk about lip care. The first thing you should have on hand is a moisturizing bar based on vitamin E or cocoa butter. This will protect your lips during the day, especially if exposed to the sun.


In the market, there are many options, even with color, if you do not want to have your lips natural.


On the other hand, to complement your makeup, lip glosses with luminous sparkles are excellent. If you prefer something more elaborate and with more color, matte lipsticks are ideal since they last much longer without running.




Fashion trends and Style - Best makeup products for this summer 2022 - Makeup

Enhance your look with an eye crayon. Or, if you want to give your eyes more drama, you can go for a cat-eye or smoky-eye for nights.


If you want to illuminate the look and you are not a fan of black or brown coffee, you can use a white or nude color pencil. Draw the line below, and hide tired looks in case you need it.


Just be sure to buy waterproof crayons to prevent smudging.


Waterproof Mascara


For the day, you can choose between the transparent options that keep your lashes upright without loading them with color. And for night outings, you can even opt for the options on the market that offer super eyelashes and color for more drama in your eyes.


Best products on the market for summer 2022


To finish, we bring you a selection of the best products on the market for you to take with you this summer and look perfect at all times:


Bella Aurora Tinted Face Cream SPF 50+


Fashion trends and Style - Best makeup products for this summer 2022 - Makeup

A perfect color cream for this summer is that of Bella Aurora. It acts on the face by attenuating spots and preventing new ones from appearing. Corrects the skin tone through a natural tan protecting the skin from UVA-type radiation, UVB, and infrared.


Its color coverage is medium and formulated for normal to dry skin.


NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Liquid Concealer


With a wide range of shades that adapt to your skin color, a vegan formula, matte finishes that do not leave marks, and, in addition to being very light, it provides good coverage for up to 24 hours. It is recommended for oily skin since It doesn’t clog pores and doesn’t leave a mark. There’s not much to say, just that you should have it among your favorites during these months.


Maybelline Super Stay Make Ink Lipstick


If your thing is intense and durable colors on the lips, this Maybelline option is perfect for this summer. The pool’s water and the beach’s scorching heat will run the color. Its liquid ink effect that is impregnated with a matte effect resists up to 16 hours, giving an intense color over time. And as a plus, it has more than 30 shades for choosing your favorite.


L’Oréal Signature Liner Matte Eyeliner


And since what we are looking for in summer is durability, this eyeliner gives you this and much more. With a matte and very long-lasting effect, it remains intact for 24 hours. This product offers you a deep look without the risk of running due to sweat or water. It is available in 7 shades. And its design is also easy to use because its handle has a grained part for better grip and precision in the strokes.


Rimmel London Eye Pencil


Another simpler option to achieve smoky effects, if it is more your style, is the Rimmel London brand pencil. It´s resistant to water, sweat, and humidity, comes in 10 shades, and its composition is soft and creamy.


Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara


As we mentioned at the beginning, well-defined lashes will make you look more profound and more striking. This is why this Maybelline product is the perfect choice to achieve that look on your eyes for much longer. Without lumps, well-separated lashes thanks to its fan brush and the best, waterproof.


May the summer and its weather does not prevent you from seeing yourself radiant and beautiful all the time and wherever you are.