How to make a floral print look sexy?

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How to make a floral print look sexy?. Even though several designers left the floral trend for dead, the truth is that it has been revived gradually throughout this year. Now, with the fall season just around the corner, a floral boom is coming.


Floral prints are a way to add a touch of femininity in a classic and timeless way. However, sometimes they can indeed make us look somewhat innocent, so it is a bit difficult to make them look sexy.


That is why at Fashion Trends, we have prepared a guide for you on making a floral print look sexy.


When did the fashion for floral prints emerge?


Fashion Trends and Style - How to make a floral print look sexy?

Although it may seem like something relatively new, the truth is that floral prints have been with us for many years, even centuries. In fact, the first finds of floral prints date back to 6000 BC, in the culture of the Mehrgarh civilization in Pakistan.


On the other hand, in ancient Egypt, court women wore floral prints, considered a symbol of wealth and status. In ancient Greece, in turn, floral prints were also quite popular. They were used on clothing and other surfaces, such as carpets.


During the Renaissance, these prints were associated with nature and beauty. At the same time, they were also associated with the upper classes.


When the romantic movement arrived, flowers were associated with it. Floral prints had a big boom. Back then, they were used to express emotions and feelings. It was used in the 20th century even in street clothes, not only among the highest social classes.


How do you choose floral print clothes?


Fashion Trends and Style - How to make a floral print look sexy?

The floral print is very easy to wear. However, you must know how to choose. Here we leave you some tips:


  • Choose floral prints that complement your figure and personal style.
  • Combine prints with neutral colors to add elegance to the look.
  • Don’t be afraid to try different floral prints and styles.


But now comes the real question… How to make a floral print look sexy? It may be the opposite, as these types of prints can emanate delicacy and innocence. However, it is not something you should worry about. Making it sexy is a matter of combination and attitude.


How to make a floral print look sensual?


As we mentioned before, floral prints are an easy way to add a touch of femininity to any outfit in a classic and timeless way. Although it is difficult to find a print of this type that looks sexy without looking cheesy or cute, we will help you here. We have some tips for you to achieve it.


Choose the right print


Fashion Trends and Style - How to make a floral print look sexy?

Although all are attractive, not all floral prints are right for all occasions. Some are ideal for formal or evening occasions but are not necessarily the sexiest.


If you want yours to look hot, consider choosing vibrant and eye-catching prints. Large, bold floral prints are perfect for making a statement. In contrast, the smaller ones are ideal for formal occasions where you don’t want it to be too much.


Contrast your floral print with neutral colors


It’s one of the best ways to give your floral print a pretty sexy twist. Neutral colors like grey, black, and white are ideal if you want them to look not only sexier but also more formal.


Don’t be afraid to show a little skin


One of the best ways to make a floral print look sensual is to show a little skin, something subtle. Less is more. With this, we do not mean that you give everything away. But perhaps a little neckline or leg can add that touch of sensuality to the outfit you are wearing.


Add accessories


Fashion Trends and Style - How to make a floral print look sexy?

If you feel like something is missing, the truth is that accessories can be the last touch you need to make your outfit look sexier.


Add necklaces, earrings, bracelets, anklets. The latter, especially, are pretty sensual. Look for the necklaces to be long and the earrings to be quite striking. In this way, you will attract everyone’s attention wherever you arrive.


Be sure of yourself


Attitude is the most essential thing in the outfit, and confidence is the key to making any look look sexy. Remember that the most crucial thing in all of this is that you feel comfortable with what you are wearing. This way, you will radiate sensuality with any outfit you wear.


Sexy outfit ideas with floral print


Fashion Trends and Style - How to make a floral print look sexy?

If you don’t have any ideas about the outfits you can wear, here are some:


    • Floral dress with plunging neckline and high heels. This combination is perfect for a night out. And without a doubt, you will look full of sensuality. We recommend choosing a tight dress that shows off your curves. Finally, high heels will add elegance and glamor to your outfit.
  • Floral skirt with a white blouse and a blazer. This combination is the best option for a formal event. The floral skirt will add a touch of femininity and delicacy to the outfit, while the blazer will keep it full of glamor and elegance. It will also make you look sexy.
  • Floral print set with sandals. A casual and sexy look for a hot day. Choose a comfortable outfit that, of course, makes you feel confident so that you have the best attitude with your outfit. Sandals are what will add that touch of glamor to the outfit.
  • Floral blazer with leggings and kitten heels. It is ideal if you want a formal look to go to the office while still looking subtly sexy. The blazer hugs your figure like no other garment and will enhance your curves. The legging will also make your legs look incredible. Finally, kitten heels will give that touch of elegance.


Which of these outfits do you like the most?


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