Magazines: Learn about their importance and influence in fashion

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Fashion magazines are periodical publications containing information, news, and articles on all kinds of interests and also on the fashion world. Through them, we can get valuable information and learn about cultures, places, among others.


They are a gateway to foster our imagination and culture. Also, we can learn about any subject that interests us with them, and, of course, that includes the fashion world. Thanks to fashion magazines, we can learn about the latest trends, launches, designers, and brands, among other related news. And for those of us who are lovers of this topic, it means a valuable tool to know much more about it.


But these types of magazines, as we know them today, had a very peculiar origin.


Origin and evolution

At the end of the 17th century, the women of the French court implemented the use of dolls called Pandora. As a method of disseminating fashion in France and foreign countries.


These dolls were on exhibition. And their importance was such that even in times of war, the passage of carriages was allowed to transport them.


This technique was in force for two centuries until the first fashion books began to pop out. In which suits and other fashion designs were reflected to show fashion creations as it was done through dolls.


First Fashion Magazines


This type of publication would be the precedent for fashion magazines. Which made their first appearances in Paris in the mid-eighteenth century. Consolidating some during the nineteenth century in France and the United States.


Later, in 1892, Vogue magazine was founded. Passing into the hands of Editorial Conde Nast Publications Inc in 1909 upon the death of its owner. This was the first magazine to conquer Europe, published for the first time in 1916 in Great Britain and 1924 in France.


The fashion magazine served as a guide to its readers and tailors on how to dress and behave. Doing the latter as a reference for making their customers’ garments.


At the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th, the spread of this type of publication increased. They expand the material discussed, finding in addition to topics about clothing,makeup, and beauty products in general.


Already late in the 20th century, the media began to take charge of publishing fashion magazines. They brought their more extensive dissemination of copies to other countries.


Thus, throughout this century (XX), other types of publications of this type emerged, such as Marie Claire and Elle. And as a result of World War II, the content they were publishing was more varied. You could find articles not precisely about beauty or fashion.


Importance and influence in fashion


Fashion Trends and Style - Magazines: Their importance and influence in fashion - Fashion

Fashion magazines are born from the need of a high social class to publicize the created models. And exchange them with parallel societies in the status of other countries.


For this reason, fashion magazines have been associated with the upper class on many occasions. At one time, it was the upper class who was interested in buying these copies. To be informed about the latest fashion trends and be inspired in the moment of dressing.


With the evolution of both the press and fashion and the boom reached by fashion magazines, the big brands saw a great opportunity. They could show their creations and, later, pay for advertising in them.


Magazines Right Now


Nowadays, magazines are an accessible article and available to everyone, so their extension is vast, as the public.


It is no longer an item exclusively for the upper class. Just as there is no longer just the classic physical magazine. Thanks to the digital age and technological advances, digital magazines are for those who prefer this format.


Based on the above, showing up in magazines remains an attractive option for fashion houses. Especially today when advertising and product marketing is skyrocketing.


Importance of Fashion Magazines


Showcasing collections of clothing, perfume, makeup, trends, and how to use each of these is a foolproof hook. One that has worked for a long time and is still influential today.


Therefore, fashion magazines considerably influence the consumer who acquires and reads them. They can buy their clothes or other accessories based on what they have seen in them (the magazines).


In the case of brands, magazines are still a perfect space to show themselves. Because they know what type of public consumes them and are followers of trends, so, why not?


It will always be the best option to expose yourself to a specialized medium in your sector. And magazines are ideal for this. Especially when there are alliances between the magazine and the brand. They include samples of perfumes or some gifts such as sarongs or scarves with the purchase.


More than one of us has found a perfume that we have loved because it came inserted on a magazine page.


The five best fashion magazines today




Fashion Trends and Style - Magazines: Their importance and influence in fashion - Fashion

We have already mentioned this magazine before. It was one of the first to be born in the United States.


And it currently has editions in many countries worldwide and on several continents.


It is one of the most important and continues to be a reference for brands when it comes to showing themselves.


Especially the new designers who want to gain some exposure.


Marie Claire


Fashion Trends and Style - Magazines: Their importance and influence in fashion - Fashion

When it was created in 1937, it was to satisfy a lower-middle-class public.


People knew it at that time as the Vogue of the poor.


However, today and thanks to the rise and elimination of barriers to social classes, it is one of the most recognized and accepted magazines in the world of fashion and readers.


It is published in 35 countries, and its content is quite extensive and valuable.




Fashion Trends and Style - Magazines: Their importance and influence in fashion - Fashion

Also called “The Feminine Bible,” it has a pretty historical origin since it was born in 1886.


It was more about familiar short content in its beginnings, changing its theme over time to be exclusively for women.


The Cosmopolitan has a daring or spicy style aimed at women who identify with this.


It has endured over time and is still on the rise today.




Fashion Trends and Style - Magazines: Their importance and influence in fashion - Fashion

Another magazine born in the cradle of fashion, France, is Elle.


It has extensive content ranging from fashion, beauty to lifestyle.


This magazine has 42 editions in existence and a reach of 35 countries.




Harper’s Bazaar


Fashion Trends and Style - Magazines: Their importance and influence in fashion - Fashion

Another iconic magazine, as it was one of the first to appear along with Vogue in 1867.


Its content is of high quality. And it not only talks about fashion but also brings together the work of photographers and designers. All to offer high-target material.


It is one of the best fashion magazines in the world.


As you can see, magazines are not just pages with photos. They are small doses of culture and valuable information for all those fashion lovers who want to keep up with the latest trends.


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