Meet the 25 biggest luxury purse brands out there

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Even though you can find a great variety of products in the fashion industry, some luxury purse brands never go out of style. These brands never stop creating new designs. So, they allow you to always find something that’s right for you. They’re always expanding their collections with newer and better ideas. Because of this, they make it easy for clients like you to find the perfect match.


Luxury handbags stand out because of their designs. But, they’re also great due to their quality. Besides, it means they’re also a good investment. So, when you get a luxury purse, you can rest assured that we’ll give you a product that’s both fashionable and durable.


There are 25 brands that you need to know if you love luxury purses


The next time you’re looking for a luxury purse, you’ll know about the brands you can trust:


  • Céline


This brand’s purpose has always been the same. It’s to make simple and fancy luxury handbags that you can use whenever you want. Also, everyone will notice your good taste and fashion sense if you buy Céline because they’re a well-known brand.


  • Louis Vuitton


This is the most prestigious luxury brand out there. It offers a great deal of variety for both men and women. This brand has its origins in France, in the 1800s. Since then, it has made a lot of exclusive briefcase designs. Now, it has a lot more to offer, including many luxury purse designs for all its clients.


  • Prada


When it comes to both men and women, Prada has an amazing variety of luxury handbags. Besides, this Italian brand is so versatile that you can also find shoes, clothing, perfumes, and a lot more. However, it has gained much of its fame thanks to its innovative purses made of the best materials out there.


  • Hermes


This is a French fashion house, and it offers many products, including luxury purses. Even if they’re not as well-known as the others on this list, they have a loyal customer base. They’ve been around for many years. People love their different collections. This brand’s luxury purses are definitely worth their price.


  • Chanel


Coco Chanel needs no introduction. They’re established as one of the most recognized designers in history. In fact, high fashion is often related to Chanel. Besides, their logo stands out easily, and they have a great number of purse designs. You’ll have no problem finding something you love from them. Also, the materials they use are top-notch. You’ll look fancy at any time of day.


  • Dior


They’ve been making their customers happy since 1946 with their clothing and luxury accessories catalogs. Besides, to meet the needs of every fashion lover out there, they’ve made many collections of luxury handbags. So, you’ll look sophisticated and ready for any event.


  • Michael Kors


This American brand has offered great, high-quality products right from the start. From clothing to other luxury accessories, you can find it all. Besides, if you like to go along with the latest fashion trends, then you know what it’s like. They’re just great. The best of all is, they don’t use animal skin in their collections. 


  • Balenciaga


Cristóbal Balenciaga is one of the biggest high fashion designers. This brand is right up there with Chanel and Dior. Also, they offer avant-garde collections that don’t go out of fashion. They use different types of furs for their collections that will probably match your style.


  • Burberry


This is a British brand. It has its origins in 1856. Since then, it has done a great job of presenting its fashion ideas through exclusive luxury purse designs. At Burberry, you can find anything from the simplest to the fanciest. Because of this, you’re sure to find something that’s just right to add to your look.


  • Gucci


Everyone knows Gucci. You can set it apart from the rest of the competition because of its high-quality and durability. Also, it’s one of the most cherished brands for fashion lovers. If you like to keep up to date with fashion, then Gucci has a lot to offer. Besides, they have a great deal of variety in their materials.


  • Coach


This New York brand is a great choice. You can find purses and handbags that adapt to your needs easily. If you like basic but elegant garments, then Coach is right for you. Besides, they tend to have a lot of pockets inside their purses for better organization. Also, it’s very common to see it in its home city.


  • Miu Miu


If you love purses and handbags made out of fur, then this brand is for you. Besides, people have always considered this brand to be high quality. The price depends on the size and model that you choose. 


  • Givenchy


Givenchy is known for being one of the best-selling purse brands ever. In fact, even kids have the opportunity to look amazing with this brand’s products. Their collections are often very classic in style. However, you can also find more modern products with colorful designs that will make you look trendy.


  • Valentino


This brand sets a standard for fashion. There’s nothing better than Valentino as a reference for what’s luxurious. People with fine taste love their Valentino products because they use many real materials like fur and leather. In fact, the products are hand-made. Because of this, they’re very resistant and durable.


  • Chloe


If you like practical products that are also versatile, then you’ll love luxury Chloe purses. This fashion house has released many collections. However, they maintain their good taste. They make comfortable designs. Also, you can find them in a range of prices.


  • Fendi


Now, Fendi stands out. This Roman brand makes all its products using only local animal skin. Every model is made in Italy. Then, they’re exported all around the world so that fashion lovers can choose their favorite designs.


  • Saint Laurent


Since the year 1922, Saint Laurent has managed to satisfy their customers. Besides, they offer collections that have unique complements for different looks. Purses are a part of their range of products. Also, they offer exclusive models that are a great choice when it comes to looking fancy.


  • Mansur Gavriel


This brand is special because of the way they make beautiful products in the fashion industry. Their work is elaborate. Because of this, they’re a perfect choice for people who love to stick to today’s standards of elegance. So, with this brand, you can find many designs with avant-garde colors. You’ll look like a fashion expert.


  • Alexander Wang


Alexander Wang is an American designer. Its main appeal is that it uses both timeless and contemporary designs. Because of this, its designs are amazing. One of this brand’s advantages is that you can find designs and colors that match both casual and formal looks. They’re great for any situation.


  • Bottega Veneta


This brand has been around in the fashion industry since 1966. Since then, they’ve offered a collection of classic luxury handbags. These come in all shapes and sizes. They go along great for casual or formal events. Besides, they always make you look elegant.


  • Tom Ford


Every season, this brand makes sure to go in tune with the latest trends. So, their customers are always up to date with fashion. Tom Ford’s luxury purses are colorful and attractive.  Because of this, they don’t go by unnoticed. Pricing depends on the size and design. However, you can rest assured that they’re a good investment.


  • Loewe


If you love glamour, then you know Loewe. This brand can make you look glamorous anywhere. Also, they have a great variety of luxury handbags to match every taste and style. So, when you set eyes on this brand’s products, you’re sure to love them. 


  • Strathberry


This is one of the newest brands around. They released their first collection in 2013.  However, that doesn’t take away from their quality. All of their purses are handmade in Spain. Also, they make sure to use high-quality leather for every single one of their products. That’s their standard.


  • Salvatore Ferragamo


First, this brand only made luxury shoes. Then, they decided to add other garments to their repertoire. So, they started making accessories and clothes, including some amazing handbags. Their designs use geometry. Also, they use different types of furs when making their products. 


  • Dolce & Gabbana


There’s no doubt that you’ve heard of them. This Italian brand’s fame comes from all their clothes and accessories. Usually, their luxury bags are very colorful and have appealing traits. They’re not as expensive as other brands, but they are just as stylish.


What’s your favorite luxury purse brand?


These 25 brands are the best choice when it comes to being elegant and versatile in your looks. They’re the perfect addition to your style. You’re sure to find many designs and colors that you’ll love. So, your wardrobe will definitely improve. Your purse says a lot about you. Because of this, choosing luxury products can only do good.


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