Loose tailoring is the new way to feel relaxed

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Since last season, the extravagant and baggy have been very fashionable. Today, lace, monochromatic colors, and flowers have been the protagonists of this season. However, summer 2021 will have a new approach. This summer, back wide pants, also called bell-bottoms, wide jackets with shoulder pads, and knitted vests are all the rage. It’s like all those parties that we missed in the pandemic brought back Disco!


On this occasion, what’s popular are metallic and sequins. No matter the time of day, these are ready to make us shine. On the other hand, great designers impressed us with their dresses with very open low bells and necklines on the runway. These designers took a more neutral approach when it comes to the style of their clothes. In this sense, they took inspiration from diversity and non-binary, who usually dress freely without fear of judgment. As a result, their collections are neither feminine nor masculine, maybe a little more in the middle. It stands out for being fluid, free, loose, comfortable, and sustainable: tailoring!


We all know how beneficial this is. After all, these clothes are perfect for all body types and styles. Besides, it also has the advantage of being sustainable par excellence. This is because designers and tailors create these pieces by hand and to the measure. There’s nothing better than having the best of the best in your closes and made just for you! This is exactly was the fashion industry was missing for some time now, and we are glad to see it back. There’s no doubt that genderless garments are a safe bet to feel free and without any conditioning.

We bet on reinvention, loose tailoring


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Even Louis Vuitton regards it as a symbol of freedom and togetherness. Latin brands such as the Mexican Alejandra de Coss, who in addition to being a tailor, makes handmade jewelry noted for highlighting femininity, subtlety, and balance. Besides, they effortlessly manage to highlight all types of figures.


She also makes her clothes made-to-order (or pre-order). As a result, this reduces the impact of production on the environment with stock footage and dead stock. All in all, we can say that Alejandra gives a second life to those she did not use.


For his part, the designer Charlie & H, in Santiago de Chile, implement his designs with sustainable, organic, and customizable materials. For him, each garment has a beauty in the process and like Alejandra, he seeks to create a positive impact on the environment.


In Argentina, the designer Nous Étudions stands out because she believes in durability and resistance when washing her designs. She does it because as an animal rights activist, she uses organic materials, made in Argentina and free of animal cruelty. Nous Étudions is characterized by the use of recycled and sustainable textiles.


On the other hand, the Uruguayan, Margo Baridon, impresses us by highlighting femininity and elegance. For this, he explores artisan pieces and manages to make limited pieces, but of high-quality, sustainable, fashionable, and conscious. His style is called slow fashion and enhances the figure and always keeps it fashionable.

Relax with the best loose clothes this summer, loose tailoring


Fashion Trends and style-Loose tailoring is the new way to feel relaxed- summer clothes

The world will always receive reinvention with open arms. In fact, at Fashion Trends, we are sure that you want to know more about these designers and their new sustainable trends over time.


We want you to feel relaxed and full of good vibes. Don’t be afraid to combine them! This new era of versatility allows us to get out of the box a bit and explore beyond our borders.


Do you already have your suit for this summer? Tell us in the comments what you think of this new and non-binary trend.