7 Looks to go to a very chic baptism

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A baptism is a religious and semi-formal occasion that takes place during the day, and if you were invited to one and don’t know what to wear, don’t worry! Today I bring you 7 looks to go to a very chic baptism. The important thing is that whatever you wear must make you look elegant without overdoing it.


When they say baptism to us, we tend to go crazy looking inside our closet for something not too timid but not too sensual. Not very low cut, but not that covered either. We end up very tangled and going to Google for inspiration to understand the dress code.


You may think that a pronounced neckline and a bareback aren’t the best choices, and you’re right! This way, we can start from what shouldn’t be used. I invite you to continue reading to learn how to dress for a baptism while being comfortable and very chic.


What clothes can be worn for a baptism?


Fashion Trends and Style - baptism - Outfits

A baptism is a significant event in the life of the little person who will receive the sacrament. For this reason, if we’re to be companions in such an important situation, we must be an example of elegance and common sense.


However, I know some haven’t had the opportunity to attend these events. So, if it’s your first time attending, I recommend running to get a pencil and paper! Because I’m going to help you.


Some garments that can be used for this event are a loose dress with low-heeled or closed-toe shoes. I recommend light shades and pastels to convey happiness and tranquility. However, if the event is inside a church, you should try to cover your shoulders with a shawl or a kimono.


How to look elegant at a baptism?


Fashion Trends and Style - baptism - Outfits

The first thing is to ask you, what do I want to convey?


You must understand that you must achieve a positive image according to your age, body type, and personality. All this while also conveying style and a lot of elegance.


Next, you’ll see some suggestions that may be useful to wear on this occasion.


With them, you’ll be pleased and comfortable with what you wear. Remember zero excesses and necklines.


A semi-formal attire.


What’s important is to achieve a sober and natural look. Only in this way will you find the harmony between elegance and your own personal style. In this case, you can wear a midi-length pastel dress with covered shoulders and chest. Then, choose a pair of low heels to achieve the perfect look.


Fresh and light fabrics.


In the case of dresses, the best choice will be one that allows you to move freely and easily. This way, if you need to help with the baby, you won’t have any issues. In this sense, the romantic style goes very well for this celebration.


The colors are always pastels. 


Baptisms are generally celebrated on the day, leading us to always look for a rather pastel color palette to wear, for example, beige, gray, pink, light blue, and lilac. If you want to wear a stronger color, show it off in accessories or shoes. Please note that black only looks good in choice during this occasion.


Take into account the length of dresses or skirts and necklines. 


As I mentioned earlier, a baptism is a religious occasion where the baby receives a sacrament. So, even if I know that some of us love to show extra skin, sometimes it isn’t the right time or place. Avoid plunging necklines, bare shoulders, and dresses or very short skirts.


How to dress for a baptism?


Drum roll, please! The most anticipated question of all arrived. How do you think you should be dressed? Taking into account the tips I mentioned above, I hope you have more or less developed an idea of ​​what you can use for that particular event.


Romantic style. 


Fashion Trends and Style - baptism - Outfits

The romantic style is one of the most adorable in the world. With it, we can communicate innocence, security, and a lot of comforts.


In this sense, nudes or pastels are our allies for this occasion without falling into excesses. Less is more.


It’s versatile, and you can wear it in a two-piece set such as a top and pants, in a total look.


Also, you can wear it in a kimono or a lace dress with covered shoulders (or a shawl, failing that)


Use a lot of glitter.


Fashion Trends and Style - baptism - Outfits

Although this event is during the day, we can shine without fear with sequins, crystals, or rhinestones full of glitter.


The only thing to keep in mind regarding this look is that if you’re short, like me, apply those highlights to the bottom or top, never in a complete look.


You will look amazing in metallic tones, with a loose-sleeved dress or a two-piece set with a sparkly skirt, combine it with an elegant blouse and low heels.


A suit is your best ally. 


Fashion Trends and Style - baptism - Outfits

For autumn, a suit can be a very safe option thanks to its elegance and comfort.


It doesn’t necessarily have to be a classic suit, you can combine textures, colors, and patterns to shine.


I invite you to combine a monochrome suit with a basic white T-shirt and flat shoes like loafers.


You will be beautiful!


A two-piece look. 


Fashion Trends and Style - baptism - Outfits

What I love most about this two-piece look is that it allows you to exploit your creativity. This way, you can create an outfit that screams you.


For example, you can choose either a pleated skirt or regular-cut pants, a T-shirt and a blazer. The result?


A personal style that will make you stand out from the crowd.


If you choose a monochromatic or one-color look and play with the color palettes, always remember to stay within the appropriate palette for the event.


Don’t forget the flowers. 


Fashion Trends and Style - baptism - Outfits

No one can go wrong with a floral print midi dress. It’s a perfect option for a baptism.


In short, flowers get us out of trouble on almost every occasion, especially religious occasions requiring a semi-formal dress.


Combine it with low heels or ballerinas. It depends on you and what best suits you and your style.


The important thing is that flowers can not only go on a dress but a blouse, pants or jacket … Accessories? Obviously!.


Lingerie dress.


Sophisticated, minimalist, and simple for this special occasion. In addition to being simple and spectacular. Combine it with heels, low shoes, flats, mules, or loafers. Remember that you must cover your shoulders and neckline when it comes to being in church.


A one-piece. 


One of my favorite options to take anywhere. The jumpsuit is an alternative that avoids the thought of not knowing what to wear and is also full of comfort. They’re considered semi-formal attire. What could be more perfect?


Wear it short, mid-ankle, or long, and combine it with sneakers for a more relaxed look or stilettos for a more elegant outfit. Everything will depend on you and what you like the most.


How to dress for a baptism in 2021?


Fashion Trends and Style - baptism - Outfits

A baptism, as I mentioned earlier, is an event that maintains a fine line between elegance, sophistication, and informality.


That is to say, we must move away from what can make us cross that fine line and disregard the occasion.


The complements must be meaningful, trying not to fall overloaded.


At Fashion Trends, we say yes to these looks to go chic to a christening, and we hope this article will be helpful to you.