Create the best looks to go out at night with your friends

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Many times, we find ourselves in front of the closet with the typical question, what should I wear? I’m sure it’s not the first time, nor will it be the only time, especially when it’s time to go out with friends because we all want to look spectacular.


Now, we can have a wardrobe full of garments that suit every occasion and simply not find the one that best suits you because you cannot find that combination that helps you look casual, elegant, and neat, but also simple and comfortable. Yes, all at once!


In this sense, I want you to focus on enjoyment and in Fashion Trends we propose some ideas of fashionista outfits so that you find that middle ground that is not too arranged, but not elegant either. Ready to start? Find a pencil and paper!


How to dress for a night out?


Fashion Trends and Style - Create the best looks to go out at night with your friends - Outfits

Going out for drinks on the weekend is something that we already want to be able to do with all the freedom in the world, especially after the pandemic. And because I know that when you can do it, I want you to feel like the queen of the night. Do you want to go dancing after work? Do you have something planned for days? Write down these looks to dance!


Alternative look.


Think of the shine. You can get a set of matching pants with a shiny silver blazer; you can use black or neon stilettos to attract attention. You will attract the glances! My recommendation is that you use simple accessories and a small bag.


A long jumpsuit is an interesting option.


It is a perfect idea to look sexy and very fashionable. You can opt for a total look in the color of your choice and play with caps, scarves, and high stilettos.


Total Black.


You can wear a total black look in a dress, long jumpsuit, skirt, shorts and black blouse, heels, and silver or nude accessories. Anything you wear as an accessory or footwear that stands out will always impress.


Informal look.


Think casual, but also fashion. You can opt for high-heeled ankle boots, wide light jeans, and a black bodysuit with a Bardot neckline. This way, you will shine because of how sexy you will look! You can also wear mom jeans, a funny top, and colored accessories.


In denim.


You can opt for a short denim dress and combine it with bold and colorful accessories. I invite you to play with shoes in bold colors so that you capture all eyes wherever you go.


How to dress to go out with your friends?


Fashion Trends and Style - Create the best looks to go out at night with your friends - Outfits

Going out with friends is synonymous with being comfortable and simple. Nothing is too complicated when it comes to dressing, because we do not want to complicate ourselves if we have to move from one place to another. So, shake off the stress! I bring you some interesting outfits.


Casual look.


Your favorite skinny jeans, combine it with simple garments such as a cross-body bag, high ankle boots, and an oversize sweater. Simple, but incredible. You will attract glances!


Look black and white.


The black pants that you love are a bit wide to match a blouse showing off the shoulders and black or white ankle boots, those of your preference. You can add a scarf to your neck to look very striking.


Look comfy.


Go for a draped black midi skirt to match a long-sleeved crop top and mule-type sandals. You will be perfect: comfortable and simple. Above all elegant.


How to dress to go out dancing?


Fashion Trends and Style - Create the best looks to go out at night with your friends - Outfits

Going to a party, going out for cocktails, a dinner with friends or just going out to dance is the best of the best. It is a good idea to get out of the routine, it helps you disconnect and frees you from worries, at least momentarily.


In this sense, it is the perfect occasion to see yourself divine and you must look incredible. What other looks can you wear to go dancing? I bring you more ideas!


Total lilac look.


It is an excellent idea to get out of black or white. It also helps you think outside the box, which will help you succeed. You can opt for matching pants with a wool sweater and silver accessories. Play with accessories to always impress.


Mini dress and high boots. 


No matter what season you are in, the mini dress will always be a hit for all those outings with friends. If you wear it with boots above the knees, I guarantee that you will attract everyone’s eyes wherever you go. Ah, you can add a blazer if you want a unique look!


The print will always be a must-have. 


This is a reality from here to Rome. Printed shirts are always in trend and look great with black, white, blue, camel pants, or just your favorite jeans. Complement your outfit with high boots.


Dare with a cleavage.


I invite you to lose your fear of necklines, to the front, to the sides, or the back, it will always complement you very well on those nights out with your friends. You will attract attention naturally; you will waste sensuality and a lot of sex appeal.


Leather pants.


What do you think of the leather pants? It is an interesting option for night outings, especially if you wear it in black because you can take risks with combinations of pastel, basic, or neon colors … perhaps a multicolored jacket to look cooler.


Colors and more colors. 


I insist, do not be afraid to see yourself differently. Create contrasts, dare, have fun and combine with colors that are unexpected for your friends. Wear red with pink, electric blue. Everything is permitted!


Don’t discount the suit.


If you have a quiet dinner, you can opt for a suit to go out with your friends. You can choose a different color than the one you normally use for the office or with patterns and colors. Be yourself!


Colored pants.


They do not necessarily have to be jeans, you can choose culottes, baggy and white leg type … whatever you want in the color you prefer and combine it with neutral tones. Add eye-catching accessories to stand out.


What do you think of these combinations? Going out with friends should always be a special event where each one feels comfortable to be and dress as she sees fit, the important thing is that what you decide to wear makes you feel unique and special.