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White pants are par excellence a fairly recurring garment. Elegant and classic, timeless and versatile. They have all the qualities to achieve a look full of light and style. It will offer you many alternatives when combining them for day or night outfits.


They are also perfect for an informal, but also formal occasion. Besides, according to the psychology of color, it symbolizes purity, life, and confidence. And guess what? You can already wear it in summer or winter. However, you must take into account that you must combine it with the colors that favor your skin type.


It’s for this reason that in Fashion Trends we bring you some incredible recommendations so that you can wear them in a very chic style. This way, from now you won’t hesitate to integrate them into your outfit. There are many combination options to look very trendy. Ready?


What goes well with white pants?


Always taking into account what favors you, it is important to emphasize that if your skin tone is warm, you can choose red, beige, mustard, or green. While if your skin is cold, choose brighter colors such as black, blue, gray, purple, fuchsia.


White pants allow you to adapt them to any time of the day, and some options will allow you to create very creative and original looks. Take a pencil and paper!


Total look


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Wearing a total white look is risky, but it is also a very trendy success. Remember that depending on the shirt you choose to combine, you will get an informal or formal style.


In this sense, to get an informal outfit, opt for white jean-type pants, combine it with a shirt of the same color, white shoes, and break the pattern with a shoulder bag in another striking pastel color.


Now, if you want a more formal look, choose white culotte dress pants, a silk blouse of the same color, and salmon-colored stilettos.


Black and white.


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With this style, you will look more rocker and also very stylized. You can choose this outfit to go out with your friends day or night. You will look very good!


For example: choose your ankle-length white pants, a black T-shirt, and add a leather jacket. If it’s a day out, opt for white Converse.


If you’re going out for a night out, swap your flat shoes for low-cut boots or mules in black or patterned. Complement your look with an XL bag and if you want to get more color, you can use a colorful scarf or accessories in gold or silver.


With denim.


An option to look classic, elegant, and very chic. You will never fail to wear this combination! Pair your white pants with a denim shirt in a light or dark tone. So, you can complement this outfit with nude or brown colors.


Choose a leather belt and a bag, complemented with stilettos or boots also nude or brown. You will look amazing to go out wherever you want!


White and grey.


A gray sweater is an incredible option to combine with white, especially for winter times. It will make you look feminine, sophisticated, and elegant. Besides, you can add some camel sandals to look very chic. On the other hand, you can choose a total white look and add a gray blazer or jacket, black mule sandals, and a shoulder bag of the same color.


What shoes can you wear with white pants?


Fashion Trends and Style - - BannerFashion Trends and Style - - clothing

Without a doubt, white pants are a “must-have” in our wardrobes, because they allow you to achieve very elegant looks at any time of the year.


So, we must find the perfect shoes to wear this spectacular garment.


The first thing to keep in mind is that you have to consider the season.


That’s why we bring you the most functional footwear to always hit the white pants.


Black stilettos and nudes.


They will give you a very elegant, feminine, and sophisticated look. Perfect for going to work. They will add style to you.


Beige boots.


Boots are an excellent choice for cold days. The beige color will help you achieve a very monochromatic look.


Platform sandals.


Perfect for wide-boot or culotte pants. The platform gives you a perfect combination to go out with your friends.




They give you comfort and elegance. They are an incredible option to take with you wherever you go. The best!


What can you wear with white jeans?


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In addition to what I mentioned above, there are other combinations that you can use with white jeans or pants.


They will help you achieve a very chic and special style at any time.


These are white pants with a white halter top and a camel over a shirt.


You can accessorize with nude ankle boots and matching accessories to create a creative and fun look.


Sailor t-shirts.


They will give you a fresh and youthful look. You can combine a shoulder bag of the same color as the stripes to contrast.


Knitted blouses. 


Of my favorites! It’s perfect to use with sandals or heels to go out at night. You can complement it with an XL bag to feel like the queen of the night or the day.


Crop top.


If your white pants are high-waisted, you can combine them with a crop top with sleeves and a “V-neck”. You will feel like a winner.


With neon colors.


Yes of course! White pants are an incredible option to combine with neon colors such as green, yellow, fuchsia, or blue … You will look youthful, attractive and also, you will attract everyone’s attention!


What to do so that your white pants are not transparent?


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You probably don’t dare to buy white pants in fear of them showing through to the world what you are ashamed of. If this is your case, we bring with Fashion Trends these tips for you.


Nothing too loose or too tight.


The important thing is to find the cut that best suits your figure type. For example, a boyfriend cut is a good option to not lose your figure.


Pay attention to the fabric.


Choose the thickest fabric, as it will be less likely to see through. Whereas if you choose cotton, linen, or polyester pants, try to keep your underwear neutral, not white.


What underwear do you wear with white pants?


Fashion Trends and Style - - BannerFashion Trends and Style - - clothing

It’s advisable to always wear skin-colored clothing, as it blends in with your skin and will not show through your pants.


Don’t wear dark colors or bright colors or thongs. I recommend you choose plain clothes without details.


Do you already know the tricks? What do you think of white pants?


How do you combine them? At Fashion Trends, we’re happy with this garment and know that we can bring you different combination options so that when you wear yours, you feel spectacular.