Trend Alert! Loafers with socks

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Trend Alert! Loafers with socks. Risky and quite daring, in my opinion. However, this trend returns to the streets to show us that fashion is incredible and that everything, absolutely everything is possible in this industry. So by this point, nothing should surprise us too much.


Many celebrities and Instagrammers invite us to lose our fear of this trend because it’s what you will want to wear in the fall and winter seasons. In this sense, go running to buy white socks to wear with loafers. Yes, like when you went to school.


If a year ago they had told you that this would be a trend, you would probably have wrinkled your face and asked something like, are you okay? You may have even read this title, and grabbed your head full of worry of going back to that schoolgirl time.


Whatever your case, I invite you not to worry! It’s a trend full of style, and today I come to talk to you about it. Besides, here in Fashion Trends, we’ll show you how to wear it to impress.


How to combine loafers with socks?


Fashion Trends and Style - Loafers with oscks - shoes

Very preppy. Loafers with socks will help you be part of this trend and feel like Spencer from Pretty Little Liars. This combination occupies the number one position in modernity and firms such as Gucci, Chanel, Prada or Giambattista Valli have considered it the star piece of their collections.


This new style looks great with different things like skinny jeans, slouchy or culottes. You can also find a modern style with skirts, dresses, shorts or suits. Its versatility is the most loved by influencers and they have it as an essential in their looks.


Now, you can wear loafers without stockings for spring and in winter you can wear them with black, colored or white stockings. At Fashion Trends, we offer some ideas.


Black pants. 


They’re beautiful with moccasins of the same color. You can combine it with white socks to play the role of contrasting black. Although, you can dare to opt for a color to match what you wear on top.


Blue jeans or white pants.


This way of wearing them is the most common and casual. You can use a sock of the same color as the shoe to avoid way too many colors between the jean and the moccasin. Meanwhile, with white pants, you can wear white socks to star in your look.


Mini and midi skirt.


You can wear skirts in autumn and winter. And with this look of loafers and socks, it’s perfect. It gives you a very collegiate look and if you don’t want to get there you can choose leather or tweed fabrics. As for the midi, wear a skirt without too much volume and thin stockings.


Long or mini dress. 


It’s very easy to combine, and a long dress is a fun bet that you won’t want to miss. You can choose a dress that shows the socks at ankle length or a side slit. It will add sensuality and contrast to loafers with stockings. Now, if your dress is mini, you can opt for moccasins and socks of the same color and opt for a total look.


Leather shorts and an overshirt.


I love this outfit. You can choose the checkered overshirt and leather shorts, matching black loafers with the socks. You will be spectacular.


Matching stockings with a bag.


There’s no doubt that this combination rocks. The sock doesn’t necessarily have to be black or white, you can also play with the colors that you want to highlight and combine it with accessories. Try it yourself!


What kind of socks can you wear with loafers?


Fashion Trends and Style - Loafers with oscks - shoes

You can wear any type of socks depending on where you are going and the season of the year. However, you must take into account your style and personality. Fine and woolen stockings look good with them.


If you’re looking for a sporty look, you can also choose stockings of that type and wear them over leggings. It all depends on you and how risky and daring you are when it comes to wearing this new trend.


Why loafers?


Fashion Trends and Style - Loafers with oscks - shoes

They’re popular and characterized by their material, they’re comfortable and practical, timeless, and work for any look you wear for the day. We can find interesting diversity and find them in velvet, mule type, with buckles, metallic details, tassels, or shoelaces.


This footwear has arrived in our closet to stay. Day by day there are more alternatives to use them. They help your outfit by giving it elegance. Do you already have yours?


The current trend, as I told you, is to wear them with stockings and make them stand out. No matter the color, what really matters is that both stand out in what we wear.


How to wear loafers?


Fashion Trends and Style - Loafers with oscks - shoes

Loafers are a type of footwear characterized by looking good with almost everything, we could also include formal suits. They’re classic, timeless, and the trend of the moment. They are comfortable, flat and very modern. We can take them to the city and they’re a perfect option to take them whenever you can.


There are many types of loafers that you can use depending on the occasion and at Fashion Trends, we chose the ones that best fit with stockings just for you.


Jewel moccasin.


They go well with everything and incredibly transform your outfit. These loafers come with striking stones and buckles, very feminine. You can wear them with a gray plaid jumpsuit folded to the ankles and thin white stockings.


Classic moccasin.


The classics are your best allies for any work event. They look great with skinny jeans or actually any type of ankle jeans for styling. Opt for fur or velvet socks, your favorite!


Metallic moccasin.


You will be very in trend by wearing these loafers. The metallic style is worn with a small heel and they are the most striking. They cannot go unnoticed. You can wear them with straight pants and thin white or black socks, it depends on what you’re wearing.


Men’s moccasin. 


Oxford or Blucher type, these loafers are considered a success for any look we wear. With buckle, laces, high, low. You can wear it with straight black pants to match with stockings of the same color. What do you think about this?


At Fashion Trends we say yes to this trend and although it’s somewhat risky for many, we want to invite you to enjoy it if it makes you feel comfortable. What is your favorite style? Would you wear them very preppy?