Are leggings still in trend in 2021?

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Do you remember being out there in the 2000s and walking down the street in your best colorful leggings? I remember it and it makes me nostalgic! The good news is that it only took a little over ten years for this trend to be on the agenda again. 2021 is the perfect year to dust them off and use them again. Due to the quarantine, baggy jeans and pants became a trend because it favors comfort and it’s the reason why leggings are a reliable option.


Nowadays, comfort is what we should all look for. It’s from the photos that paparazzi take of celebrities, that we realize that wearing leggings to the gym or walking outdoors doesn’t matter. Another way to take this style beyond physical routines is by looking at big brands, such as UGG. After all, they have brought out this colorful garment with sneakers, flip-flops, and low heels. Similarly, if you like skirts over leggings, try it! You will be very in trend.


Are leggings back in style in 2021?


We were inspired by what the great celebrities or influencers in the world wear, and against all odds, there was a great growth in popularity in tracksuits, elastic pants to be at home, and baggy jeans. This created what would be in trend, and led us in a new direction. The paradigm is leggings, and now we have many ways to use them with creativity and elegance.


Can I use leggings as pants?


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It’s because of what we always hear from our relatives or grandmothers that we wonder if we can use leggings as pants. This is because several years ago, it was frowned upon.


However, over the years and generations, the answer is an absolute yes! You can, and in more ways than one, they will give your look versatility when combining them. In addition, they adapt to all body types.


We have taken the liberty of gathering some looks and types of leggings worn by different influencers and celebrities so that they can serve as inspiration to create unique outfits for you.


Monochrome look in a flared style


Monochromatic is also in fashion. So black flare leggings (tight pants, slightly flared at the bottom), with a blouse, blazer, and booties, are an incredible option. You may not even clash with accessories. This option will give you security, comfort, and a style able to steal glances. On the other hand, you can combine them in any other color you want.


Ribbed leggings with a splash of color


Fashion Trends and style - leggings - Ribbid leggins

These leggings are knitted, and tight, but they give you a lot of comfort. You find them made of wool or cotton and they have a strap that goes under the instep of the foot.


They are beautiful! And you can wear it with matching knitwear.


You also have the freedom to waste your creativity depending on your leggings’ color.


If you have this model in gray, opt for a combination in the same gray color palette and bring out more color with a bag in an earth tone. This way, you will steal the eyes of everyone.


Leather effects leggings


Fashion Trends and style - leggings - leather efect leggins

This type of legging is straight with a waxed finish; you can find it matte too. To combine it, you can use wide sweaters.


Another way to combine them is with sweatshirts or blazers


. Black is always a safe option for me, and the great thing about this legging style is that you can pair it with strong colors and textures like a faux fur coat, a vibrant purple blouse, and white sneakers.


By doing this, you will exude confidence so much that you will not be able to avoid attracting attention!


With openings


Fashion Trends and style - leggings - with openings

Another fashionable legging is the fitted one with a skinny silhouette with an opening at the bottom.


Sometimes you can find it with a closure to regulate to your liking.


It’s worn open with high-heeled shoes or ankle boots.


You can also show the stockings for more impact.


Similar to the previous form, you can use it in monochrome looks with a long jacket and heels.


Prints will always be in fashion


Fashion Trends and style - leggings - Prints

In animal print, different colors or types of interesting fabric will make you look quite incredible as long as you combine them correctly.


For this, you must follow the rules of less is more and don’t overload the set.


Actually, you can wear them with sneakers or boots.


Remember that if your leggings are animal print, the top part has to be monochrome.


Can I wear leggings to a party?


The answer is still yes. Leggings also work with fancy clothes! And to me, who cannot come to a party and stop moving my feet, they’re perfect for a night full of dancing. I have seen them in many places. And if you aren’t feeling confident yet, several designers offer black leggings for night activities by using elegant techniques… The secret always goes in how we combine it and with what.


Now, creating party outfits is pretty simple, the only ingredient is style. You can even learn certain tricks that favor and will also give you a lot of security when it comes to moving your skeleton. What’s more, even a dress with buttons on them. To give it a more interesting touch, you can leave some buttons open. Add heels or whatever shoes you want, everything is allowed.


Black leather-look leggings – quite comfortable, by the way! At first glance they seem simple and not at all glamorous, however, you can make it sparkly with a garment with sequins on them.


Are dresses worn with leggings still in style?


Fashion Trends and style - leggings - with dresses

Again, the answer is yes! Dresses, skirts, and shorts with leggings are allowed this season. After all, it’s an option that will hardly go out of style.


It will provide full coverage and will stylize your outfit.


All you have to do is finish off with the shoes that you like the most, and voilà!


At Fashion trends, we want to walk with you on this fashion journey, and it’s because of this that we want to know your opinion about this garment.


Do you have leggings in your closet? What color are they? How do you combine them? Follow us on our social media and tell us how you would go to a party wearing this garment.