Learn to wear midi skirts with style

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Learn to wear midi skirts with style. Wearing the midi skirt and looking bigger, more stylish, and very elegant is possible, of course, it is. This garment has become a staple in the wardrobe. Versatile and perfect for different types of occasions, be they day or night. So, if you are thinking of a casual date or any event, no matter how old you are, you just have to match it appropriately.


The interesting thing about midi skirts is that it creates visual effects. And one of them is that it makes you look taller, so if you´re petite start jumping on one foot. Because today I bring for you, along with Fashion Trends, some tricks that will help you to achieve that. And get an awesome street style. 


In this sense, if you want a few extra inches with this midi skirt, don’t worry, it’s easy and possible. I suggest you take note of what you need to know to make it.


What are midi skirts?


Fashion Trends and Style - Learn to wear midi skirts with style - Skirts

Midi skirts are a kind of skirt with a specific length, transitioning from a mini skirt to a long skirt. The hem is past the knee and may reach the ankle as its longest length, you should never exceed it. We generally find them in a length that reaches mid-calf.


We can find this skirt all seasons because its length allows it to be worn even in the coldest weather. Likewise, they can be seen in different types of textures and patterns. 


Like pleated, with buttons, knitted, satin, fleece, floral, or squared. Which makes your style more varied.


Also, it goes perfectly with all types of shoes. From sneakers and flats to high boots, ankle boots, cowgirl boots, or stilettos. This opens a way for it to be worn with any style and any occasion. Here are some ways to wear it fashionably.


How to wear a midi skirt?


Fashion Trends and Style - Learn to wear midi skirts with style - Skirts

This piece is very flattering because at first glance it is controversial due to its length, meaning, it´s very striking. But it can also be very visually friendly when you start wearing it with the best of styles. It´s responsible for raising a new silhouette. Take a look at the next tips:


The secret: Color


Especially in nude tones, as they have an instant lengthening effect. Black, too, can become the most flattering color, so the total look is a success every time you use it.


Pay attention to the fitting


If it´s high-waisted, it will always look good and will favor all body types, because it accentuates the waist. However, you can try side or bottom vents for a magical touch.


Don´t forget the accessories


Enough of thinking that they are not important, they are, and much more than you can imagine. For this reason, I recommend that you use mini accessories so that your skirt doesn´t lose protagonism.


Choose a good shoe


The trick is that it ends on point because you will make your legs seem infinite. If you combine it with a midi skirt, it´ll be a high success that you´ll not be able to miss.


The shirts, always inside


Fashion Trends and Style - Learn to wear midi skirts with style - Skirts

We must begin to dress with awareness. And one of the keys to an excellent combination of this stylish midi skirt is with a basic shirt or t-shirt inside. It depends on the formality you want to give to your look. Because it will enhance the lower part of your body and you will make your legs look even longer.


Wear a thick belt


It´s time for you to consider it the friend who never fails when wanting to frame your waist. And do it with a lot of style and elegance. No matter the look. Also, you can bet on a fanny pack and complement it exquisitely.


Try the plaited waist


It is perfect for these dates where the cold already takes its toll on us. And these coats are already more than necessary in our outfit. So, if you are wearing a jacket and the waist area is not visible, you can choose to wear a plaited coat or one that has a belt effect.


What length of the skirt is better for short people?


Fashion Trends and Style - Learn to wear midi skirts with style - Skirts

This type of skirt is perfect for short women. Because just with good shoes and well-combined accessories, it will create a visual effect that lengthens your legs. And will give you a few inches of visual height that can be flattering.


That´s why, if you´re less than 5´3 feet tall, go for midi skirts. Besides making you look taller, you will get several styles with a single garment. From informal to more elegant worthy to wear to the office or an important meeting.


Now, balance is the key to an outfit worthy of a magazine. So, if the skirt is volumetric, you can use a crop top or a blouse on the inside. That will help to highlight the silhouette and lengthen it. While, if you want something with prints, you can match it with plain and neutral garments. It all depends on the area you want to hide.


This type of piece has made its length so versatile that it´s not necessary to have different types of midi skirts to make different looks. Only one is enough to represent the style. For this reason, when you decide to buy this skirt or any garment, you will adapt it to everything. So, you should pay attention to the color, material, texture, and patterns.


Finally, then consider some scenarios of how to combine this garment and what are those accessories that could go well. And only then will you get the style that you like best. And why not? You can wear it with a basic white shirt with tennis shoes for the day. And with a blouse and high boots or ankle boots for the night. Easy as cake.


At Fashion Trends we are a bit in love with this skirt. Also, a bit impressed by the impeccable versatility that it manages to convey with the style that best suits you. Because remember, you should always wear clothes that make you feel best. 


Do you already have your midi skirt? How do you combine it?