Learn to combine the color pink this 2022

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Many of us can consider the color pink as a celebrity. One that we´re going to go see because we love it with all our hearts. Yes, just like your old auntie could be a super fan of Air Supply. Just like that. As we can feel inspired by a celebrity or singer who drives us crazy, the same can happen to us with fashionable singers, colors. If they´re a part of your style, we start loving them.


So, if you´re a fan of this color, you have come to the ideal place. Because today at Fashion Trends we teach you how to wear it with style. This is because, in addition to being beautiful, it will become one of the protagonists of 2022, becoming a trend. That´s why I invite you to be part of this trend that already comes with all its shades to cause a sensation.


Also, we invite you to stay tuned. Because we already have some combinations that will be the most popular. In this sense, I suggest you go look for that paper and pencil where you write down all our ideas. Today, we come with the best inspirations that take making mistakes out of the picture.


What color goes with pink?


Don´t be surprised if your wardrobe receives an overdose of this magical and mega feminine color this year. The point is that you can adapt it to your style. And although you can say that you already know how to combine it, I assure you that this spring-summer comes with a big change in its tones. From pastel to neons. Even going through warm colors like pink and those that are a little cooler.


Dress feminine and elegant with pink and red


Fashion Trends and Style - Learn to combine the color pink - pink

This bicolor combination is powerful.


And although you may consider that it´s not easy, the truth is that I want you to get out of your head that it´s not possible.


Red is a color that draws a lot of attention. So, combining it with soft pink is an important key to achieving a great style.


Therefore, I recommend you choose a red color for the pants and the softest for a look full of stardom.


Very springy with red and green


A risky and unique combination, so we invite you to try it before making a strange face. I say you wear a mini or midi dress all in green and a cardigan or a crop top and stockings in shades of pale pink.


Feel powerful with pink and blue


This should be combined with an overly vivid fuchsia. This outfit can become an overly feminine outfit. So, choose to match it a suit with shorts and a classic blue shirt.


Like a summer ice cream, pastel pink and yellow


This combination is considered the favorite. You can try a pastel yellow blouse with a pink suit. Also, to look more amazing, you can add touches of blue with accessories that complement naturally.


What color can I combine with old pink?


In short, what´s most exciting about this great trend is that we can find pink in different garments. Such as some coats, sweaters, bags, accessories, crop tops or blouses, and seedlings. So, the possibilities of putting together an impact look are possible by a hundred. For this reason, to combine the old pink I suggest you.


Old rose with lilac


Fashion Trends and Style - Learn to combine the color pink - pink

I guarantee you that this is a very trendy option. And since it´s within the same chromatic range, it makes this mixture of colors a winning success. You can combine a corset top and a blazer with low-rise pants to be very fashionable.


And if you want something different, opt for cowboy boots


Of course, in pink. These can become a star of any season. It´s a very interesting combination and this year you can wear these boots with brightness and color, which makes them an excellent option.


Total look, in pink, of course


Fashion Trends and Style - Learn to combine the color pink - pink

The monochrome is still in fashion. So, if you want to wear this look in the best of styles, I invite you to wear it in fuchsia. From the jacket to the dress you wear. Dare to wear shoes and accessories of the same color to rock through life.


With brown, to feel creative


This is a pretty perfect match when you want to wear dusty pink. It looks very cute with brown chinos and a pink overshirt. Complement with an animal print bag.


How to combine pale pink?


Fashion Trends and Style - Learn to combine the color pink - pink

As you may already know, the pastel color is in fashion for a long season. And for this reason, we want to show you some shades that you can use. And most importantly how to combine them. Because pink can give you a very romantic air. But at the same time very sensual or also elegant if you know how to play with it.


So, with what we´ve talked about, we can deduce that we can create a very nude look with clothes and accessories in pink and with shoes in rose quartz. In addition, we can combine pink with other shades of pink, such as bubble gum, for a daring look. While if you´re more daring, match this pink with bright colors to feel that you vibrate in positive energies.


On the other hand, an option that you will never go wrong with is to mix pink with white. And that the accessories are black or gray. I assure you that you will not fail with these colors. Still, pink and white can give you a very innocent look that will help you achieve a very romantic vibe. Now, if you´re more daring, go for black lace and a combination with pink, you will explode with good taste.


The point of all this is that you wear it with whatever you decide to wear. This color is one of the trendy colors for this spring-summer 2022 season. And from now on you have to add it to the must-haves in your wardrobe. I´m convinced that only with a pair of jeans and a garment of this color you´re already putting together a great outfit. And at Fashion Trends, we assure you that the secret is to wear it with the best of styles. Only then will you be able to get where you want to go, but above all, in style.