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Quiet Luxury is a term that is gaining momentum in the fashion world in the US and the rest of the world. It is not a new trend. However, right now, it is becoming known much more.


It is not really a specific way of dressing. Instead, it is more rooted in the types of garments that the big luxury brands are making. Where they deviate from displaying a logo and flaunt apparent luxury through flashy fabrics or accessories.


Now, this trend leans towards minimalism at its best. It invites us to dress in as simple garments as possible without ceasing to emanate luxury. Quiet Luxury also comes as a way to deal with logomania and exaggerated design, with a totally opposite proposal.


And if you don’t know what all this is about, despite being practically a phenomenon on TikTok, keep reading! This way, you can learn everything about this term and get to know some of the brands that currently work under this concept.


What is Quiet luxury?


Fashion Trends and Style - Learn About Quiet Luxury - luxury

Quiet luxury is a clothing trend. And it consists of using the simplest, most minimalist, and discreet garments possible. Where there is no presence of any logo, details, embroidery, prints, among others.


It is made of clean design lines, neutral and sober colors, with an inclination towards nudes, and is frequently worn on monochromes. The motto is most definitely less is more.


Of course, one attribute that stands out in this trend is the use of the highest quality fabrics to create the pieces. But in the same way, they do not seek ostentation or to reflect the brand to which they belong, but, on the contrary, go unnoticed.


Quiet Luxury seeks to highlight the quality of the fabrics and sustainability as the main attraction. The reason for choosing this type of clothing over others, even much more accessible, is that these types of garments also echo their high costs.


These designs are timeless. Without bright colors and many basics, you can build your wardrobe with quality garments that resist the passage of time and continuous use.


As we can tell, the goal is to create luxury garments from the most straightforward ideas, where there are no visible brands logos and where quality and sobriety are given greater importance. Confection plays a huge part as well. Some brands carry out the process in an artisanal way to guarantee the quality. And this year, we could already see designs of this trend on many catwalks. 


Quiet Luxury Features


Fashion Trends and Style - Learn About Quiet Luxury - luxury

  • It is currently more inclined to consumption than to fashion as such. Since the clothes are usually expensive, and the goal is to wear luxury pieces without seeming like it.
  • Look for the highest quality garments instead of the design itself.
  • We can find fabrics such as cashmere, silk, and other sustainable materials.
  • The designs are timeless and basic pieces that never go out of style. So, you are guaranteed garments for a lifetime.
  • It goes against the logos, strident designs, bright colors, and striking patterns, among other similar trends.
  • They are governed by rigorous aesthetic codes, with a tendency to discrete neutral colors, which were very popular in the 90s.
  • It is pure minimalism.


Brands that bet on Quiet Luxury


If you want to join this trend and don’t know where to start, here we mention six brands that are dedicated to designing and making garments leaning on this trend:


Loro Piana


Fashion Trends and Style - Learn About Quiet Luxury - luxury

Created in 1924, it is a brand specializing in wool fabrics and is currently a tailoring fabric supplier.


Since the 1980s, its founders have created their own clothing line from materials such as cashmere, vicuna and merino wool.





The Row


Fashion Trends and Style - Learn About Quiet Luxury - luxury

The brand was founded by the Olsen twins in 2001. Its operations center is in Italy, and it seeks to create quality collections with few colors and discreet designs but at high costs. Something very characteristic of quiet luxury.








Fashion Trends and Style - Learn About Quiet Luxury - luxury

This American brand, born in 2016 by the Designer Catherine Holstein, is committed to the motto: less is more.


All through the design of basic and classic garments, without a defined structure, but with its well-rooted simplicity.


Here we find shirts, blouses, leather garments, among others, that have become favorites of many celebrities.




Fashion Trends and Style - Learn About Quiet Luxury - luxury

It is not an unknown brand in this world.


And indeed, while many accessories bear the logo in an obvious way, they also have versions of its more discreet classics.


As well as limited distribution of timeless and classic clothing.



Malene Birger


Fashion Trends and Style - Learn About Quiet Luxury - luxury

It is a Danish brand that has positioned itself very well in Scandinavia.


Armed with simple designs and collections but with clean and elegant cuts.


They are expanding to other countries where the public is willing to pay the high prices for their designs.




Fashion Trends and Style - Learn About Quiet Luxury - luxury

It is an Italian brand, not so well known outside of those limits. Like the others, they offer leather designs and a creative line similar to those we see in brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Prada, classic and sober.


Quiet Luxury certainly wants to offer exclusivity with high-priced garments. However, it does not bring anything new to fashion as such. It is about dressing as simple as possible with solid, basic-colored garments, always moving away from the extravagant and the trends in vogue. So, if you like this trend, we recommend you not spend the big bucks but look for inspiration and put together your outfits with accessible clothes that give you the same vibe.


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