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Learn everything about gel nails. Hands and nails, of course, are a focus of attention, especially in special moments when they are expected to be perfectly groomed. However, sometimes, due to a lack of time or fragile and brittle nails, regular manicures last much less. Because of this, it is not possible to have impeccable hands 24/7.


One solution to this situation is the diversity of options that have emerged over the years regarding nail grooming and care. Applying materials such as resin, acrylic, and gel, among others, offer greater resistance to shocks and impacts. As well as the durability of the enamel, which is approximately 15 to 20 days.


However, this type of work has pros and cons; not all nails are compatible with the materials. So, an alternative to this is a gel manicure. These also offer a more durable enamel compared to a regular one. This way, we have nails groomed for the same amount of time as if any of the previously mentioned materials were used. And they also are an excellent fit for summer.


Therefore, let’s talk today about everything you need to know about this type of manicure. One that keeps your hands groomed and impeccable for much longer.


What is gelish or gel nails?


These terms refer to the manicure performed with a gel-based polish. Once applied, it must go through a drying process using LED light; thus, it is fixed or sealed. As we mentioned, this type of polish is much more resistant than a regular one. Thanks to its components, it can last from 2 weeks to even a month.


Benefits of gel polish nails




Fashion Trends and Style - Learn everything about gel nails

As we have mentioned, gel polish has more excellent durability than regular polish. The currents begin to peel off approximately after 2-3 days. The gel can last up to a month with the same shine as if it were freshly made.




This type of polish also helps weak and brittle nails to remain resistant for longer. As it dries, it becomes rigid, so it does not bend or break easily.


Fast dry


Another great advantage of using gel polish is that it dries in seconds. All thanks to the exposure in the LED light lamp, which requires approximately 30 to 60 seconds to dry each layer. So, you must worry about tripping or using your hands generally once the application is finished. Likewise, with toenails, you can wear closed-toe shoes immediately without fear of damage.


natural finish


Because it is a polish, the finish is much more natural than nails with some material. In addition, the same layers are applied as a normal polish, so the difference will not be noticeable.


Variety of colors


There are currently any number of colors available in this type of enamel. So, your imagination and your taste will be the ones that decide what color you want to wear every time you go to get ready.


Steps to apply gel polish


Fashion Trends and Style - Learn everything about gel nails

The process is just like a normal manicure. Where the cuticle is removed, the nails are cut and given the desired shape with the help of a file, and the hands are cleaned in general. But the difference lies when applying the polish. Before the color, a special base must be placed that prepares the nails, protecting its surface from discoloration. This smoothes the nail and is used to ensure greater adhesion of the polish and ensure its durability.


This first layer that is applied is made of a semi-transparent material fixed under the LED lamp’s light. After the time established by the manicurist, the color is placed as such and dried in the same way mentioned. Finishing with a transparent protective gloss, also sealed with the lamp.


What damage does gel polish cause to nails?


Fashion Trends and Style - Learn everything about gel nails

Certainly, these types of enamels are not common, and, therefore, the presence of chemicals is more significant. Gel polish contains compounds with methacrylate monomers and photoinitiator compounds such as benzoyl peroxide. Exposure to UV or LED light to dry triggers a polymerization process that solidifies the enamel.


Now, although at the moment in which it is applied, the nails become stronger and look great. We cannot ignore the fact that it is possible (depending on the person and the condition of their nails) that when removing the polish, the nails will be weaker, thinner, or more brittle.


Likewise, allergic reactions to the components may occur. However, this type of professionally applied manicure should be fine. So it is still safe to perform.


Another common question is regarding the LED light lamps used for drying, which are totally harmless to your skin. There should be no fear of any harm from its use.


The correct way to remove gel polish


Fashion Trends and Style - Learn everything about gel nails

We mentioned that the application of gel manicure is not harmful. However, removing it incorrectly can cause damage to the nails that may take a long time to recover. Therefore, avoid this procedure for removing gel polish on your own at all costs since removing it with a common remover is impossible. Excessive filing will leave the nails’ surface very thin, weak, and extremely sensitive.


Another important aspect is the root of the nail and the cuticle, which contain living tissues that protect the nail and that part from infections. So, care must be taken when applying and removing the gel polish.


The best way to ensure that nail polish removal is safe is by visiting a beauty salon. One where specialized products do the relevant work and thus avoid damage and subsequent discomfort to the nails.


Nail care after a gel manicure


Fashion Trends and Style - Learn everything about gel nails

Usually, try to take a break of approximately two weeks each time you remove your polish so your nails can recover.


Between each manicure, we recommend applying moisturizing cream to your hands daily, some cuticle oil, and a strengthening polish to the surface.


Your hands and nails are essential to your image, and we must give the greatest possible care whenever we can.


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