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Surely on more than one occasion, you have seen an artist and loved how she is dressed, with her hair and makeup and the choice of perfect accessories that put together an exquisite look worthy of wanting to imitate or copy. That effect produced in us by seeing a celebrity and wanting the whole look results from a successful styling.


Let´s learn everything related to this work in this blog. The types of styling that exist and what it takes to be a stylist.


Fashion Styling


Fashion Trends and Style - Learn all about styling in fashion- fashion

It´s a profession in fashion and beauty, carried out behind the scenes, but the result is visible to the world. Whoever carries out this work is responsible for selecting what a person is going to wear, the accessories to be used, shoes, the type of makeup, hairstyle, if it is straight, with waves, if a change of color is necessary and if it will have anything else, among others.


All this work is done to respond to a need for attendance at an event. Like a party, a specific project, photo shoot, show, or any other that the person requires.


It is not an entire job reserved for celebrities or famous people. Anyone who requires styling advice for a particular occasion can use this service. Just as a personal shopper, to give an example.


Stylist’s work


Fashion Trends and Style - Learn all about styling in fashion- stylist

Some people associate this term of stylist only with the hair and its care and work on it. But it encompasses much more than a change of color, cut, or hairstyle.


The truth is that the stylist is in charge of projecting a visual concept of how a person should look. From head to toe. And on a red carpet, magazine cover, video, or movie. They are responsible for selecting the style successfully so that the result is great and pleases everyone who sees it.


It is necessary to emphasize the importance of this profession. Because a well-prepared styling, successful and accepted by the public, can impose trends in fashion. Things that even pass to posterity, especially in makeup, hairstyle, and hair color. A person can cause a stir and, with their influence, impact fashion.


Types of Styling


For fashion, film, and television photography


Fashion Trends and Style - Learn all about styling in fashion- Fashion

This type of styling is done in conjunction with the project’s art director. It is considered the most artistic branch. And it works according to the needs of what is sought in the result and the concept of the job.


To achieve the perfect shots, one must be aware of what the lighting will be like.


And thus, be able to choose the colors, fabrics, and makeup, among others, that will be seen more favored in front of the cameras or under the lens and the camera, light, and environment.


Catalogs and electronic commerce


Fashion Trends and Style - Learn all about styling in fashion- Fashion

A type of styling that is highly demanded today, given the rise of digital media and remote and online purchases. It is the one that is done for catalogs and electronic commerce, of stores, both physical, online, and hybrid.


It gives the necessary orientation and understanding of the brand’s vision and what they want and needs to achieve and guides the models so that the result is optimal.


In this category, the organization and proactivity of the stylist are key, as well as their preparation for any scenario.


Corporate image


Fashion Trends and Style - Learn all about styling in fashion- Image

In the business world and work (and in any field), a good impression says and is worth a lot.


For this, the support of a stylist is sought who manages to create an image that reflects professionalism, security, and confidence. And that also gives us the critical success for events and special occasions a person may have to attend for work reasons.


Fashion Shows


This is one of the events in which styling is mandatory. Since the demand regarding the level of aesthetics and that it goes hand in hand with the magnitude of a runway and brand is relatively high.


In addition, in a fashion show, there are several changes of clothes. And each garment can have a different style or reflect other sensations. So, this sometimes requires a complete change of look in terms of hair and makeup with each set of clothes.


Qualities of a fashion stylist


Fashion Trends and Style - Learn all about styling in fashion- Fashion

  • They carry out various activities, which in the end are oriented towards the same goal. To achieve an impeccable look and meet the needs of those who hire them. Whether it is a person (famous or not), a brand, or a company, among others. So those who dedicate themselves to this must have the following qualities:
  • Demonstrate an interest in fashion and have a good knowledge of its history. These trends have marked a milestone in history, how it has evolved and can combine fabrics, colors, textures, and accessories and create innovative, eye-catching looks that snatch glances.
  • Adapt to the client and be able to create the appropriate aesthetic for each taste. And an aesthetic concept that satisfies the needs of those who hire the service
  • Get it right when it comes to choosing specific volumes and garments oriented to the morphology of each client. And thus create the right look for each body.
  • Keep up with trends and new releases in the fashion world and don’t get stale in old patterns.
  • Be versatile and very creative, thus taking advantage of the potential a client can bring.
  • Without a doubt, it is an exciting profession. But at the same time demanding, since you must constantly prepare to respond to the most current market demands.