Learn all about Personal Shoppers and what you need to become one

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The term personal shopper is not used recently. Already in the decade of the 80s-90s, we heard about it.


In the world of fashion, there is room for everything and everyone. So, if you are interested in everything related to this medium, especially the art of shopping, then keep reading because this will interest you.


What is a personal shopper?

Fashion Trends and Style - Personal shopper - personal shopper

When we say personal shopper, we are talking about that person, professional and specialized in some field of fashion, that works towards helping, advising, and guiding others regarding their behavior when purchasing clothing, accessories, footwear, and accessories. And basically, in any other part of the clothing or outfit.


They are not only dedicated to making purchases or accompanying people to make them. But to provide comprehensive help based on the type of body the client may have, the color or tone of skin, style, and the prevailing climate in the city or country. Taking into account current trends and adapting them to all these elements.


All this is to enhance the image of those who positively use this service. And, consequently, strengthen their safety and satisfaction when dressing.


Importance and benefits of having a personal shopper


Fashion Trends and Style - Personal shopper - personal shopper

It does not occur to them to enter a store without knowing how to choose clothes or where to start.


Perhaps when asking an employee, they are only limited to answering the basics or helping where necessary.


Well, the personal shopper goes much further.


One way to avoid spending hours in a store and ending up wasting your money for having chosen clothes that may not suit you or really do not suit your style is to use this service.


The job of a personal shopper is to guide us to select what looks good on us. Pieces that adapt well to the body make us look impeccable and reflect a positive and attractive image of our physique, whatever its type.


They teach you how to buy. Because by advising you, you will learn what combinations are acceptable, which ones are being worn, what you should have in your wardrobe, and the basics, among many other tips. This will come in handy on a future shopping trip.


Once you go with a personal shopper, your perspective and knowledge in the area change. So, you can get away with it on an occasion when you are alone or require a very quick visit to the mall.


In addition, it will give you the security of knowing that you are buying intelligently. And that you will have a functional closet and money well invested in the future.


Functions of the personal shopper




Fashion Trends and Style - Personal shopper - personal shopper

It could be framed as the primary function of these people.


Since they are basically dedicated to telling you what to buy and what not to buy.


All are based on what favors you according to your body type, skin color, hair, and style.



Extreme Makeover


Fashion Trends and Style - Personal shopper - personal shopper

Yes, just like with the famous program where they change your image, that’s what this point is about. And that is that, sometimes, a complete change of wardrobe or instead of style is necessary.


This is strongly associated with closing cycles, personal or work, or new beginnings.


And it is necessary to resort to a personal shopper so that this radical change can be achieved with their guidance.


Wardrobe Review


Fashion Trends and Style - Personal shopper - personal shopper

Here we seek to review what you have and what you do not have in your wardrobe.


And thus, determine which garments are functional, which ones you should discard or donate, and if you need any new acquisitions to complement your wardrobe.


Likewise, the personal shopper can help you combine your pieces based on what you have. And put together outfits, enhancing your style according to your body type.


Accompaniment in Purchases


It is another of the most characteristic functions of the personal shopper and giving advice. And that is that after making a study of the person, drawing a route to buy where stores are included where the right clothes are found for you and your budget too. This way, the shopping experience is satisfactory and pleasant.


Remote Shopping


Fashion Trends and Style - Personal shopper - personal shopper

It is practically the same as the previous classification.


However, here, the client does not accompany the personal shopper.


But the latter is in charge of buying everything for the person. It is a way to save time.


And if you are not a fan of stores and shopping centers, and of course, if you trust your personal shopper, this option is ideal.


Work field


Fashion Trends and Style - Personal shopper - personal shopper

Do you know that the field of a personal shopper is a wide field of work?


If you like fashion, shopping, and helping people, this could be an excellent option to dedicate yourself.


In addition to what we have already mentioned, in terms of image advice based on the client’s needs, tastes, and style, they can also work in large stores or warehouses, dedicating themselves to customer service in a personalized way. At the same time, they are committed to getting to know the client to advise on the purchases that must be made adequately. Whether for a complete change of look or only if they will get something for a specific occasion.


Another way of performing is not only with the purchase of clothes. They can also go for the branch of interior decoration or personal items forevents and gifts. Working in the same way as for the acquisition of clothing but applied to this kind of thing.


How does a personal shopper work?


Fashion Trends and Style - Personal shopper - personal shopper

The first step is to know everything about the client, from their weight, size, lifestyle, type of work, and what daily activities they do. And this way, be able to create a plan with those clothes and accessories necessary for the person.


If the personal shopper accompanies shopping, they usually go to the dressing room to check how the piece fits. And to be able to determine if it is appropriate or not and avoid an unnecessary purchase.


At the same time, they are in charge of making a tour of the stores to select the clothes that can fit the customer. Things that are the correct choice of colors, prints, and style, among others.


Some clients build a more permanent relationship with their personal shopper, so they constantly turn to the service when they feel they need guidance. Either for a special event or with the changes of the seasons and getting ready for those months.


Characteristics of a personal shopper


Fashion Trends and Style - Personal shopper - personal shopper

If you want to do this for a living, you must take into account having these traits:


  • Great ability to deal with people in general, but especially with customers and store staff.
  • Learn about brands, sizes, stores, prices, types of fabrics, trends, combinations, and accessories.
  • Ability to work in a team and under pressure.
  • Being able to deal with demanding clients.
  • Keep an organized schedule.
  • Capacity for negotiation, persuasion, and sale.
  • Definitely, in fashion in general.
  • Having a good attitude and willingness to walk and stand long hours.
  • Friendly, cordial treatment and good manners.
  • Ability to manage budgets, especially cash.
  • Good presence.
  • Have knowledge of digital marketing and management of social media and other technologies and the use of basic apps.
  • Great communication skills.
  • And very especially, be empathetic and discreet when handling customer information.


Those who work in this must have a tremendous vocation to help and serve others. Since it is not only buying, nor should it be related to a frivolous activity, but help that is provided. For the sake of improving the image and life of those who resort to this service.