Learn about the nail trends to close 2023

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Learn about the nail trends to close 2023. Modern manicure has become an art. Gone are the classic nails that we were used to in a single color or the famous French tip. Since the mid-90s, colors have returned to the scene. All from colored nail polishes to metallic tones that caused a sensation and are still popular today.


So, we have also seen how much more the world is evolving and innovating in creating avant-garde, eye-catching, modern, and out-of-the-ordinary designs. The same goes for the shape. For a long time, the norm was to wear square or semi-round nails, as classic as possible. But now, the almond-shaped or oval anatomy has prevailed, and even artists cannot resist wearing them this way.


Of course, everything will depend on your taste, style, and comfort. Since many lean towards short nails when dealing with many daily tasks. At the same time, others do not sacrifice glam and wear them long without problem.


The good news is that we will close the year with varied trends when it comes to the grooming of our hands. Because they will be worn both long and short. Thus, having options that, although they are opposite, come to satisfy all tastes and preferences, from the most conservative to the most daring.


Stay reading and find out what will be in your nails for these last months of the year. Everything in terms of shape, design, and colors will be included in the trends of 2023.


How will people will wear nails in autumn – winter 2023?


Fashion Trends and Style - Learn about the nail trends to close 2023

As mentioned, we will see the extremes, from short, square nails to long, almond-shaped stilettos. We cannot determine a unique form for this time since both styles will be worn equally and without overshadowing each other.


So, we have those who have short nails because they are easier to wear and keep in good condition for longer. This way, the risk of breaking is much lower. Also, the short is related to the clean girl style, or natural nails, where the goal is to wear them short and in neutral, light colors or with small designs or details. Here, we want to create an elegant and minimalist look on the hands. And currently, it is also rooted in the trendy style of silent luxury.


On the other side, there is team long. These people wear their nails in the best glam style, with long, almond-shaped, oval shapes or stilettos and a considerable and notable length. An advantage of this type of nails is that it leaves room for creativity and to be able to create more elaborate designs. 


Now, in terms of designs and colors, we will see everything. Nude, clear, transparent colors and tones that make the nail look natural have gained considerable popularity. But, at the same time, many still need to catch up on the striking designs, whether on all the nails or on just one. As well as accessories such as glitter, gradients, freehand drawings, pastel colors, and also the darker ones to give their place to the growing trend: the gothic glam, where we mainly see the colors burgundy, burgundy, and black, among others. Other similar ones will be very common during these months.


Nail trends for fall – winter 2023


Once we discuss what’s coming, here is a list of the specific designs and colors we will see in these last months of the year. This way, you will get that inspiration and ideal style to show off your hands during this time.


Short nails


Fashion Trends and Style - Learn about the nail trends to close 2023

Typical of the minimalist style already mentioned, including both the square and the rounded or squoval shape (square and round in the corners). It is the ideal way for those who want to wear the old-fashioned style or silent luxury. This is also for followers of minimalism or simply for those who prefer classics and comfort.


Long nails


Ideal for eccentric girls who don’t mind wearing long or even extra-long nails. We can see them both square and oval, in the shape of a more or less pointed almond, but always with enough length to be noticed.


Polish colors in trend for autumn – winter 2023




Fashion Trends and Style - Learn about the nail trends to close 2023

This is the ideal polish for those who want to wear their nails honoring the word simplicity. Of course, the idea here is to wear them very well-groomed and polished, adding a super shiny polish. Despite the absence of color, the idea is that they are still noticeable and look neat and healthy. This last aspect must always be taken into account.


The advantage of this selection is that you can opt for treatment polishes and thus have your nails groomed and nourished at the same time.




When we talk about minimalism in general, the color nude and its range of tones immediately come to mind. Both in its glossy color version and in the more solid one. By choosing any of these, you will ensure an elegant hand look that will combine with all your outfits, thanks to the basic color.


Light Pink


Fashion Trends and Style - Learn about the nail trends to close 2023

We didn’t want to include this color in the nude range for a reason. The truth is that the same pink also offers a wide diversity of tones that give us a very delicate, elegant, and beautiful image, as well as neat and chic. If you stay on the minimalist side, lean towards pastel tones. Either in solid color, transparency, or gloss color. And if you like intensity, try the strongest ones, even fuchsia.




The classic that never fails in our hands is the beautiful color red. No matter the time of year, it is suitable. However, many recommend not wearing it on extra-long nails but on short or medium lengths for added sophistication. It is also necessary to take care of the red tone. Since the lighter it is, the less elegant it will look, and vice versa. So, the darker you choose, the better result you will get.




Fashion Trends and Style - Learn about the nail trends to close 2023

Can anyone resist this color? Lavender arrived and conquered, and we think it will continue being in trend for long. So, it is not a surprise that it is also included among the colors to wear in these months. It has been present throughout the year in fashion, clothing, accessories, and makeup; nails could not be the exception.


Like many colors mentioned, lavender also has a variety of tones and is considered a timeless color. It will definitely not only work in fall and winter. This will be perfect for spring and summer.


Undoubtedly, it is the dream cake to show off on your nails, whatever the length. If you add a design, this will be the ideal base to achieve a striking, versatile, fun, but elegant image simultaneously.


With micro designs


Microdesigns are back after a recession regarding drawings, lines, and shine. These have returned, and it is no longer possible for many to leave the salon with all their nails in one color. Whether on one nail or all of them, they have a figure or an entire artistic sketch that will add style and personality.


Microdesigns are not synonymous with eccentricity since you can wear your nails clear and with some minimal figure and still look elegant and sophisticated, especially if you wear your nails short or medium.


Elegant dark colors


Fashion Trends and Style - Learn about the nail trends to close 2023

Another trend opposite to what we have mentioned is wearing nails in dark colors, corresponding to the Gothic glam aesthetic trend. In this case, intense burgundy, midnight blue, cement gray, forest green, blood red, and red wine predominate. They will also make you look elegant and sophisticated and are perfect colors for autumn and Christmas parties.


And what team are you from, and what trend do you most identify with for this season?


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