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Skincare: Learn about the latest skincare launches. In the world of beauty and self-care, there are trends. From time to time, brands update their formulas and products and also launch new cosmetic options on the market. And skincare has taken an essential position in the world of beauty and personal care.


Routines that were previously limited to cleansing and moisturizing have now incorporated a large number of steps and products. Everything to improve the health and appearance of the skin.


We know that many skincare products are not new, have been on the market for years, and are highly commercial to date.


However, as we mentioned, brands constantly work to innovate and satisfy emerging needs.


Therefore, we consider it important that you know what’s new in skincare this year. Although it still has a way to go, it has these outstanding products for self-care.


For this reason, you can either incorporate them into your routine or update them with one you already have.


12 skincare products on trend in 2024


Sunscreen stick


Campaigns for the use of sunscreen and UV care have intensified. Given the environmental problems, the effect of the sun’s rays is even greater and implies more severe consequences.


For this reason, emphasis is placed not only on the mandatory and daily use of sunscreen but also on its reapplication from time to time during the day to keep that protective layer active.


But, a common opinion or doubt is how to apply a product again when you already have makeup on your skin.


Given this, some brands (among several Korean ones) have created a sunscreen stick that can even be applied over makeup. Since it does not transfer it without leaving the skin shiny.


Some of the most notable brands are: the Korean sun stick from the Beauty of Joseon brand, Stick Solaire Invisible from Clarins, Tocobo Cotton Soft Sun Stick, Super Stick Solaire Teinté Spf 50 from Sisley, Avène Stick Sensitive Areas SPF50+.


Clinique Take The Day Off


This light oil makeup remover quickly and effectively dissolves makeup and sunscreen. It also treats the impurities and oils we acquire during the day.


It is formulated with natural ingredients such as castor oil and others from plants. Its charm lies in the fact that it does not leave traces of oil on the face and is suitable for all skin types.


Shiseido Vital Perfection Concentrated Supreme Cream


Created for mature skin, this anti-aging cream treats loss of skin thickness, extreme sagging, uneven tone and lack of luminosity.


In its formulation, we find a new safflower extract that is responsible for providing firmness and delaying the appearance of signs of aging.


Mela B3, by La Roche Posay


Fashion Trends And Style - Skincare: Learn about the latest skincare launches

The La Roche Posay line of serums has been revolutionary in skincare. Now, they include a new product in their care stock: Mela B3, which replaces the Pure Niacinamide 10 serum.


Like its predecessor, this formula contains 10% niacinamide. However, this formula includes Melasyl, a new multi-patented active ingredient of the brand to combat hyperpigmentation.


Thus, this serum can stop excess melanin before hyperpigmented lesions appear. It also evens out the tone and corrects blemishes.


Soothing & Barrier Support Serum, by The Ordinary


If you have sensitive skin and a tendency to irritation, The Ordinary brand has launched a product to counteract these symptoms.


It is a multi-active serum that aims to calm irritation, reduce redness and maintain skin moisture.


Likewise, it improves skin texture and quality and is suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive ones.


In its formulation we find: gallic acid, bisabolol, centella asiatica, ceramide complex, 2% niacinamide and vitamin B12.


Magic Water Cream, by Charlotte Tilbury


The British cosmetics brand named after its founder, renowned makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury, has launched a version of its new moisturizer. It’s called Magic Water Cream.


It is designed for oily skin, hydrating without leaving a sticky or heavy feeling on the skin.


In addition, it helps minimize the appearance of pores, reduces redness, and is perfect for use before applying makeup.


La Prairie Skin Caviar Eye Lift


Fashion Trends And Style - Skincare: Learn about the latest skincare launches

This eye contour serum remodels the eye area, minimizing wrinkles and expression lines. At the same time, it tightens the upper eyelid area to provide firmness. It also reduces the swelling of bags that form at the bottom.


Resurfacing BHA Mask, by Tata Harper


Exfoliating is an equally important step in the facial routine, although it should not be practiced daily but twice a week. Tata Harper knows the fundamentals of this product.


To do this, its Resurfacing BHA Mask exfoliating mask improves the appearance of pores, fights blemishes, and eliminates dullness—everything that gives the skin a healthy and luminous appearance.


Vitamin C Daily anti-UV anti-spot fluid SPF 50 + Glow from Garnier


Fashion Trends And Style - Skincare: Learn about the latest skincare launches

Garnier vitamin C is one of the most popular on the skincare market. This presentation with a content of 2% niacinamide will not only brighten your face. But it gives the bonus of improving, protecting and balancing skin tone.


Charlotte’s Magic Hydration Revival Cleanser, by Charlotte Tilbury


Again, this brand has room in the listing. Thanks to her extensive experience as a makeup artist, Charlotte Tilbury knows the needs of the skin, especially the importance of cleansing.


Therefore, Charlotte’s Magic Hydration Revival Cleanser is a product that changes textures. It starts as cream, then foams, and ends as milk, eliminating impurities and hydrating for up to 24 hours.


It also reduces the appearance of pores in just one week. All thanks to its active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, smoothing peptides and biomimetic barrier shield technology.


Advanced Repair Balm, from CeraVe


CeraVe is an American brand created by scientists, dermatologists and skin care specialists. And the problems it may have do not stop giving us the best to improve our appearance.


For example, its repairing balm, focused on treating dry and cracked skin, contains three essential ceramides: 49.5% petrolatum and hyaluronic acid.


This is designed to relieve skin discomfort in dry conditions caused by cracks. It also protects the skin against humidity and remedies the skin barrier.


The product is fragrance-free and can be used on both the face and body. It is even suitable for the diaper area in babies from the second month onwards.


Hyaluronic acid 2% + B5, from The Ordinary


One product that got an update was this serum from The Ordinary brand.


Everything happened in response to many users’ requests to create a less pasty formula, which the brand improved by making it lighter.


Its ingredients have five different forms of hyaluronic acid and ceramides, responsible for minimizing expression lines.


Also, they are responsible for reducing expression lines. The skin barrier is also strengthened and works to maintain hydration in the skin through a plumping effect.


Nowadays, there are many new things that we can discover in terms of skin care. And we know that others will join by the end of the year.


Here, we show you the most relevant and popular ones so you can choose according to your needs and the results you want to obtain for your skin and your image.