Meet Kim Kardashian’s collection of luxury bags

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Meet Kim Kardashian’s collection of luxury bags. Most celebrities tend to collect clothing or accessories to create impeccable looks. In the case of Kim Kardashian, she is a famous person characterized by her elegant outfits. That’s why today we’ll review Kim Kardashian’s luxury handbags collection. In it, we’ll find the most iconic designs of the most important luxury brands in the world.


Kim, in addition to being an empowered woman, doesn’t choose her accessories lightly. This is one of the reasons why this socialite looks for exclusive accessories to complement her outfits. Today, she has a surprising collection of designerbags, all of which have value in the millions.


Luxury bags that are part of the Kim Kardashian collection


Hollywood stars tend to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on luxury handbags. However, we must mention that Kim Kardashian is a businesswoman with very exclusive tastes. This is why the Keepall 45 by Louis Vuitton has become one of her favorite travel bags.


Similarly, Kim Kardashian is a true collector of luxury bags. In fact, she often selects pieces that are truly an art. Because of this, it’s time to take a look at some exclusive bags of her collection.


Miroir Alma – Louis Vuitton


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By 2006, Kim Kardashian wasn’t as well known as today. In contrast, her friend Paris Hilton was the center of attention. Once, paparazzi photographed them, creating an image that got everyone’s attention.


The reason? In it, we saw both of them wearing a Louis Vuitton Alma bag. However, this time it was the metallic version “Miroir” whose designer was Marc Jacobs. Said bag made its first appearance in his fall 2006 collection.


We must mention that this bag was very popular around this time. Many celebrities didn’t miss the chance of showing it off as often as they could.


Saddle – Dior


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This bag is one of the most important in the Alson since John Galliano added it to his spring collection in 2000.


In 2019, Kim Jones covered it in silver to present it on her catwalk.


Today, it has a value of 35,000 USD.


However, this wasn’t an obstacle for Kim as she got it as soon as it came out.


Haut à Courroies de Hermès – customized by George Condo


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If you thought that a bag couldn’t be more luxurious than it already was, it’s because you didn’t know about the Hermès Haut à Courroies bag that Kim Kardashian has in her collection.


It’s worth noting that this bag has had a renowned artistic intervention, and it was a gift from her husband Kanye West.


Following this, this luxury bag was fully personalized with a painting of the famous George Condo.


Crystal Hourglass tote – Balenciaga


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Although Kim Kardashian entrusts her outfit to different designers, Demna Gvasalia has become one of her favorites.


In fact, this designer of Hungarian origin has been responsible for the creation of one of the latest acquisitions of this Hollywood star.


Hourglass by Balenciaga is a mini bag and is available in a wide variety of materials and textures.


However, Kim took it upon herself to find the most luxurious design, so this time she has acquired a model of a mini bag full of crystals and of good size, which makes this a fully functional accessory.


So Black Birkin – Hermès


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This bag is very special, and it’s one of the limited versions launched by Hermes in their collections.


This version of “So black” appeared on the market in 2010 and one of its main characteristics is its black hardware. Besides, it’s also part of the collection of bags of this businesswoman.


As an extra piece of information, this bag model is sold in the market in niloticus crocodile skin or matte leather, making it an iconic accessory and stands out from other bag models seen on the market.


Keepalls – Louis Vuitton


For celebrities who are constantly on the go, a tote bag that adds versatility is perfect. For this reason, this model of bag is one of the favorites for Kim Kardashian, in fact, she has acquired several versions of this luxury bag for being light and resistant at the same time.


Kelly – Hermès


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Within Kim Kardashian’s collection, we find the pochette version of the top-handle bag inspired by Grace Kelly, such as the miniature design.


We can find this bag in different versions, such as tan crocodile, brown, gray, and black.


That’s why this star uses them to perfect each of her looks, and even to give as gifts.


After all, a Kelly bag was the present she got for her assistant on her birthday.


French Fries Clutch – Judith Leiber


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Judith Leiber is known for being a brand of evening accessories, and celebrities have trusted her style since the 60s. This is a Hungarian brand and is one of the favorites of both Kim Kardashian and her sisters.


That is why this businesswoman owns many bags of this brand, among which it includes very funny bags in the shape of an ice cream cone, cupcakes, and another variety of groceries.


However, his collection of luxury bags could not miss one of the most acclaimed of this collection, which is why he also has a French Fries Clutch.


Kim Kardashian’s luxury handbag collection is exceptional


As you can see, Kim Kardashian has a very varied collection of bags that includes the best designers. Also, these luxury bags are very expensive, and thanks to their quality and sophisticated designs they become the best accessory when it comes to creating an elegant and coveted look