Look sharp and fresh with the perfect khaki pants for men

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it’s time to go out full of elegance and comfort with the perfect pair of chinos or khaki pants. With them, you’ll be able to give a 180-degree turn to your outfit. But this isn’t all! Thanks to them, you’ll showcase a very simple and casual style, something that all men want.


Khaki pants shine for their 100% cotton fabric and structure. After all, they don’t allow you to melt on those sunny days. Besides, they’re all about comfort.


Created mainly as a military uniform as it provides a good condition, they became the favorite garment for all men.


Where does the name “chinos” come from?


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It is impressive how everything has a reason for being, and in the case of these pants, which are also the most widespread in the world, their origin dates back to the middle of the 19th century, when India was under the control of the British Empire.


At that time, a cloth called “Khaki” was sold, referring to its dirty color. For its part, the name “Chinos” comes from the Chinese cotton they’re made from. Then, the term khaki was used to talk about its color, which is particularly sandy.


It wasn’t until the 50s and 60s, through the Second World War, that its use spread. And with the advent of casual Friday in the 90s, they became a classic of the preppy style and the favorite garment of millions.


A curious fact is that in Italy they love these pants because they are versatile and easy to combine.


What are Chino pants?


Also called khakis, they are popular due to their elegance and ability to create an informal-formal outfit. After all, everyone can combine it with many things such as shirts or polo shirts.


By wearing this garment, you can look relaxed, carefree, but at the same time full of casual style. That makes them a staple for your wardrobe. Whatever style you are looking for, this garment can be essential for any time of the year. They have the particularity of looking formal, and that is an advantage over jeans that must be taken into account.


With its more than fifty years of popularity, I hope that once you finish reading this article, you will run to buy yours. But wait, before you do that… Do you know how to find them? If not, keep reading for more tips.


A relaxed cut 


I recommend the looser cuts because they help give you that elegant look, but at the same time quite relaxed. They become perfect formal garments alongside a less formal jacket to give you comfort and help you with free movements.


Think of the proportions. 


Not always going tight is the solution. As a man, you can look quite interesting with pants a little shorter (try above the ankle) and more square styles. With this, you’ll look taller and that’s for sure.


The excessive classic is no longer used.


They are considered timeless garments that you can combine with some more modern and trendy ones. They look great with tennis shoes and an eye-catching jacket. Not only that, but they work with everything.


Take a chance on a different color.


Yes, the classic color is fine. However, we can go further with a nice black color. In black, they work very well too, especially for the autumn-winter season when they offer more protection.


Say yes to textures.


Boosting your outfit is very simple, all you need is to play with textures. The good thing about chinos is that the softness of the fabric goes well with all kinds of materials and garments. So, play with jackets, blazers, sweaters, and pullovers.


What are the best chinos?


It’s thanks to their comfort, versatility, and touch of elegance that they are favorites. I must confess that my dad has about a hundred in his closet, it’s almost the only thing he uses, of the entire khaki color palette.


After all, you can use it almost everywhere! For example, the office, going out with friends, and any season of the year. Now, you might ask yourself, how do I know which one is the best? Which ones does your dad pick? What brand should I choose?


Quiet! Keep reading that we talk about it.


On Amazon, many stores and brands sell chinos at good prices.


Carhartt’s chinos. 


An American brand, known for its skate and streetwear style. In this store, you can find chinos that are famous for being robust and made with cotton and elastane.


Docker’s chinos.


Fashion Trends and Style - khaki pants - pants

A brand of Levi Strauss & Co., which since 1986 has been a reference in this type of pants, and pioneers in the popularization of khakis.


Dockers offer you a wide variety of materials ranging from cotton to sophisticated synthetic fibers, in favor of caring for the planet.


Dickie’s chinos.


This brand specializes in making garments for weekdays and it’s thanks to this that it offers a great proposal of khaki pants for men.


Made with cotton and elastane, their cuts are thin or regular.


GAP chinos.


This is the most conventional brand, it’s a fast-fashion brand that offers many pants of this type worth trying. This store is ideal for small budgets and a good alternative for a slim, regular fit.


Beyond jean.


Fashion Trends and Style - khaki pants - pants

It’s important to bear in mind that chinos, or also called khaki, are a fairly versatile option that can replace jeans and provide a very elegant and comfortable style. With this I don’t mean that jeans cannot achieve this, however, chinos can offer you more “formality”.


To choose the perfect Khaki pants, you must first take into account that its silhouette should have 5 pockets.


More important, however, is that they must be comfortable and not be too narrow at the leg. After all this, also remember that its fabric must come from mercerized cotton for a fall special.


Chino pants for men, is it a trend?



Fashion Trends and Style - khaki pants - pants

In the end, yes, they are. As long as you consider everything you read, and figure out which ones suit you best, you’re ready to go.


These pants are very interesting because with just one pair you can create many combinations.


So, you can also consider it as a garment part of the slow fashion movement.


For its part, at Fashion Trends, we want to know your opinion about this trend and how you could wear it on a normal day.


Do you have chinos at home? Do you wear them every day like my dad?