Keys to combine animal print and not die trying

FashionTrends-Keys to combine animal print and not die trying

Keys to combine animal print and not die trying. I know for sure you´re a fan of animal print like me. But you´re a bit embarrassed to wear it because most likely you have no idea what to match it. To tell the truth, it´s usually a bit intense when it comes to thinking about how to carry it without dying in the attempt, but don´t worry. That’s what I’m here for, to help you.


In short, animal print is a pattern that has never gone out of style. And that, if you consider yourself a fashionista, is something that shouldn´t be missing in your wardrobe. It doesn’t matter if your style is super sexy, too daring or if you´re more romantic chic.


Animal print will always be a great option for you, and you know what? You can wear it in an elegant style, you just need to know these keys on how to combine it. The point is that it´s very easy, even more than you imagine. That’s why at Fashion Trends we want to give them to you.


How to combine animal print?


If you´re wondering how to combine it without failing, without looking like a badly tied bun. And without showing all those parts of the body that we don´t want to show. I simply want to remind you that print has many allies. And if you take these tips into account, you will slay.


FashionTrends-Wear it in a coat or kimonoWear it in a coat or kimono, just a single garment. If in your case you don´t want to risk or want to stand out too much, what I recommend is that you use only one garment with this type of pattern, such as a coat. Match it with jeans, boots, and a basic t-shirt to always stand out.


Always avoid excesses. As I said, the animal print must be always the protagonist of your look. And avoid one hundred percent falling into excesses. So, if you want to look elegant, I recommend that you choose a maximum of two garments with this pattern. Otherwise, you will see yourself overloaded or like you´re in a custom, which we want to avoid.


Always be aware of how you combine it. If you want to use more than one piece of animal print of different designs, make sure that these patterns have at least one color in common. So that you can create an interesting contrast. This will help you look well combined.


Don’t be afraid of vibrant colors. If you´re a fashionista and very daring, you can combine the animal print with intense tones that enter the neon palette. If that´s what you want. I only recommend avoiding adding loaded accessories and no more than three different colors in the same look.


FashionTrends-You must adapt it to youYou must adapt it to you. You must know that animal print is striking. So, you should take it to those places of the body where you would always prefer to stand out. And not in those areas where you want to go unnoticed. That´s why, if your hips are wide, wear the print on blouses or jackets. But if you have broad shoulders, wear them in pants or a skirt.


Choose the sizes well. If you want to wear fitted garments, such as a crop top   , body, or dress, you must be very careful that the rest of the clothes you wear are better adjusted to suit your figure. Also, neutralize with basic colors such as black, white, gray, or nude.


What clothes go with animal print shoes?


FashionTrends-What clothes go with animal print shoesAnimal print is not only a print that is worn on garments such as skirts, pants, shirts, or coats. It can also be worn on shoes. So, if you want to buy shoes with this pattern, I assure you that they´ll be a great success.


Don´t be afraid of this pattern on the shoes. Because, even if you think they may be too exaggerated or difficult to combine, as you can see, they´re not. The secret is in the balance that you create with the rest of the outfit. So, I hope you take note of how to wear them like a goddess.


Match them with a black jacket. If you wear basic tones, I assure you that you will not go unnoticed. So, wear black jeans, a white blouse, and a leather jacket to match your sneakers.


FashionTrends-Combine them with basicsCombine them with basics. As you can see, it´s the most practical and effective solution to wear your animal print ballerinas. Choose some jeans, a transparent blouse, and your print shoes.


Combine your animal print sandals. With light beige culottes, a black blouse, and a camel XL bag. This is a success that no one can miss.


Match your high strappy heels. With a white, fitted, or oversized dress, these high shoes will look great. You can even add a headband of the same pattern as a second garment. I assure you that chic will be your middle name.


Combine it with intense colors. Like for example a red. Stilettos look great when you help them stand out. You can choose some dark jeans, a button-down shirt, and a passion red blazer. You will be ready to sweep people off their feet.


When should you wear animal print?


FashionTrends-When should you wear animal printAs you can see, animal print is a print that you can take everywhere and at any time of the year. So, you shouldn´t be afraid when choosing yours. Combining it properly, as we have explained, you can never fail.


What you should always remember is that you always need to pay attention to your height and proportions. Always wearing this garment in your favor as an ally. Also, you must consider that this style is very sexy, wild, and with personality. When knowing how to use it will help you look elegant, sophisticated. But if you don´t take these tips into account it can be very disastrous because we abuse the print. In this sense, I invite you, if you want to look youthful, to think about asymmetrical cuts, prints, and crop tops. Even a lace bodysuit.


While, if you want a more nocturnal look, you can combine your print dress with neutral shoes. And almost no accessories to balance your look. In addition, you can wear makeup that helps you highlight your features and attract attention to that area.


At Fashion Trends we love this print. And knowing everything you can achieve by wearing them gives us a snack and a boost to motivate you. So, we want you to tell us how you wear your pattern and what´s your favorite combination.