The key to look elegant wearing leggings no matter what

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Contrary to what many think, and for many years I was there, leggings are a garment that can bring a lot of elegance and sensuality. It’s possible, of course, it is! Now, it’s not as simple as wearing gym leggings with the first thing that comes to mind. No ma’am!


This basic garment needs to be combined very well to achieve the desired effects. For this reason, you need to know when and for what will you use them. Whether it is for a work meeting, day-to-day at the office, or if it is just to go out with friends, the formal style is always recommended.


However, achieving this outfit with leggings is usually a complicated issue, because it is not only about elegance, but also about comfort. Because if you have to move too much, if you will be exposed to cold or heat, these are data that you must take into account. In addition, the size of the legging is very important, almost crucial for it to fit well.


What are leggings?


Fashion Trends and Style - The key to look elegant wearing leggings - Leggings

Leggings are also called Lycra, leggings or shoes, they are also known by the anglicized leggings and are elastic and tight garments that are worn on the legs.


They came into our lives in the sixties based on tight dancewear clothes.


It was until the 70s and 80s that they finally made their way into streetwear.


This garment revolutionized from 2010 when sportswear began to be worn outside sports activities and in informal places.


How should leggings be worn?


Fashion Trends and Style - The key to look elegant wearing leggings - Leggings

They shouldn’t be too tight if you don’t want them to stretch or have uncomfortable moments. I clarify! Tight is not tight. On the other hand, thermals are ideal for the cold.


Among the advantages that we find is that although they are adjusted to the body, they don’t limit physical movements and guarantee a lot of comforts. Wearing them and achieving a formal look is a good option because if you choose the right ones, it will help you look amazing.


In addition to what I mentioned above, you must take into account the material and how it fits the body. So, you can take these tips into account to use them according to your body type. Take note!


If you are tall and thin.


Make sure that the length is long enough and you can wear tennis shoes or ballet flats so as not to create a lengthening effect. You can wear them with prints without fear of overloading.


If you are thin with a small belly. 


You can use it high-waisted so that it contains the excess abdomen. Remember that although they are flexible, the fabric is important to be consistent to hide the fat on the bottom.


If you have broad shoulders.


Fashion Trends and Style - The key to look elegant wearing leggings - Leggings

Combine styles, textures, and colors. I recommend that you choose them in dark tones, thick fabrics never with a garment that is too tight because you can see a wider back.


Some other advice is that if you don’t master them well to combine with elegance.


I recommend that you don’t use them in a formal meeting. Also, you must learn to combine with the appropriate undergarment.


Try as much as possible to use them in your size, never bigger or too tight.


How to look good with leggings?


Fashion Trends and Style - The key to look elegant wearing leggings - Leggings

Although it is a controversial garment, it is incredible.


We can say that there’s no middle ground when talking about them because you either love them or you simply hate them.


They are generally not used much because it is a bit difficult to combine them.


However, if you want to give this garment a try and wear it with style, from fashion trends we bring you these tips to wear them and look very chic.


Pay attention to the material.


Outside your body size, if you wear poor quality leggings, it is likely that they have transparencies and show what you don’t want to show. How do you know if it is of poor quality? You identify them easily since they tend to shine and draw attention to areas that you don’t need.


Wear them with layers.


In addition to being very fashionable, you will help to add textures! Which will give style to your leggings. Opt for a blazer or leather jacket with an oversized sweater and boots.


Always fit


Size is the key. You should not wear them as if they were pants, because they are not. They should be tight enough to look good, but not tight. It is comfort. Oh, and it is best to avoid combining them with crop tops!


Look at yourself


Before leaving home, look at yourself in the mirror, how you see yourself from behind, to see if you have not chosen the correct underwear or that everything is transparent during the day. Now, with the right quality legging, this shouldn’t happen.


How to look elegant with leggings?


If you want to know how to look good with leggings, I invite you to pay attention and understand that it is not only about the garment but about other factors, such as the combination. So, I invite you to consider shirts or blouses that can elevate your style, as well as the shoes and accessories that best suit you.


Shirts to match.


Fashion Trends and Style - The key to look elegant wearing leggings - Leggings

You can combine the legging with a long blouse that you know will give you elegance, so I recommend that the type of fabric be something like silk or linen.


Also, take into account the colors that contrast, but don’t look like a Christmas tree.


So, I recommend you always choose neutral tones and that the blouse does not saturate the clothing.


Footwear to combine.


The heel will always help to highlight our elegance. So, if you have chosen black leggings, don’t rule out low or high heels to highlight your elegance. Also, the booties.


Accessories to match.


Fashion Trends and Style - The key to look elegant wearing leggings - Leggings

They will add the final touch to your outfit. So, you can elegantly combine your watch leggings, silver necklaces, and sunglasses if necessary to elevate your style. On the other hand, you can also choose necklaces, if your blouse has a neckline. While if your blouse covers the neck, earrings are a good option.


What’s the trick? That the leggings are of good quality and that the blouse is always long so that it does not look like you are leaving the gym. What do you think of this article and the leggings? Do you think they can elevate your style? Save, comment, and share with whoever needs to know about leggings.