Learn about the incredible Jacquemus collection for fall 2023

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Learn about the incredible Jacquemus collection for fall 2023. Simon Porte Jacquemus is a fashion designer from France. His brand, ‘Jacquemus,’ was founded in 2009 by himself. At just 19 years old, Jacquemus moved to Paris after living in the countryside in Provence. With the sole goal of starting his own brand, just carrying a lot of ambition and determination.


After working at a Comme des Garçons boutique, his brand gained the support of Rei Kawakubo. Consequently, Jacquemus quickly rose to stardom. The brand was all about women’s clothing, but in 2017, he added footwear to his collections, and in 2019, he launched men’s clothing designs.


Jacquemus, as a brand, has been recognized multiple times in the fashion industry. All thanks to the delicacy, femininity, and details in its collections. In 2017, he won the Fashion’s Director Choice Award at the ELLE Style Awards.


However, our point today is not to tell the entire biography of this fabulous designer, no matter how interesting it may sound. In this post, we tell you everything about his recent fashion show to launch his fall collection this year, 2023. Ready?




Fashion Trends and Style - Learn about the incredible Jacquemus collection for fall 2023 - trends

We already know about Jacquemus’ recent fashion show, showing his collection for this fall. Iconic. But where did the inspiration for this show come from? Why there?


To put you in context, it was a wonderful and creative event. The public was located on boats, with delicious weather, while they watched the models pass by with each incredible design in Versailles. The location of this show is a significant milestone in the fashion industry.


In November 1973, the Palace of Versailles hosted one of the most iconic fashion shows in fashion history. The Battle of Versailles, a fight between the Americans and the French designers, happened to generate funds to restore the place.


But it generated funds and brought new life to this industry. Today, Simon Porte Jacquemus launched his collection like no one else and made Versailles his own. He was promising to give it new meaning. Not everyone can have a runway in this place, and the show was planned for an entire year.


But, of course, if you have the palace at your disposal, why do it outside? The reality is that it is very Jacquemus to take advantage of the landscape. Furthermore, he wanted it a little far from the castle, for what we mentioned before.


Collection and inspirations


Fashion Trends and Style - Learn about the incredible Jacquemus collection for fall 2023 - trends

Jacquemus’ fall collection, titled ‘LE CHOUCHOU,’ is truly dreamy. From the first look to the last. It is clear that the designer sought to promote femininity and delicacy in his designs, which he achieved exquisitely.


Mini dresses, mini bags. All are very minimalist and elegant. Models in combinations with tutus. With inspirations from Lady Di, Marie Antoinette, and dancers. With these, it was a little more complicated to adapt the outfits to the male models. However, Jacquemus was able to do it like no other.


He then told reporters how important it was to prepare a memorable silhouette, which he sought through his outfits. With lingerie-style dresses and puff-back dresses, he was able to impress. More than that, he dazzled us.


Not to mention the models, who did a great job conveying Jacquemus’ fall collection. Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Deva Cassel stood out. And they are only three of the great models who demonstrated that this designer’s collection is one of the best and most acclaimed of the year.




Fashion Trends and Style - Learn about the incredible Jacquemus collection for fall 2023 - trends

Finally, we talk about the most interesting thing. The looks and designs of the fashion show.


First of all, the designer decided to take a step away from absurdly large purses and opted for mini bags. These gave each outfit a decisively elegant touch. With simple bags, nothing too elaborate, but perfect.


One of the looks that looked the most was that of Kendall Jenner. She wore a dress with a strapless neckline and volume. But the attention has gone to the necklace she wore: one with a rectangular blue stone in the middle. This reminds us of the choker-style necklace that Lady Di wore in 1994, combined with her well-known revenge dress. Once again, iconic!


Fashion Trends and Style - Learn about the incredible Jacquemus collection for fall 2023 - trends

In addition to that, it has been a collection inspired by Marie Antoinette, marked by the large volumes of the garments. As we have also mentioned, lingerie designs like the one worn by Gigi Hadid, long dresses, and almost the entire collection in neutral colors like black and white. It has contrasted in more striking colors for the accessories.


Finally, the accessories have been among the most recognized for having new fabrics, such as leather and metal handles. Jacquemus has made minimalist and feminine viral again.


And what did you think of this collection?


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