Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Gray, two colors that must be in your wardrobe.

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Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Gray, two colors that must be in your wardrobe. The Pantone company has been since its inception the leader and creator of color identification, comparison, and communication system for graphic arts. In fact, it’s distinguished by being the number one in the creation and chromatic definition, which, unlike others using CMYK and RGB modes, is often referred to as solid color. As a result, this company has been an important factor for different clothing and cosmetic brands, mixing around the most used 60 color pigments.


Pantone’s colors are written numerically, and in December of last year, they defined the palette that will stand out this season. Pantone 17-5104 Ultimate Gray + Pantone 13-0647 Illuminating was selected to convey strength and hope. This is a completely unexpected and invigorating combination. As they are independent colors, when fused they project warmth, solidity, and optimism. It makes us feel positive and recharged for new realities, it strengthens us. How incredible that a garment can speak for us!


Big brands such as Jacquemus, Gucci, Balmain, or Givenchy, showed these precious combinations on their catwalks, opening a gap to other big and small designers to create incredible and different garments.


A risky decision, Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Gray


Fashion Trends and Style - Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Gray - A risky decision

The decision was made because they express hope in the strange reality that the world is going through. They create diversity. That’s why large brands and companies ranging from the decoration industry, cosmetics, large design companies, and of course fashion have put them into practice for this season.


Being a combination that reflects everything that happens on a global and cultural level, they are perfect with each other. They aren’t fluorescent, but opaque and clear.


Yellow Illuminating is vibrant, luminous, contagious with dynamics and energy. It shines with vivacity, so much so that it can make us feel close to the sun and without damaging our eyes!


The psychology of color speaks of yellow as good humor, joy, creativity, and originality. It leads us to almost feel that ecstasy that things are very good. In contrast, gray gives us the feeling of calm and stability. After all, it’s solid and reliable, as it is associated with maturity and intelligence.


It leads us to analyze that middle point between black and white that often opens our minds to experiment and see beyond, and in turn, denotes partiality and order. By putting them together, although it sounds a bit greedy, gives us depth, freshness, and elegance, which is what we always look for when it comes to dressing. So, if you want a killer look for some important decision-making, this is the one for you!


Dynamism and energy, Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Gray


Fashion Trends and Style - Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Gray - Dynamism and energy

Yellow (Pantone 13-0647 Illuminating) will be worn on garments or accessories that instantly attract attention. With it, no one will be able to take their eyes off of you. You can wear it comfortably, as in the case of a long or short-sleeved shirt with a straight cut and buttons at the front.


You can also combine it with jeans and sneakers or ankle boots, to convey security, balance, and freedom. However, if you are riskier, you can wear the color in all your garments, qualifying the textures, patterns, and volume.


A little tip! If the upper part is very voluminous, the lower part must be more discreet, the same in the opposite case. If you have a fairly wide skirt or pants, the above should visually compensate.


However, if you are looking for something more classic, a jumpsuit will make you stand out, but don’t forget, without accessories! Because the idea of ​​this proposal is to make this color the protagonist of your look. If you are risky and versatile, get one with fun figures and necklines.


Simplicity, but with security


Fashion Trends and Style - Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Gray - Simplicity

As for the gray color (Pantone 17-5104 Ultimate Gray), it’s way easier to combine. This is because it’s a more neutral and safe color, easy to combine, and reflects seriousness and practicality.


The plus is that it looks great with all other colors. The incredible thing about versatility is that it opens up a range of possibilities and that it can go from a simple look to something extraordinary!


The important key to this combination is knowing how to find the ideal tone for you and which is the one you want to highlight. Sometimes, these won’t look good together.


However, you can still create other combinations separately, as was the case with the stylist Claudia Madrid. In her collection, she tried to mix it with what you never thought would look good together. Strange, right? But for her, yellow matches lavender, pink, and blue. It all depends on the shape, texture, and pieces.


More than gray, yellow is a color that not many feel comfortable with, and despite being able to wear it from head to toe, not everyone is risky or seeks to attract attention. Now, it can also be the case that it doesn’t favor you, that’s why this designer proposes to incorporate color in accessories such as bracelets and screens, wallets, straps, and even footwear in any variety. It can also be on a skirt. What do you say, will you take a chance? Don’t be afraid! Try it and tell us how it goes.




Fashion Trends and Style - Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Gray - Together

Today, many celebrities and influencers have chosen to wear a single color and a combination of the other. After all, the latest trend is to match these two-color palettes. That is to say, fully gray clothes and yellow accessories.


Let’s not forget that the key is in the textures. Another proposal is to wear the top of one color and the bottom of another. This way, you will create a look where accessories also play with this color scheme.  Now, if you want to be creative, you can choose to wear only one color but in different shades. The trick is to find the correct textures to add movement to our looks.


If you are into the extreme, you can contrast with other more striking tones such as purple. For this, you must get rid of your fear of risks and show it off with attitude! The idea is to find the ideal look by combining several colors, and while also not looking dressed up. But that’s what fashion is all about, being risky, versatile, and accepting the challenges that new trends create. What’s important is to have fun, feel comfortable and happy with what you’re wearing.


Combining yellow pants with green tones also feels quite risky, but it looks good on any skin tone. It makes us break away from monochromes and look daring. Wait a second! Make-up is also part of the equation! In this case, you can also use these colors to go out.


At Fashion Trends, we want to know what you like the most and your opinion. With which of these looks would you take a chance? Tell us how your experience was and how you felt. We are here to help you feel like you can eat the world with your appearance.