Ideas to wear your sweatshirt with style

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There is no doubt that most people like to have urban-style clothing in their wardrobe, even if they do not use it every time. Therefore, you should know the best ideas to combine your sweatshirts with style.


This garment has become a great reference in urban style, and although it is generally used for an informal or sporty outfit, if you combine it perfectly, you can put together a casual look.


How to properly style sweatshirts?


It is worth noting that this garment became a trend in the 70s when it was used by rappers. After this, in the 80s, they stopped being only part of the street and appeared on fashion catwalks.


Today you can find in the market a wide variety of sweatshirts with prints, sequins, and other appliques that will fit your style. Thanks to the diversity of this garment, women’s and men’s sweatshirts can be combined very easily, and under different styles:


Preppy style


Fashion Trends and Style . sweatshirt - Preppy style

This is a very simple style, but at the same very classic and easy to create. If you have a hood-less sweatshirt, you can wear a simple white shirt underneath it.


In this case, we recommend using one with a collar, such as polo shirts. On the other hand, try wearing a sweatshirt with strong colors to stand out even more. Then, when it gets cold, you can add a blazer over it or a midi coat if you prefer.


You can also use hoodies and a t-shirt, and as a complement, add a blazer. This combination offers many benefits for both men and women. Even more, if you choose to wear straight-cut jeans or pleated pants.


As for the colors of the sweatshirts, for this style, you should lean towards dark colors, such as military green, dark blue, or the classic black color.


Sport style


Fashion Trends and Style . sweatshirt - Sport style

To wear a sporty style, there is no need to be unkempt, or exercise. Athleisure is the term given to sports style nowadays, and it consists of making a combination of this type of clothing with garments that have a more casual feel. It may seem a bit strange to you, but this combination really looks very interesting.


Best of all, this style can also be worn by both men and women. For girls, a sweatshirt accompanied by rhinestones or other appliqués and leggings will be an excellent option. And to complement this look, there will be nothing better than sports shoes in white.


Similarly, it is also important to know how to combine men’s sweatshirts to be in tune with this way of dressing. A good outfit will be a sweatshirt with a jogger of the same color, along with shoes that help to make a good contrast. In fact, the footwear could be the same color as the coat if the situation warrants its use.


Thanks to this comfortable style, you can go for a walk with your family or friends, and even shopping wearing sports shoes but with an acceptable look.


Casual style


Fashion Trends and Style . sweatshirt - Casual Style

Believe it or not, it is possible to achieve a casual style without leaving the sweatshirt at home. All thanks to the fact that they’re very versatile and go well with most of the rest of your clothes. In fact, for women, it will be easier, because they can use sweatshirts with skirts, skinny jeans, shorts, dresses, shirts, and much more.


Similarly, women can accentuate their casual style with court shoes, a good hairstyle, and makeup appropriate to the occasion. And as for accessories, a bandolier and sunglasses will be the most appropriate.


For men, they can combine their sweatshirt with a jacket of any color, preferably black. Besides, they can complement it with a plaid shirt, tight jeans, and boots, or other types of leather footwear.


What can you wear with a sweatshirt?


When it comes to dressing, you can wear large or tight sweatshirts according to your preference. The idea is that you can make a perfect combination, and while being comfortable with the outfit you are wearing.


If you have sweatshirts in your closet, you should know that you can also combine these garments according to the season. In the same way, here we will leave you a list of other pieces of clothing that will be good company for this garment:


  • Jeans shorts
  • Worn pants
  • Classic cut skirts
  • Short dresses


Accessories are also important when you plan to wear sweatshirts. In this case, opt for handbags hanging on the side or by the hand and for high-heeled boots. You can also replace the latter with white sports shoes. Similarly, fashion allows you to wear a sweatshirt with a layered look, also accompanied by a hat and sunglasses.


When wearing a sweatshirt, you will look very stylish


Fashion Trends and Style . sweatshirt - sweartshirt

When wearing a sweatshirt, no one should feel shy about creating the best outfit. After all, you can use them during any season. In fact, you can make it the star of your look; and there’s nothing better than a stylish sweatshirt perfect for any occasion.


If you want to put together a quick look with your favorite sweatshirt, enhance it with a pair of jeans.


All the combinations you saw today will help you a lot. Thanks to them, you will be able to easily choose or create a sporty or more casual outfit.


By fashion standards, sweatshirts are no longer a sport’s exclusive piece of clothing. Now, you can go almost anywhere with them and stand out. The secret is in knowing how to create the best combinations. For this, you can mix different colors and textures with no problem. So, what do you think? Ready to get your next favorite sweatshirt? Let us know in the comments.