The perfect Ideas to wear your strapless dress

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I bet that you have had to return a strapless dress you loved because you didn’t know how to combine it. Am I right? I knew it, and don’t worry, we have all been through it at least once.


Today, Fashion Trends offer you some ideas to use properly. This way, you won’t have to return it or hesitate the next time you choose it. I promise that you will look very sexy and elegant, especially in these times when December is getting closer and closer.


A strapless dress is elegant and functional for a formal event or a party. And while we tend not to use it daily, it’s an option that I invite you to consider, as it is worth it. Do you want to know these ideas? Keep reading!


What are strapless dresses?


It is that garment that completely shows the shoulders. It is fresh and feminine, making it ideal for romantic dinners, special and elegant events. Not only that, but it will help you to enhance your beauty and skin sensually.

How to wear a strapless top?


Fashion Trends and Style - The perfect Ideas to wear your strapless dress - Dress

First, I would like to explain some tips for you to take into account when wearing a strapless dress. This way, you’ll be able to wear it comfortably, as that is what really matters. You must feel fabulous and very comfortable, to the point where you forget that you’re wearing it or that it is falling off.


Get a stand.


With no straps, support is something we should pay attention to because the last thing we want is to be adjusting the dress every five seconds. Therefore, to avoid these awkward moments, I recommend that you choose a bra that is shaped like an hourglass for good support.


Underarms are always protected.


Yes, this dress leaves a lot of skin exposed and you can feel quite exposed when wearing it, so I advise you to use a good deodorant that does not leave your armpits white or sweaty.


Try on your dress before.


Always, with each garment, you want to buy, try everything on in the store dressing room. In the case of the dress, try raising your arms, bending over, moving, shaking yourself. Even if it seems like you have a strange dance. If everything remains in its holy place, take it away.


If you already have it, use tape.


Many times we buy without knowing or they give us this dress and we still do not feel too safe with it. So I recommend that you try a double contact tape to keep it in place. In this way, it will remain firm and you can be calm.


What can be done so that the strapless dress does not fall off?


Fashion Trends and Style - The perfect Ideas to wear your strapless dress - Dress

Never discard this garment for fear that it will fall off. In this sense, from now on I invite you to read this article and take advantage of it, so that from NOW on you have these infallible ideas so that you can put into practice when taking yours.


Double-sided tape.


As you read earlier, these tapes are sold in lingerie or haberdashery stores. Get the widest tape that specifically fulfills this function, because if you get another, the glue can damage your skin and clothes.




It is super simple and effective. What you have to do is put hot silicone all over the edge of the garment and put as many as you think necessary. Wait for it to cool down and place it normally. This texture will help keep the fabric from slipping.


Remember: underwear, always appropriate. 


The truth is that this can be the solution to your problems and in a very successful way. You must wear a bra because this way you will prevent the garment from slipping easily. There are cling-in cups that can be attached properly and create a padding effect that will keep the dress in place.


What type of bra should I use for a strapless dress?


Fashion Trends and Style - The perfect Ideas to wear your strapless dress - Dress

And yes, this is an important issue, since we must avoid these common mistakes that we make when wearing bras with strapless dresses. Contrary to what many believe, not wearing a bra with this garment is a mistake that can ruin our outfit.


In this sense, I invite you to discover the safest option when it comes to wearing your strapless dress and it is with a bra of the same type or from which you can remove the straps so that your shoulders look perfect.


As I mentioned before, there is a type of bra that adheres to our boobs naturally and fits very well, giving a beautiful shape and being maintained, which is the most important thing. Comfort, security, and freedom of movement.


What can I wear with a strapless dress?


Fashion Trends and Style - The perfect Ideas to wear your strapless dress - Dress

With a strapless dress, you can think of accessories and layers. Yes of course! It all depends on where you go. Although we can have different body types, remember that it is a garment that well combined can be with everything. However, if you have too much bust, remember that the ideal is not to exaggerate with the neckline.


Now, since you know what your strengths are, I invite you to read these accessories that can combine perfectly with this garment.




This garment is perfect to wear with necklaces as accessories. When it comes to your shoulders and neck, it will attract glances. If your neck is long, you can wear chokers with or without charm.


While if your neck is short you can use thin and long chains, the V-type pendant is a good idea to refine and lengthen it. Now, if your shoulders are wide, you can choose these small matching necklaces and earrings so as not to clash.




They relate one hundred percent to the hairstyle. So, if your hair is loose, long earrings will be a bad decision. Instead, wear a choker and small earrings.


If you wear your hair up, long earrings can look great. Forget about necklaces that take center stage. This will always be my favorite option.


Which is yours? How would you combine your strapless dress? From Fashion Trends, we hope that this article will inspire you to lose your fear and say yes to strapless.